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2007 Corvette Convertible review


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Besides getting to drive this American icon, what else can you add to the experince?

How about driving it in Hawaii! :AH-HA_wink: I was just on holidays in Oahu and rented this car from Ferrari Rentals (they rent a mix of high end cars at premium prices).

I have never driven a Corvette and it has always been a dream of mie to do so. As an aside--I have only ridden in a Corvette once--with 3 other people--some 70's model--which I hate anyhow.

So the price was high but since this is not an everyday oppourtunity I was happy to pay the high price. Hey--it's fun to look rich ;)

One of the first things I noticed was how stiff the car was. No cowl shake, no rattles and it felt as strong as a bridge. The steering is pretty heavy but very resposive and direct. My Corvette had the base suspension but handled pretty dam good. In fact I would not want any stiffer--we did go over a few bumps and it was borderline.

I liked the interior--not as good as a GTO but nothing to be ashamed of. The HUD is simply awesome! I wish my Cobalt ad this. You can keep your eyes on the road and watch the guages at the same time. I did not think much of the stereo but in a convertible I guess thats the nature of them to not be the best.

The 6.0 400hp LS2 is a teriffic base engine. Its very torquey and it likes to rev. Efficeint too---i saw 30 or better on the DIC--on the highway. For being stock the exhaust has a nice growl to it as well. this is the 2nd fastest car that I have ever driven. Nice to have that power there--just on stand by--if you need it.

The 6 speed auto is seamless-GM builds great transmissions, so this comes as no surprise. I enjoyed using the paddleshifter most of the time. It was easy to use and works very well. Again,I wish my Cobalt had this feature.

While not the fastest power top it does work very well. I did think the trunk cover was cheap--you really had to slam it shut. Speaking of trunks--capacity was very good.

To sum up--I really enjoyed my 2 days with the Corvette. I drove that more then the other 2 rental we had. If I could I would go down amd order one today. Foregoing even a Z06--something about the top down expereince that just can't be beaten.

Now if I could post pics....notv sure what I am doing wrong, done this before

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