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Cadillac Presidental Limo (DTS)

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Well I have always wondered when the currrent president was put into office in 2005 he road in an unknown Cadillac to me. That I realized was the up-coming DTS, later after studying the front end and looking at spy photos. I confirmed that later at the Chicago Autoshow in 2005. Having said that it doesn't ride on regular tires, obviously it is armored heavily but from the photos on GM's media site it doesn't even appear to be on something remotely similar to the G-body platform, which they had offered armored in the previous Deville from 2004-2005. One rear photo confirms it has leaf springs! My question being what is this thing riding on? Does it have a Northstar in it? Is it even FWD? I know president Clintons Fleetwood was powered by a 4L80E and a 454ci but anyone have a clue about this DTS? Also why are the wheel opening so big, and what is the deal with the Wrangler SUV/Truck tires... Anyone have any insight, knowledge, facts or educated guess's at to what might be under there? Or anyone ever heard it drive by and can confirm it was or wasn't powered by a Northstar. Anyone know the truth behind the to most a seemingly normal looking limo DTS?

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As some of you know, my brother works for the NRO and a childhood friend of mine is a Secret Service agent, so I have been up close and personal with this car. My friend Tim called me last week and said he and some other agents saw me on I-95 going northbound in PA and they could not catch me as I weaved in and out of traffic. :smilewide:

Here is a pic of the car in question.


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I'm quite sure there is very little DTS left in that car. The wiki article says it's on a GM 4wd platform, I'd guess it's using something other than the Northstar. Obviously it's very heavily armored, wouldn't surprise me in the least if it's prepped for things like biological attack, etc, as well.

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PCS do you know anything particular about this car? Like motor? Or the frame aside of the fact it is a 4WD GM vehicles? Another thing they were trying to match your moves in your GXP in a BOF Caddy limo?

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The current Presidential Limousine is a 2006 hand-crafted, armored version of the stretch Cadillac DTS (DeVille Touring Sedan), weighing 60,000 pounds, first used on January 20, 2005 during the second inauguration parade of George W. Bush. The vehicle was custom built by a team formerly called O’Gara, Hess and Eisenhart, founded in Fairfield, Ohio in 1942, specializing in armoring limousines for presidents and heads of state, and now a subsidiary of BAE Systems.

The vehicle’s exterior is that of a Cadillac DTS, however a GM truck chassis with a specialized engine is used. The standard DeVille flush-style door handles have been replaced by a loop-type design, made specifically for this vehicle. The security door handles may only be opened by trained Secret Service personnel. The exterior wreath-and-crest emblems located behind the rear side windows are the only stock components.

Similar to its predecessor, the 2001 Presidential Limousine, the stretch Cadillac features an executive plush interior with a rear foldaway desktop, an extensive entertainment system featuring a 10-disc CD changer and adaptive, massaging cushions. The president sits in the rear seat, facing a console-mounted, secure communications panel which is connected to five antennas mounted on the trunk lid. The vehicle has a United States flag mounted on the left front fender and a Presidential flag on the right front fender. Flush-mounted high intensity discharge (HID) spotlights illuminate the flags at night. Similar to an option available on the standard Cadillac DTS, the presidential limousine is said to have a night vision system, with the camera placed in an undisclosed location.

The exterior is paneled with five inches of ballistic armor, designed to withstand anti-tank grenade launchers. The underside of the car is also armored. The fully functional windows are made of transparent armor of sufficient thickness to block sunlight, requiring interior illumination with artificial lighting. The car has a run-flat tire system utilizing tires custom made twice annually by GoodYear. The limousine is environmentally sealed against chemical and biological attacks.

No, my friend was in a Suburban with 5 others.

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