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Edmunds Long-Term Intro: 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT


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Edmunds Long-Term Intro: 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT

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Following the untimely departure of our Jeep Commander from the long-term fleet, we felt obligated to choose another full-size SUV as a replacement. A new platform, redesigned exterior and improved interior made the 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe LT a suitable choice. It only seemed appropriate that it was also equipped with 4WD.


We haven't yet taken the Tahoe on any off-road adventures to test the capability of its 4WD and 3.73 rear axle; although the truck did just square off in a comparison test, complete with a tow-test, with the Ford Expedition. Not to mention we'll begin posting our experiences on the long-term blog page soon. With the holiday season upon us it's only a matter of time before the tales of long drives and family vacations start rolling in.


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They had a little intro about this before, but it's good to see they've passed 3k miles and are still very pleased with it.

Having owned 2 consecutive GMT-800's, the first through 33k miles and the second currently to 42k +, plus knowing a TON of people with them, GM full size ute's are generally extremely problem-free for quite a long time. Actually, our '04 has had a lot of smaller issues in warranty, but due to how perfect our '02 was and the fact that from '04 on they did nothing but decontent and cheapen a lot of touches, it's at least partially explained by that.

The only real annoyances are the solid, but terrible looking and feeling interior components, often imprecise steering and soft brakes, and the 3rd row that's actually nice to ride in (only in the longer models, though) but an absolute pain to do anything else with. The interior is now fixed beyond belief (thank god!), the body/frame tightened up to proper levels, and the driving dynamics also thoroughly worked over, but the 3rd row is still a sour point.

Another thing I noticed in this latest update is their average mpg, right around 15, which isn't great but also is pretty much the standard for what most owners of the new trucks are reporting. Ours has stuck to 16 for over 2 years now, but can hit the low 20's just like they also recorded on a highway trip. HOPEFULLY, even though these numbers aren't great, the 6-spd will improve matters noticeably.

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