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Club for the appreciation of any vintage of Cadillac.

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  2. A Horse With No Name

    1939 Cadillac

    As a kid guy across the street from me had a 41 in a similar color combination. Was one of the first cars I fell in love with.
  3. A Horse With No Name

    Cadillac Seville

    I have wanted one since they were new.
  4. Drew Dowdell

    Cadillac Seville

    I've been wanting one of these more and more lately.
  5. dfelt

    Cadillac percpetion

    Yes true, but my bad I should have stated, EV and Plug-In Hybrid in CUV form. Ya know me all about the CUV.
  6. Drew Dowdell

    Cadillac percpetion

    Cadillac already had an EV and has a Plug in hybrid you can buy today.
  7. dfelt

    Cadillac percpetion

    I totally agree with you that they will sell the shit out of the XT4 and the CT6 VSport was cool and move. But this was a chance to also put the Germans on Notice and surprise the rest of the auto world by showing off a Luxury EV Concept. I think we are all in agreement that Marketing of Cadillac and the rest of GM has really sucked and GM needs all the positive shocking wake up and take notice announcements. Maybe this is the fault of the ex leader of Cadillac being too slow and too focused on mimicking the Germans, but Cadillac should have a plug-in Hybrid and EV concept shown already and be working to have them out by Spring 2019. Just my feelings on this, I think Cadillac could and should have done much more.
  8. Drew Dowdell

    Cadillac percpetion

    The CT6 VSport and XT4 weren’t enough? Cadillac is going to sell the shit out of the XT4, and after a week in a 2.0t Terrain Denali, the XT4 is going to rip.
  9. dfelt

    Cadillac percpetion

    Totally agree that a lifted 2nd row would be better, it dawned on me that the SRX 2nd row of seats is theater style in the SRX's. I really like that they were a couple inches taller and slide back n forth for better comfort and room. All SUVs should have the 2nd row theater style seating. I wish Cadillac had delivered at the NY Auto Show this year. They shocked the world with the bolt and then built it, they should have had an EV auto out before MB or anyone else even the Jag iPace. Should have been showing off what is coming.

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