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  1. Have you driven a modern diesel? I had some seat time in a 3/4 ton reg can Duramax recently. It was very fun to drive! A slight lag, if you hit the gas too hard on take off but then the huge mountain of TQ kicked in pulled HARD and EFFORTLESSLY. No its not the same as running an engine to 6-7K rpm but it's still fun. A diesel Cruze will out accelerate any gas engine in the Cruze so far and get the best mileage. Win-win.
  2. for bombers--I love the Avro Vulcan. Very sleek for her day New fighters Eurofigher Typhoon is very capable Saab Gripen is very good too-albeit lower cost However--the best looking--never put into service was the Avro CF 105 ARROW. Would have been easily Mach 2+ plane
  3. Honda Accord. Coupe is the worst but the sedan is plenty ugly too
  4. thats precisely why you keep the 3.6L DI---it would be faster and get better gas mileage then the Zeta 3.6L Camaro. The 3.0 would just dilute it--I mean that in the nicest way--the Camaro is still a pony car---people don't buy it for gas mileage, or similar factors that people look for when buying a 4 door family sedan. If Camaro did go Alpha--it stands to reason because of the lighter weight--fuel economy goes up. That should be good enough--I don't think every single last gallon of gas must be squeezed by putting in smaller engines--at least in the Camros case. Leave that to the "normal" more "pedistrain" cars. Cruze, Malibu ect. One V6 is plenty---I just think it should be the best one. There has not been to 6cly since the first gen. And as much as I like the huge variety of engine choices offered back then....we are never going to return to those days. That's my thinking but what would you think of a 2.0 LNF Turbo as base in Alpha? I just hope they make it so they can stuff a V8 in there.
  5. 3.6L sounds better oh...Alpha eh? ah...3.6 still better. Its a Camaro not a Malibu
  6. interesting. I have only ever known or heard of tiny handful of your responses. Caddy, Vette---Merc never----but I would have assumed Mercury
  7. Good news--I am rather let down that the 2.4L is not pushing 190-200hp.
  8. The Corvette Snake Skinner is on the lest....anyone else besides me remember that? (prototype) Or am I the only one? Oh and the Camaro LT5!!!! I want both!!! I am off to buy ALOT of lotto tickets
  9. This is my rant for the month (or week, or day?) Why do people take a name- say Cobalt and say 'Balt? No one else who did not own one would have a clue what your talking about. Are you just lazy or what? Or like hacking up car names for no real reason? Stranger: hey nice car---what is it? You: it's a 'Bu Stranger: what? Never heard of it You: I mean Malibu Stranger: why didn't you say that? You: I don't know? Same for Malibu---'Bu?? Equinox---'Nox? and Camaro---'Maro??? Drives me nuts--anyone else agree? I don't see Camry owners saying--'mry or Cam? Civic---'vic? out side of Mustang--I can't think of any stupid short names from any other cars (non GM) Just curious if anyone else hates this like me
  10. nope---they are long stroke, small bore there 1.8L is 3.19 x 3.44
  11. I believe that article got it wrong. I think Lutz had mistakenly said 2.3L but its the 2.4L Ecotec thats getting updated with DI. We'll see soon
  12. I would really like an 00-02 Olds Intrigue with 60K or less. Throw on some better looking wheels, 235/55/17 and drop it just 1" Thats the plan when the Cobalt lease is up. I have driven all W-body cars and the Intrigue was easily the best
  13. if you can do this yourself..go for it..if not then no. I sure would like the GM 3.6L DI 6speed auto in our o5 Saturn Vue (Honda 3.5L)
  14. avro206

    Specs from GM

    (mods delete if this is already posted elsewhere) I am shocked this is not up on C&G. http://www.chevrolet.com/camaro/ specs http://www.chevrolet.com/camaro/pdf/2010+C...cifications.pdf

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