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History of Corvette Development

Cory Wolfe

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Corvette Timeline

This is a cool webpage. Back before I joined C&G, I would frequently visit this site to get the latest on C6 Corvette info. It inevitably lead me here. Now that all of the C6 is out, it is a great referrence of past concepts, prototypes, spy shots, and renderings; mostly of the C6. C7 speculation had started, as well as some Blue Devil talk, but its been a long time since I last visited it and it seems that it hasn't changed much.

Anyways, it's interesting to look back at the speculation. Check it out.
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Ahhh... memories. :P

I was just a kid with a newly acquired driver's license when these were first printed. How long did you guys squint and stare at this 1"x2" photo?

Posted Image

And later the real McCoy.

Posted Image

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The C5 Corvette managed to stun everyojne when it came out. Even an optimistic wide eyed but naive kid like myself was not dissapointed at the '97 Vette. Such optimistic years. I was still trying to justify how the hell the freekin Lumina could possibly be the premium sedan form Chevy... a new Caprice Classic HAD to be just around the corner, right? In the mean time our beloved F-bodys were alive and well.... I had that Trans Am WS6 ad on my bedroom wall that said "Visceral Reality". I was going to own one someday..... still willl, but it'll probably be an LS1 versus an LT1.
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