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  1. The base cloth seats are certainly nothing to write home about, and the headrests are just old blocks that don't adjust much (that did bug me), but comfy is this car's mantra. Touch it up with a few more new things, or even the commonly optioned leather/alcantara seats with bigger bolsters, etc. and you're still good to go. Can't go wrong with this platform. In a world of tiny turbos, bizarre transmissions, etc., a well baked RWD gut that's beyond proven, a perfect ZF originated 8 speed, still up to date features, etc. they're in their own class. Pardon me, while I go try to see if I can get a rental one again......
  2. Love. This. Car. Still one of my favorite rentals, and put 5,900 miles on a 2017 Challenger R/T Hemi base with no options...LOVED it. Comfy. Solid. Hemi. Perfect 8 speed. Useful daily, without being a slot car. And, oddly enough, the best gas mileage recorded in any rental, 29.6 mpg from western PA back to Philly...back in 2017. Great car. Had another recently, in July, an AWD 3.6L...and loved it too. Sharp, quick, smooth, felt powerful, moreso than a RWD V6 I had before. Always a fave. Oldie but a goodie...
  3. Oh, to be an Infiniti dealer right now...terrifying. It's not an easy market, so for any brand, getting your act together and focused is vital. When you're not doing what you should, the numbers only more clearly show it...
  4. Foretelling the new larger crossover they've rumored for years, maybe?
  5. Thinking of which 2020 Outback I want to order next... Had a 2020 Outback Limited 2.5. Now in my GREEEN 2020 Onyx XT Turbo. Thinking Touring next time, either engine...hmm. Perfect size and fit for me, more than I expected, and more space and comfort with height than several crossovers. The turbo 2.4 is a beast on the highway, but those thigh extenders in the new Limited/Touring leather seats are...a must have. Friend just crossed 130,000 in her 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited this week...title in the mail...and still not sure what she might want next time. I said keep going, it'll be fine...and in 5 years, not a lot of competition has checked as many boxes into as great of a package yet. Wants a bit bigger, but doesn't like the Durango. Bouncing around ideas.
  6. Exists, and getting closer...Ram guts plus IRS... https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29953140/jeep-grand-wagoneer-spied/ Small ones? Great too. Renegade kind of covers that already, but alas. Whatever works.
  7. These are everywhere in the northeast, which is expected. Enjoyed a last model year last gen base model Santa Fe I had last year for a few thousand miles, so these are just better in every way. Still adjusting to the looks, but good ute. The 2.0T has gotten strange over the years, and isn't very well balanced, but the 2.4L is fine.
  8. CX-9 oozes luxury, polish, refinement and "I want to drive that". I enjoyed my 2011 back in the day with the 3.7L, and always thought even back then it was better built and more refined than things on the market like the MDX, etc. Now it really us. Having driven and ridden in them all, CX-9 is the most comfortable, best seats, etc. rolling down the road, but not the biggest, no. I'm 6'3" and interior comfort is 110% vital, wrap around seats, console, etc. included. Middle row in these is super comfy, too. It's bigger than a Jeep Grand Cherokee but shorter than a Durango, Explorer, etc., etc. so "just right" for many. What do you think of the 2.5T in real world day to day, use? Sound, feel, power, off the line, passing on highway...etc.?
  9. Nice review. The change in looks on these has really made a difference, and taken it up a few notches, especially in hatchback form. Many Toyota owners complain of the infotainment, but now that it has CarPlay, other than the 50 shades of gray, any other feedback or not memorable? Use any of the standard safety systems? Beep heavy or noticeable?
  10. How's the HTRAC AWD in snow, normal driving, etc? Does it front back, side to side or?
  11. This is the one addendum...Subaru, and a few other brands, who (though they still should be audible) actually keep it large & visible almost inside. I'm used to these now after 24k miles of driving...but still unsure why it is the one and only feature that has NO audible anything, regardless of what's happening. Everything else beeps...except blind spot. For blind spot to be most effective, it being mounted INSIDE, a-la Subaru, Audi, Infiniti/Nissan, Acura, etc. is best of all...but add a BEEP too. Hyundai Kia's sounds spot on, even being mirror based. Good move.
