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Cheap, RWD set of wheels

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...dangumit. Why are all the good ones SO DAMN FAR AWAY????

That'd make a great winter beater....


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Cool...if that were a 9C1 w/ a light bar and decals, it would look like the City of Phoenix Caprice I see at least once a week downtown..it appears to be still in service, odd to see a car that may be over 20 years old still being used by a police department.

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Sounds cool though they did modify it a bit. Wonder what shape the 4.3 liter V6 engine is in? 30 MPG highway? Might be true but I would have to see it to believe it though I suppose the Bonneville gets about 24-25 and the Caprice I have about 22-23 with the 305 V8. Looks pretty nice though.

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Thanx for posting this DF, yes, it would be a great step up from

the RoadmOnster... It looks quite clean, but the high miles are

enough to make the $900 price not quite a bargain. Still I have

bought higher mile cars, never say never.


I doubt 30with 178K miles, but when new if driven VERY gingerly

I suppose it's possible with the 4.3 V6. Still, it might average 20

or better if driven mostly highway under 80mph... that's not bad

at all for a true BOF boat.

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It would depend if it had the 3 speed auto or the 4 speed. I think you could get either or in those days with the V6. V8's like my 1985 were strictly 4 speed and mine gets about 23 highway. The Bonneville slightly better, about 24. These cars are not as much of guzzlers as some would like to think. I can atest to that.

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