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  1. Cadillac percpetion

    I remember my 2005 was really comfortable as well. I haven't spent enough time in a newer model to really compare but I see what you're saying...
  2. This place is looking very nice these days...

    I just joined a club and replied to a topic within. Very nice. I do like it. I'll probably renew one of my IPB licenses to start a forum of some sort in the not too distant future.
  3. Forum Width

    Just a suggestion but I feel it would be a good idea to extend the forum width to 97% or 98%. The important content is in a box that's too narrow with the sidebar on the right. It's just wasted space on either side - might as well utilize it...
  4. Cadillac percpetion

    When you say "flat seats" - what do you mean? Here's a good picture of the current generation's seats... They don't really look flatter to me than the picture you posted of the second generation. Seating comfort is very important to me and that's why I'm curious about this. I heard people say the same about the third generation Escalade seats. Not that they were necessarily "flat" - but less comfortable. So I was a little surprised to see this being said here, again, about the new generation. If the seats really aren't as comfortable as the second generation, I wonder what's going on. Perhaps people just feel differently about seat comfort. I prefer soft and plush like the Cadillacs in the 90s and early 2000s...
  5. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    I feel the latest news and press releases coming from Lincoln are definitely over-optimistic - but that's what brands do. They're not going to say, "We're getting there!" or "We almost did it!". They're going to say, "We're back!" (or we never left, for anyone who hadn't noticed). Cadillac never had the "Just like a BMW!" campaign... Yes, there's a lot of fluff going on right now. But it serves two purposes... It catches people's attention (to the brand) and gets conversations going on forums. My poor, beloved forums that Facebook is trying to kill.
  6. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    Just to clear the air, so you know what I'm thinking, I don't feel Buick compares in any way with Lincoln. The only thing Buick has that maybe can compare is their "quiet tuning". I really don't know that for sure, however. But the media makes such a big fuss about it that I imagine they're very good in this area. This isn't to say I don't like Buick. I do. I think they make excellent near-luxury automobiles. And while I'm not sure where on the luxury totem pole Lincoln sits these days - they're becoming more luxurious with every generation... Whether Lexus is on the way up or down isn't something I'm thinking about when comparing Lincoln to Lexus. Lincoln would be lucky to sell as many automobiles as Lexus during any bad year. I'd love to see Lincoln take that spot from Lexus who's pulling a Cadillac resting on their laurels... Here's some more good news for Lincoln...
  7. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    Understood, everyone. You got me.
  8. My thoughts on the horsepower war

    Ya know… I’m not a big fan of Chrysler. Or Dodge. Or Plymouth. Or whatever the “F” they’re called or who owns them these days. It seems they’re always owned by somebody new. As if nobody wants to own them for too long. I’ve only owned one – and there’s a reason – it was an unreliable car (brand new Chrysler 300C) and the service was utter F’n unbelievable GARBAGE. Worst service I’d ever experienced. Even worse than Honda. And that’s saying something because Honda service is what you deserve if you’ve lived a life of sin and gone to Hell for it. All that being said, I have to say – I have a lot of respect for Dodge (I don’t know who owns them anymore because they keep changing owners and I don’t care enough to do the research. Fiat or something?!) for bringing us the Hellcat and Demon cars. One of the things that’s “irked” me for a long time is the horsepower wars. Mercedes-Benz. BMW. Audi. Cadillac. Anyone else? Did I forget somebody? Jaguar? “F” Jaguar. They suck. So, back to the horsepower wars… The top brands are always giving me, him, her – “us” – a little more. A tiny little more horsepower with every generation. Oh! Gee! Thank you! 25 more horsepower for the next six or seven years! Wow! Awesome! What am I going to do with ALL this extra horsepower?! No. That’s B.S. Especially now that everything is either turbocharged or supercharged. It’s as easy as typing a few lines of code into a computer to boost performance significantly – making an actual difference. Oh! Wow! The new Cadillac CTS-V does 0-60 in 3.6 seconds! Wow! Wow! Wow-WEEEEEE! What am I going to do with all that POWA?!?!?!?!?!?! .3 seconds faster than the previous generation! I hope it comes with special driving lessons! Read more...
  9. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    I'm not really comparing Lincoln to Buick at all. What I'm saying is people thought Buick was going to be America's version of Lexus but Lincoln took over that mission. Lexus isn't falling from grace because of it's styling. It's falling from grace because of its old drivetrains...
  10. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best in Robb Report’s June Edition DEARBORN, Mich., June 3, 2017 – The all-new Lincoln Continental, the flagship sedan of The Lincoln Motor Company, has been named 2017 Best of the Best Luxury Sedan in the Wheels category of Robb Report magazine. The June Best of the Best issue is the magazine’s 29th annual edition; the Wheels section is divided among Sports Cars, Luxury Sedans, Grand Tourers, SUVs and Motorcycles. The Lincoln Black Label Continental is billed as “Detroit’s Finest.” “Lincoln’s full-size flagship sedan doesn’t try to be sporty,” Robb Report says. “Instead it provides comfort and elegance, what Lincoln executives tout as ‘quiet luxury’.” Lincoln Black Label vehicles offer the highest level of design and service. Other Best of the Best categories include Style, which covers men’s fashion, women’s jewelry, and men’s and women’s watches; Journeys, which covers hotels, resorts, vacation homes, cruises, trains, spas and golf; Leisure, which covers dining, wines, spirits and cigars; Home, which covers furnishings, art, auctions and electronics; and Wings & Water, which covers super yachts, sailing yachts, crossover boats, yacht concepts and private jets. Read more... -- -- -- -- -- I really think Lincoln's Quiet Luxury is going over well. We thought Buick was going to be the "Domestic Lexus" but it's becoming clear that Lincoln is taking that title instead. Continental vs LaCrosse? Of course, no contest... I realize the Continental isn't the be all, end all of luxury sedans - but it's a great leap forward for Lincoln and things are definitely look up for the brand...
  11. Lincoln Continental Sales on the Rise

