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Fi - nal - ly = 07.07.07

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Supposedly, 07/07/07 is a lucky day. Not 100% "lucky" for me ... but, finally ... for the first time in 2007 ... my older 4 Monte Carlos saw road pavement!

My sister, Joy, came over early Saturday morning so we could clean up her 2007 Dodge Dakota quad cab w/manual transmission. Once we got done, we ate lunch ... and then went to the garage where the older 4 are stored. We drove each car about 15 miles ... just enough to get gas in 'em. MPGs were anywhere from just over 12 to upwards of 17; I don't really count these, considering how long they've been sitting and the "false start" a few weeks ago. I drove the '72 and '79; sis drove the '81 and '76. I would've liked to have driven each of 'em a bit longer, but that's fine ... those 15 or so miles was on "back country roads" (well, more or less, these days) ... so the short distance was traveled at 45-60 mph, which gave 'em a good runnin'.

*sigh of relief*

...And, it just feels good to have them out. I'll probably drive 'em more tomorrow, too, depending on how hot it really gets. Still not convinced, however, that I shouldn't sell them...we'll see.


* hardly nastily dirty ... thank goodness for light colors ;).

* loved starting. The one MC of my 5 that probably shouldn't still be running ... and it starts perfectly every time. Perhaps I've taught it well?

* ran well, but per sis, vibrations at higher speeds. Hmmm...may need new tires.


* not as nasily dirty ... light colors hide the dust, fairly well

* didn't like starting at first ... needed a charge and then was perfectly content.

* ran beautifully


* very nastily dusty ... really need to wash it; I strongly dislike dirty black cars.

* did not like starting ... charged it twice. Then, needed jumped (by the '72) at the gas station ... how embarrassing ... he he. But, it did re-start ... took its good old sweet time, of course, but it knows what happens to cars that cross me ;). Needs a new battery.

* found some tranny fluid on the ground, this time....hmmm.

* ran just fine, otherwise. May need some brake work and tires.


* nastily dusty ... need to wash it.

* started OK, but needed some "starting fluid" assistance.

* ran just fine, but may need some brake work and tires ... and tranny leak, none this time, but some there the day I had 'em out and had to put 'em right back in the garage again.

After I got home, I got gas in the '87 MC LS, too....


* still shiny, but noticeably a bit dirty.

* running just fine ... soon will need regular servicing, tho.

* gas mileage ... over 20 mpg this time ... go figure...hmmm....

Cort:33swm."Mr Monte Carlo.Mr Road Trip".pig valve.pacemaker =

"Every song, another scene" ... Dierks Bently ... 'Every Mile A Memory'

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Didn't get 'em out today (Sunday) ... it was just too hot.

I met up with Krunch from (on his way east for his road trip) at I-90 and Randall Rd about 11:45a. By the time they headed for MI and I headed home about 1:15p, I realized that it was just too hot to get the older 4 MCs out. Ah, well ... the forecast is for storms Monday and Tuesday, with better weather for the end of the week. So ... probably will attempt to get 'em out again later this week ;).

Cort:33swm."Mr Monte Carlo.Mr Road Trip".pig valve.pacemaker =

"The stars might lie, but the numbers never do" ... Mary Chapin-Carpenter ... 'I Feel Lucky'

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Thanks, Delta :).

One more day before this hot weather is ushered out by more thunderstorms ... then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday are FORECASTED (key word, of course) to be nice ... he he ... so, they should be out more then ;).

Cort:33swm."Mr Monte Carlo.Mr Road Trip".pig valve.pacemaker =

"I'm sick & tired of being politically correct" ... John Mellencamp ... 'Peaceful World'

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