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  1. Good thing the dropped that antiquated Town Car.... er, wait that's right the Town Car WAS their high volume seller. FoMoCo is a joke. All that "We didn't need a bail out" talk and yet they're poised to go no where. GM & Chrysler are making some awesome products and have both taken large bites of Ford's fleet sales. Ten years ago 95% of the local law enforcement used Fords exclusively and now a large portion of that market has turned way from Ford. I have not seen a SINGLE cop car Taurus in all my travels all over New England & the North East and yet about 25% of local police departments have turned to the Dodge Charger while another 15% or so have been buying Chevrolet Impalas & Tahoe squad cars & the new Caprice PPV is about to take a large percentage of of the market locally. I talked to a police officer high up in the ranks in Lowell's police department about six months ago. he was driving the first Caprice PPV and the first NON-Ford that Lowell has bought in over two decades and his reaction to my questions plastered a huge smile on my face. He said most people who know police cars are turning away from Ford and that the AWD Taurus is not even being considered, The motor's sideways placement & delicate AWD is said to be useless for he police application and he made it clear that Ford is losing 100% of their business to either Dodge or Chevrolet. He said he Caprice was fantastic and indicated there was a strong possibility they might go with the Caprice. Since then they're bought two more, so that answers that question. Also, the Ford Expedition was replaced by a Tahoe. I for one and very happy my tax money is being spent wisely, in this one particular instance anyway.
  2. Well, good....I'm gald hes okay. Just seems odd (slightly irrsponsible) to stop all communication like that. I had my fears since he's been in and out of hospitals for as long as we've all known him. (8+ years)
  3. Best of luck... things are just beyond depressing all arond. WTF happened to his country? I wake up some days thinking that maybe the bad dream is over but it's NOT. On the automoive front I am repulsed at all the micro cars on U.S. roads today. This is NOT Paris or Tokyo, we do no need nor should we aspire to drive these POS micro-cars like the Fiat 500 & Smart cars. This is the freekin' U.S. of A. for God's sake! Florida alone is bigger than the whole UK, New Englad is almost as bg as all of Western Europe! Why he hell are we driving around cars so small they make Golf carts look spaceous!?
  4. Usually this sort of stuff happens to Ferraris and other overpriced exotics. RIP little 4-wheeled serpent.
  5. 1. Bringg it here ASAP, it's about time!!! 2. offer both wheelbase versions, the long one as the Caprice Classic.
  6. The Escalade is an awesome vehicle but it's a TRUCK. I will never have the grace of a big, long, low, wide American land yacht.
  7. WMJ: you should really replace the GT-R with a Lexus LFA. The Toyo-Duh wannabe Corvette is far more lame, esp. bang/$ wise.
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