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    Random Thoughts Thread

    Got the STS back today, tire turned out to be a nail..she got a bunch of other work done the week it was in the shop--new spark plugs, coils, valve cover and intake manifold gaskets, and a bunch of front suspension work--new springs, shocks, struts, stabilizer bar, front end alignment, bushings. Drives much smoother and quieter now.
  2. Robert Hall

    Random Thoughts Thread

    A bit excessive with the stick on stuff...my brother is into stick on aftermarket crap, but not to that level. I did have a few back window decals on my old Jeep incl. a Broncos decal. So far I've been restrained on my second Jeep, just my alma mater and an Apple decal.
  3. Robert Hall

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I want to see more of Maine..was up there in the 90s when my sister lived in Boston..drove up to Kennebunkport and Portland...beautiful state w/ some great beaches.
  4. Robert Hall

    January Car Spotter

    Saw a black or dark blue 63-64 Rambler Classic 4dr w flames painted in the front fenders and hood. Sitting in a driveway.
  5. Robert Hall

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I still love Colorado (lived there 12 years), but the parts I like (Denver, Boulder) have become quite expensive since I left. And it's pretty dry and beige, no beaches. Ohio has some rather high property tax (Over $4000/yr on my $165k house and about the same on the family farm which is valued around $285k). and regional income tax (RITA) here in the Cleveland area.
  6. Robert Hall

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Florida has hurricanes and flooding, the West Coast has wildfires, earthquakes, mudslides and other issues. I love parts of California, but the cost of living and traffic has long turned me off..I like the PNW also...Oregon's beaches in particular I've enjoyed visiting.. Another region w/ mountains (albeit lower) and beaches that I like is the NE..... I do like Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts quite a bit..the greenery and coast..I could see myself living up there.
  7. I've spent a lot more time in clogged freeway rush hour traffic than city rush hour traffic..kind of hate bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic especially on 115 degree days when the AC wasn't working....downtown Scottsdale and downtown Phoenix (even as large a city as it is) surface street traffic weren't bad compared to the 10 and 202 freeways coming from the burbs into Phoenix. Denver freeway traffic on the 25 could be bad also....especially in blizzards. For years I had commutes of where I was I living in a central city neighborhood of Phoenix and commuting to distant suburban office parks by freeway.. sometimes I'd be against the prevailing traffic flow, other times in reverse of it. Working in Scottsdale, though, it was all surface streets, with the last 2 miles the most congested at rush hour. And when I lived in Denver, for a couple years I had a 1/2 mile commute... So far in Cleveland my commute has been walking from my kitchen to my home office..;)
  8. Paying for parking for work would definitely make me think about public transportation. Never had to in past jobs, always had a company parking lot or garage.
  9. Yeah...it sold around 1980-81, before the whole boom in Mustang reproduction parts..he had hit a power pole on High Street in Columbus head on pretty hard..I remember the front inner fenders were buckled and the whole front was pushed upward. I remember it was a guy from the Pittsburgh area that bought it...always wondered if it was restored. When my Mom got the '69, he got the '65 coupe, which got totaled a year or so later in Columbus also--got hit from behind. He then drove a rusty '58 Biscayne his final year at Ohio State...
  10. Yep...have seen old photos of them, and I remember seeing the convertible in the 70s..it sat in the barn for a decade with the front smashed in...he eventually sold it.
  11. Robert Hall

    Random Thoughts Thread

    The grille on that illustration reminds me of the early 90s Escort GT...
  12. It's funny...I was thinking about the summer of 1967...was still 3 years before I was born. My sister was 10, my brother was 17...my folks moved back to Ohio after 3 years in Saipan and Guam. They bought a house in North Baltimore, Ohio (near Findlay), my Dad bought himself a new '67 Cougar--silver green w/ 289, 3spd manual, bought my Mom a used '65 Mustang coupe (289 4bbl 'high-po' w/ 4spd, black on black, and bought my brother a used '66 Mustang GT convertible ( 289 4bbl 'high po' w/ 4spd, dark green w/ black interior and top). He took it off to Ohio State that fall, totaled it a couple years later. My Mom drove the '65 until '69 then got the white '69 Mustang 351... different world then.
  13. I know..it makes no sense...the garage door is narrower than the driveway. 1967 I was thinking Ford Country Squire & Fairlane..or Impala wagon and Chevelle..wouldn't fit. It seems like it was built more for two Beetles or a Nova and a Camaro. The odd thing is on the same street there are houses that appear to be the same model, but with a wider garage...down the street there is a house w/ a late model Explorer and Fusion in the garage, and when they have the door up it's clear they have a lot more walk-around room than I do..
  14. Good guess..1967 split level...everything in the subdivision seems to be from then...some have wider garages than others.
  15. Robert Hall

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Not doing anything here outside Cleveland right now...my sister says it's snowing over in Maumee (Toledo area)..she's driving home from work around 5 (weekly back and forth on the Ohio Turnpike). It's supposed to snow a bit tonight then the big storm Saturday starting around midday and going through Sunday afternoon is what I've heard. But I'm sure the forecast will change again...
  16. The Jeep and Trax both fit, but I have to get the right side of the Jeep up close to the wall and fold up the mirrors on the Trax and get it close to the left wall to be able to get in the Jeep..
  17. Robert Hall

    BMW News: BMW Refreshes the 2020 BMW 7-Series

    X7 inspired front end update, looks like..
  18. I need a wider garage..it's narrower than other 2 car garages in the neighborhood..I should have measured it before I bought. Oh well, something to improve upon w/ the next house.
  19. Robert Hall

    SAAB News: Faraday Future Investor Aquires 51% of NEVS

    That would require investment...looks like they spent a few bucks on a new grille and badge.
  20. Robert Hall

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I do like some parts of Florida..having lived in the Keys in middle school and high school. Not sure where I'm going to retire to eventually, ideally some place w/ mountains and beaches. My sister plans to retire in about 5 years and winter in Florida.
  21. Heh-heh..what I usually see from my cameras are deer strolling through the front and back yards..
  22. After doing it the last 18 months, I love working from home/working remotely...definitely driving much less than when I was in a cubicle in Scottsdale.
  23. Robert Hall

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I know some years Arizona has been #1 for moving into, whether for work or retirement...after living there, I'm not going back..can't stand the climate. Same with Nevada....I just can't stand the ugliness of the desert and the dry and heat. I do get a lot of headhunters pinging me about jobs in NJ/NYC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Seattle (Amazon recruiters weekly pretty much). I have about 20 years to go until retirement...i'm happy in Ohio for now..
  24. Yes, I can understand that...in a daily driver, I want the most creature comforts I can get...I couldn't imagine driving a depressing 4cyl FWD econobox w/ a despair gray interior... Public transit isn't really a realistic option here in the suburbs..there are bus lines that run into downtown Cleveland and a light rail, but nothing practical for me. If I were working downtown or in another suburb, I'd be commuting by SUV as I've done most of my career in other cities. I do like Uber, I use it occasionally if I don't want to deal w/ parking in some areas or want to have a few drinks at dinner. Very convenient.

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