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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some information on the following engines not included in the C&G Resource Guide (found at the forum header). The information that I am looking for is as follows:

  • Engine Name (i.e. Ecotec 2.2L I4)
  • Displacement (cc / ci)
  • Configuration (i.e. DOHC 4 valves/cylinder)
  • HP @ RPM
  • lb-ft @ RPM
  • Applications (models each engine is found in)
  • Engine Code (i.e. LS2 or LK5).
Here is the list of engines I'm looking for (along with any others you may find that aren't on the C&G Resource Guide:
  • 2.0L Turbo Ecotec I4 (9-3, Solstice/Sky)
  • 2.3L Turbo I4 (Saab 9-5)
  • 2.9L I4 (Colorado and Canyon)
  • 3.6L DI V6 (Aura XR and ’08 CTS)
  • 2.4L Hybrid I4 (Aura/Vue Green Line)
  • Are there other hybrid engines?
Thanks all,


EDIT: Also, what is the best single source to find the MPG of each and every model depending on the engine (i.e. Cobalt MPG for 2.2L, 2.4L, and 2.0L Supercharged differ). Would I just have to go to each manufacturer's different pages?

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For MPG, there is always the EPA's fuel economy site, which has both new and old models under the new 2008 MY test method. GM has at least three different systems for engine codes: the RPO number usually quoted in the US; a Saab engine code designation for engines used by Saab, and an international code as used by GM Europe, LAAM and Asia Pacific (including GM Daewoo). In addition, GM Daewoo's straight 6 engines have their own unique designations (XK20 and XK25). Isuzu has their own codes for the engines they developed, and other manufacturers using GM engines have their own codes as well (N36A for Suzuki's version of the LY7, P9K for the Isuzu 6DE1 3.0 L TDi as used by Renault, B308L as used by Saab, or Y30DT as used by Opel).

For example, the 2.0 L Turbo in the 9-3 comes in three different versions: B207E (150 PS), B207L (175 P) and B207R (210 PS). The B207L has an RPO of LK9, and the B207L is used by Opel/Vauxhall as the Z20NET. The 2.0 L Turbo in the 9-5 is the B205E (150 PS) or B205L (180PS), and the 2.3 L is either B235E (185 PS), B235L (220 PS) or B235R (260 PS), the latter with an RPO code of LJ3.

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