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A request to those that go to junkyards

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I'm asking anyone here that from time to time goes to junkyards in search of parts for your projects and/or repair needs if you'd be willing to help me out. I'm looking to find a decent condition steering wheel from either a 1955-1956 GMC (preferred) or Chevrolet pickup (1957+ were a different design); if you find a GMC, I'd like the horn button too if it's not too far gone with rust. Here's a picture of the steering wheel I'm looking for:


If you happen to be out in a junkyard and bump into a '55/'56 GMC or Chevy truck and that steering wheel pictured above is in good condition, would you remove and purchase it for me? You can PM me to find out the max I could pay for such an item, and I would definitely repay you for the cost, plus shipping and any other fees to get it to me.

The reason I'd like one is that back in late 1990, my dad & I learned of a junkyard in Flemington, New Jersey and we went to look for parts for my grandpop's old '55 GMC pickup that was going to be restored. We found an old '55 or '56 Chevy, and the only part it offered us was the steering wheel. My cousin's husband went back the following weekend and removed it for me and I bought it (I was 15 years old at the time and spent my own hard earned summer money for it - all $25 bucks!). I cleaned it up and had it installed on the GMC before it left for the shop... the same shop that burnt down and in the process destroyed my grandpop's old truck (including the steering wheel). From time to time at car shows, I look in the flea market/parts corral for one of these steering wheels and they're pretty hard to find. Many sellers tell me to look in older junkyards, but there aren't too many around me anymore.

If you can help me out, please let me know. There is no rush at all on this item, as I want it simply for a collection and not a restoration project. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the link. I checked it out and they have several '55-'56 GMC & Chevy trucks in stock, some that look to have the original steering wheel still. I'll have to place a call early next week to find out if they're still available.

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I'll keep it in mind... it's a pretty unique wheel, even at a swap-meet it's not too hard to spot :)

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Thanks Sixty8, I appreciate your offer of assistance!

balthazar, well, I was there only twice, and you're talking about 18 years ago!! I have no idea what the name of the place was; I believe it was off Route 202 just outside of Flemington, but my dad took backroads to get there (my uncle lived in West Amwell and found the place for us). I do believe the place closed sometime in the late '90s, so if any of that sounds close, it probably was the place you mentioned.

If I come across one, I'll update this post. However, I'll take whatever assistance comes along :smilewide:

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Huh; my brother lives in West Amwell. Was your uncle's place at the end of a 1/2-mile driveway, back in the woods?

Yeah- the yard has to have been Manchur's. They had an orange '50s truck door leaning against the telephone pole, and there was a long, long driveway back to the buildings, with the yard behind it. Road is Pittstown Road, but the only thing left is that truck door at the road- place was crushed out circa '98 after the owner died in '95. His widow still lives there, weezing down the humped driveway in a battered toyo, like a final insult to all that awesome steel & stainless.

We might have been in the same yard on the same day- I was still going there around '90.

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