    Thanks to the new Lincoln Continental turning heads everywhere it goes, along with offering a truly impressive luxury experience, it’s earned a second place spot amongst full-size premium luxury sedan sales in the United States. As always, Mercedes-Benz tops the list with 1,275 units sold. Ford’s Lincoln Continental comes in at a fairly close second with 1,061 units sold. Next up comes GM’s Cadillac CT6 selling 1,001 units. Following Cadillac is BMW’s 7-Series with 524 sales. The Volvo S90 sold 473 times. The new Genesis Motors brand’s G90 sold 397 units. The Lexus LS only sold 317. Even less than that, the Audi A8/S8 sold 216 units of the full-size premium luxury sedan. Apparently, people in America have had their eyes opened by the impressive new products coming from both General Motors and the Ford Motor Company. Unfortunately for Lexus, the stale, old drivetrain in the otherwise excellent LS460 has been having a lot of trouble interesting buyers in the United States. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class never seems to have trouble but the Bavarian company must be concerned about the future of both the Lincoln and Cadillac as more and more people see their latest achievement on the road in their impressive stances. Read more...
  12. This place is looking very nice these days...

    The Clubs feature is going to be really nice. vBulletin tried it with Groups but nobody used it (generally). vBulletin 5 - which everyone hates, finally got it right. But it looks like iPB is going to beat them in this area because there will be a lot more IPB 4.2's than vB5's...
  13. Cadillac News: Cadillac XTS Refresh Surfaces In China

    When Cadillac started chasing after BMW, Lexus came in with soft luxury and took all their customers. Look at BMW these days, growing by leaps and bounds with soft luxury. Of course, Audi is also growing by leaps and bounds being typically "German". But it doesn't work for everyone. BMW would do fine either way - but the brand is perceived as "luxury" more so than Audi - so the softer sprung suspensions and supple leather are doing well for them. I think there's still a place for Cadillac's supreme luxury theme - especially now that Lexus is moving away from it and trying to be more BMW and Audi-like. Watch out for Lincoln. Lincoln is taking the soft luxury approach. If you think Lincoln can't make a come back - you must have missed Hyundai's luxury brand. Their G80 and G90 are excellent luxury sedans and they've got a lot more to come... My personal prediction is that Lincoln is going to take the luxury sales crown in America within 2-3 generations...
  14. Quick Drive: 2017 Genesis G80 3.8 HTRAC

    There's really nothing wrong with the G80 or G90. They're both nice sedans that can be had for a great price...
  15. It took a long, LONG time but I can finally appreciate Invision Power Board. This place is looking very nice and runs really well. It's very clean and easy to use. I haven't tried mobile yet but I imagine it's also looking very good. I've used this software as an admin in the past and had a lot of trouble feeling comfortable with it. Now it appears to be one of the better options available. I may even give it another try myself... In any event, IPB kept me away from here before recently. I very much disliked using the older versions. Now I find myself dropping in more and more...

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