  12. Works as it should. Perfectly. Thanks!
  13. It's not going off...it lights up if someone is there, and if you still signal (i.e. you're signalling but there's not space to change lanes safely), it chimes. A tiny amber light you can barely see unless staring at the tiny corner of a mirror does nothing, and avoids the point of what blind spot is meant for. Great shot. Buttons...are GREAT. As anyone who's gotten used to a "it's somewhere in the touchscreen..." car lately, buttons remain underrated. Nice shot. How's the current Hyundai H-Trac system in snow or road going? Front to back, side to side, or anything? Right? Who knew...;) Competition and choices are GREAT things. Nice move, Hyundai Kia.
  14. Until you've actually experienced a real blind spot system, you wouldn't understand. A tiny, barely visible light amber colored spec that blends in and you have to stare at the far corner of the mirror to see it, then does no other alert, avoids the purpose. Driving requires mirrors. But blind spots happen and an actually visible/audible alert helps, without making a sound unless you're doing something you shouldn't be. Was a top complaint from our 2016 Traverse for years, and rentals I've driven from some brands.
  15. And here, again, we're off topic... Back...to...the...Palisade...
  16. A few Hyundai YouTube videos describe as I would expect. Lights on if active, and beep beep if active and you still signal. Good, the way it should be:
  17. Hey guys, look, it's an article and questions about the Palisade... How about focusing on the Palisade and staying there? After watching the driving review of this above on YouTube, definitely get it. Quick, quiet, smooth, effortless, features all over, and that shifter & console is actually well done. Really like the wide screen with CarPlay as well. Makes many other choices in these classes seem plebian and 3rd world. Competition is GREAT. Great choice. The pricing on these is truly impressive, and I'm glad Hyundai/Kia realized that, and continue to have both demand and "I'll pay MSRP, as even that's a great deal" from the public.
  18. Good to know. It's highly bizarre and strange that GM, Ford, etc. think blind spot monitoring should consist of tiny, barely visible amber dots, that do nothing...and make no alert. Yet, other normal brands are visible and if on, and you still signal "beep beep beep" as they should, to prevent side issues. My Hyundai rentals have all been lower end without many options so I've never tried them... Thanks.
  19. Certain posts should just be blocked and deleted from these threads...completely useless, unrelated, and bizarre. Stay on point. And in the meantime, watch THIS. Truly one of the best "wow" overviews, audio, sounds, etc. from a day in the life of a Palisade: https://youtu.be/o_-V08gVnKU
  20. And there you have it...precisely. Great real review. While everyone here continues to talk in circles about "stolen styling cues", they miss the point...these utes out-Enclave the Enclave. One of many examples. Credit where its due. Such a competitive 7 seater market. All the better for every buyer, as long as they keep brand blinders off, and just try everything. "I'm better...no you're not...yes I am" segment worth test driving all. Question...I've forgotten from my travels, and rentals. Does Hyundai/Kia side blind spot alert actually beep? On, and you signal, beep that is. Still baffling why that's so different brand to brand.
  21. SOOOO agreed. Moral of the story, do every detail right, market it, show it, let people experience it, and keep the price point to a "wow, really?" point that keeps the demand up. Palisade and Telluride right now continue to get converts from "higher" brands right now, and with demand, after a test drive, many continue to pay MSRP without blinking. Not "wait, an Enclave is $63k? Huh?" If only other brands could keep that picture going... These are good. I like parts of both. The polish of the Palisade more, but the look, the less bubble gone bubble on a bubble front end, and actual gear shifter of the Telluride. BUT, like the option packaging of the Palisade more.
  22. Those look GREAT on there...way better than the base/silver/etc. normal Regal wheels on the hatch. Wagon is a looker.
  23. GREAT review, and a favorite in this class. It oozes upmarket, well polished, comfortable, refined, "I just enjoy driving this everyday" that makes Mazda great. Favorite of friends, and referred often. Even the normal non turbo models in Touring trim level, etc. with leatherette, full & same safety, etc. with a $30k sticker...just make an Equinox/Terrain/Escape/CR-V/etc. seem that much more plebian. Nice ride & well baked.
  24. The seats in this new gen are so flat and narrow...I never expected the word "bolsters" to even make an appearance, outside of the GS seats. They never impressed me vs. something like the complete wrap around bolsters on bolsters of my 2012 GS that I loved. Seats are most important though. Hope you adjust.
  25. Kia Soul I love and would rather have any day of the week, but these little unique Toyotas, yeah, no struggle to sell. Eastern half of PA and all over NY & NJ...

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