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  1. The non-sport version is highly appealing to me and I'll probably buy it.
  2. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    Thank you. Haha. Yeah, I'm typically pretty good with my 0-60's and 1/4 mile times but this one just slipped while I was doing too many things at once. If Kia ever comes out with a car running sub-12's, that would be some serious competition for big names in the industry...
  3. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    Our whole conversation at this point is just one big accident because I should have never said the car does the 1/4 in under 12 seconds. Total accident and I apologize for wasting your time. All that you wrote up there - should have never happened... I've been running a Stinger community for an entire year and never once said (or even remotely believed) the Stinger was anything but a high 12 second/low 13 second car. It was just a slip of the brain that my statement came out that way. My fail of the year.
  4. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    Well that's my facepalm of the day and what I get for rushing. I meant to say something like "runs 12 second 1/4 miles out of the showroom". Yes, of course, if it were running anything like 11.99 or under and cost anywhere near $50k, that would be tremendous news... I'll come back and read this rest tomorrow. I'm out of time for today - but I HAD to come back and correct that error... Also, I never said he (ccap41) was annoyed at anything. I said, "I can see how it may annoy some people" - that wasn't directed at anyone in particular. I actually wrote that line before he began participating in the discussion...
  5. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    It's been done so many times at this point that I don't know where to begin. These guys got a 12.7 but only mustered a 4.8 0-60...
  6. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    The Kia Stinger is a grand tourer and concentrates first and foremost on a comfortable driving experience. There are quite a few luxury amenities and it's a very quiet car. It's not supposed to be a four door Camaro or Mustang. I can see how it may annoy some people that Kia has a rear wheel drive car that can hit 60mph in 4.4 seconds and run 1/4 miles in under 12 out of the showroom. That kind of thing isn't supposed to happen. But it's nice that it does - and it's nice that Kia is offering this to people who don't mind a Kia badge. It's certainly true that Canadians are getting a much better deal and have almost every option available in other places. The only thing they're missing is a suspension option only available, to my knowledge, in Australia. I don't believe the Canadians get the same warranty we get here, however. The most wanted feature missing from our Stingers is Surround View Camera. I'm not sure why they left out this feature (and a few others, like wireless charging) but I have to imagine it has something to do with the Genesis G70...
  7. Cadillac percpetion

    I remember my 2005 was really comfortable as well. I haven't spent enough time in a newer model to really compare but I see what you're saying...
  8. This place is looking very nice these days...

    I just joined a club and replied to a topic within. Very nice. I do like it. I'll probably renew one of my IPB licenses to start a forum of some sort in the not too distant future.
  9. Forum Width

    Just a suggestion but I feel it would be a good idea to extend the forum width to 97% or 98%. The important content is in a box that's too narrow with the sidebar on the right. It's just wasted space on either side - might as well utilize it...
  10. Cadillac percpetion

    When you say "flat seats" - what do you mean? Here's a good picture of the current generation's seats... They don't really look flatter to me than the picture you posted of the second generation. Seating comfort is very important to me and that's why I'm curious about this. I heard people say the same about the third generation Escalade seats. Not that they were necessarily "flat" - but less comfortable. So I was a little surprised to see this being said here, again, about the new generation. If the seats really aren't as comfortable as the second generation, I wonder what's going on. Perhaps people just feel differently about seat comfort. I prefer soft and plush like the Cadillacs in the 90s and early 2000s...
  11. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    I feel the latest news and press releases coming from Lincoln are definitely over-optimistic - but that's what brands do. They're not going to say, "We're getting there!" or "We almost did it!". They're going to say, "We're back!" (or we never left, for anyone who hadn't noticed). Cadillac never had the "Just like a BMW!" campaign... Yes, there's a lot of fluff going on right now. But it serves two purposes... It catches people's attention (to the brand) and gets conversations going on forums. My poor, beloved forums that Facebook is trying to kill.
  12. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    Just to clear the air, so you know what I'm thinking, I don't feel Buick compares in any way with Lincoln. The only thing Buick has that maybe can compare is their "quiet tuning". I really don't know that for sure, however. But the media makes such a big fuss about it that I imagine they're very good in this area. This isn't to say I don't like Buick. I do. I think they make excellent near-luxury automobiles. And while I'm not sure where on the luxury totem pole Lincoln sits these days - they're becoming more luxurious with every generation... Whether Lexus is on the way up or down isn't something I'm thinking about when comparing Lincoln to Lexus. Lincoln would be lucky to sell as many automobiles as Lexus during any bad year. I'd love to see Lincoln take that spot from Lexus who's pulling a Cadillac resting on their laurels... Here's some more good news for Lincoln...
  13. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    Understood, everyone. You got me.
  14. My thoughts on the horsepower war

    Ya know… I’m not a big fan of Chrysler. Or Dodge. Or Plymouth. Or whatever the “F” they’re called or who owns them these days. It seems they’re always owned by somebody new. As if nobody wants to own them for too long. I’ve only owned one – and there’s a reason – it was an unreliable car (brand new Chrysler 300C) and the service was utter F’n unbelievable GARBAGE. Worst service I’d ever experienced. Even worse than Honda. And that’s saying something because Honda service is what you deserve if you’ve lived a life of sin and gone to Hell for it. All that being said, I have to say – I have a lot of respect for Dodge (I don’t know who owns them anymore because they keep changing owners and I don’t care enough to do the research. Fiat or something?!) for bringing us the Hellcat and Demon cars. One of the things that’s “irked” me for a long time is the horsepower wars. Mercedes-Benz. BMW. Audi. Cadillac. Anyone else? Did I forget somebody? Jaguar? “F” Jaguar. They suck. So, back to the horsepower wars… The top brands are always giving me, him, her – “us” – a little more. A tiny little more horsepower with every generation. Oh! Gee! Thank you! 25 more horsepower for the next six or seven years! Wow! Awesome! What am I going to do with ALL this extra horsepower?! No. That’s B.S. Especially now that everything is either turbocharged or supercharged. It’s as easy as typing a few lines of code into a computer to boost performance significantly – making an actual difference. Oh! Wow! The new Cadillac CTS-V does 0-60 in 3.6 seconds! Wow! Wow! Wow-WEEEEEE! What am I going to do with all that POWA?!?!?!?!?!?! .3 seconds faster than the previous generation! I hope it comes with special driving lessons! Read more...
  15. Lincoln Continental Named Best of the Best

    I'm not really comparing Lincoln to Buick at all. What I'm saying is people thought Buick was going to be America's version of Lexus but Lincoln took over that mission. Lexus isn't falling from grace because of it's styling. It's falling from grace because of its old drivetrains...

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