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  1. tottally bored at school during finals..im an office assistant so we dont have finals...no photoshop at school so i improvised...like mute does :AH-HA_wink:
  2. ohhh awesome 2nd place ive never been up here gettin closer to that top spot congrats backup7
  3. dooood!! you call all nissans and infinitis datsuns so we dont know if youre talking about a 240sx or a g35 or a maxima
  4. damn that thing'll be a sleeper when its done. keep the stock look and just focus on engine upgrades! you'll be eating up stangs left and right with that!
  5. wow awesome pics why such crappy quality sig though?
  6. →∟µ its so much easier to Start>AllPrograms>Accesories>SystemTools>CharacterMap click the ones you wanna use, click select..when you have em all click copy....paste em anywhere you want ζ ΩЩПΣĐ ¥ӨǛ дĿŁ ζ ΩЩПΣĐ ¥ӨǛ дĿŁ ζ ΩЩПΣĐ ¥ӨǛ дĿŁ

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