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cmattson    0

The Accord has always enjoyed robust sales, defining itself as one of the key players in the midsized market. In current form, it's powertrain is widely accepted as a benchmark of the industry for refinement, hp, and gas mileage--hitting high marks in all three.

What's been the buzz in the last 12 months? Hybrids. The Prius has won several awards and despite questions about their overall gas benefit, you'll endlessly hear journalists point out who has them and who hasn't.

So what happens when you combine one of America's darlings with hybrid technology? Ka-ching. A fairly large (for Honda) dealer incentive.

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bobo    91
One feature missing on the 2005 Accord Hybrid is a power moonroof. That has been added to the '06 model. I don't think any of the current midsize hybrids, whether sedans or crossovers, will do particularly well. They don't have good enough mileage to appeal to the ecofreaks. It would be interesting to see the number of fleet purchasers of Priuses and Civic Hybrids. I see a lot of them with government stickers on them.

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