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  1. I really never got much into video games as a kid and teenager in the 80s, but became fascinated by software and making it all work..programming languages, operating systems, compilers..first with a Commodore 64, then TRS-80s, then UNIX workstations in college and grad school. Though I did contemplate becoming a math major and becoming an academic before getting into web development in the mid 90s..
  2. I’m sure. I would think programming would have been difficult in the space constrained earlier years...not to mention the punched card user interfaces.. I do remember working with green screen terminals in college..
  3. It's possible...or Gen Z will be into them. It does seem some Millennials are getting into 80s-90s sporty cars like Probes, Integras, etc. though....judging by the cars in the RADwood scene...which overlaps with my interest as a lot of 80s cars that fit in that group. There are even Millenials going for restored 80s minivans.
  4. Here's some fun old ads... Had I been born a decade or so earlier, this one below could have been me.... a cool dude working on a Cray Supercomputer... Or working here...Lawrence Livermore Lab in the 70s...
  5. Robert Hall


    Pic taken last year just before Xmas. It reminds me I need a haircut again..
  6. The area of interest varies with the person, I'm sure...my brother, an early Baby Boomer was born in '49 has 4 late 60s muscle car era cars and 3 late 70s-early 80s Mustangs, along w/ several 90s-00s pickups/SUVs and motorcycles. I have a few friends my age that are into old cars, and it's 80s-90s cars they are into. For me, (born in '70), my main area of old car interest is the '70s into the early 90s. Cars that I was around growing up. There are some late 60s cars I like also. But the 50s and before are just so far before my time that they just don't have any appeal to me. The way I look at it, is interest in a particular car or era of car depends a lot on how if fits your reality context...the cars, music, movies and pop culture of the 80s have appealed to me since I was growing up, as has the 70s to a lesser degree. Nothing from the 50s is in my reality context--didn't grow up then. It is interesting to speculate what the old car market in 20 years will be like, a lot of the older Baby Boomers and the generation before will be likely out of the hobby. There are only so many museums out there.
  7. There a number of 80s cars also getting collector buzz as well. It's understandable, many people in their 40s-50s into old cars would want the cars of their youth..it would be 70s-early 90s cars for me..in an alternate life, if I had my farm to myself I'd start putting some cars of that vintage in the barn...
  8. Dreary gray day outside that still looks like winter, but saw a couple sweet newish Mopies out rumbling around...a green Charger SRT and a black Challenger SRT, one behind the other going down a frost-heaved potholed major street near mea..
  9. The 86/BRZ sounds like it would be a really fun backroad car for Ohio's twisty backroads. Though I'd probably enjoy a Miata more w/ the top down. But would have to deal w/ 60-90 min of freeway to get to my favorite back roads.
  10. Haven't seen one in many years...maybe decades.
  11. Getting an oil change soon on my Jeep. Been almost a year and 6000 miles since the last oil change.
  12. I wonder if they will do a regular 1-series sedan eventually...something comparable to the A-class sedan.
  13. Listening to jazz artist Grace Kelly...got turned on to her music by this track 'By The Grave' that is the theme music for Michael Connelly's podcast 'Murder Book'....would fit in well with my Crime Jazz compilation CDs.
  14. And vice versa, doesn't VW own a majority stake in Porsche?
  15. SUVs are Porsche's moneymakers..without them, the brand would have been dead 15 years ago. I figure making lots of performance SUVs enables them to build sports cars, which is a good thing...
  16. That's why I said 2dr version of the Panamera, their V8 hatchback sports sedan. Make a big GT hatchback coupe...
  17. They should do a 2dr coupe version of the Panamera and call it 928..
  18. Yah, and the guy across the street's '18 Mustang sounds like that also...(2.3 Ecoboost version). There are several fun cars on my street... one guy has a silver S2000, there is a dark red 1st gen Miata in great shape, a black Grand National I've never seen out of the garage, and a red '04-06 GTO around the corner.
  19. I loved Breaking Bad, and it's prequel Better Call Saul. About the only current network TV shows I watch are Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Orville. I do watch a lot on streaming--Bosch and The Grand Tour from Amazon, Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access, and a lots of British and Scandanavian/Nordic crime dramas on various streaming outlets. About the only sports I watch with any regularity are NFL football, Indy Car Series races, and F1 races. Still enjoy getting up early on Sunday mornings for F1 races. And movies of all sorts..even black and white and once in a great while silent films...no fear of subtitles...I love Hong Kong action/crime films, French dramas, etc.
  20. I remember some Cheers as a kid and liking it, esp. the earlier ones w/ Shelly Long. I rarely watch sitcoms these days, but recently got hooked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Binge watched 5+ seasons in about 3 weeks..since they are 22 min each I could watch a bunch in an evening. Fun characters in a workplace comedy/cop show.
  21. Looks like my neighbor's teenage son just got a used BRZ/86/FRS...it's red, has no front bumper and goes 'brawwwpp'.
  22. A couple series I've streamed in the last week on ACORN.. Manhunt and London Kills..a couple solid British crime dramas.
  23. I'm watching my driveway waiting for Spring...tired of 35F and sleet/snow flurries. 6671312257804332096_stamp.mp4
  24. Maybe we need a 'what are you watching' thread like the 'what are you listening to' thread. I stream a variety of shows, most recently the Miami mob/hotel drama 'Magic City' (set in 1959-1960) on Starz, the British crime dramas 'London Kills' and 'Manhunt' (both on Acorn), and the latest season of Swedish crime drama 'The Sandhamn Murders' on Mhz. Waiting on the new seasons of British crime dramas 'Grantchester', 'Endeavour' and 'Luther' to appear for US streaming.. one of things I enjoy about the British/European dramas is the seasons/series are usually only 5-8 episodes, so they can be binged over a couple of evenings.

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