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  1. Which is why Range Rovers are better to be leased, not owned...that great British quality.
  2. Kind of wondered if it would be like that....from the photos I've seen, it looks like a kit car..very crude.
  3. Maybe...or a 3 yr old CPO 2021 in 2024... looking forward to seeing how the new one turns out, but I wouldn't want a first year one.
  4. Yes, 8 speed. They have changed very little since then. Cosmetic changes to the front, the 3.6 got vvt and stop/start in ‘16 IIRC. The main features I’d want from a newer one would be Apple Car Play and a couple features from the higher trims like the pano roof (I have the regular sunroof which is fine) and the heated/cooled seats (I have heated seats). I really can’t complain about anything w/ mine...it’s comfortable around town, on short road trips and cross country road trips...
  5. Yeah, Laredos are in that range. My current one is a Limited, my next would be an Overland or a Summit. Though another CPO makes more sense than new. But it’s all hypothetical since my ‘14 only has 49k. I really don’t see myself shopping for at least another 3-5 years.
  6. White with red rims is...different. what color was the interior?
  7. I checked out the configurator for Rivian R1S. Spec'd out a 5-seat in Forest Green w/ green interior, Adventure package. $81k... love the green interior and exterior, but if I were shopping in 2021, I'd get another Grand Cherokee for $30k less...
  8. Turned 50 this year. Overall, my health is fine..need to take off a few pounds. But after decades of living in one story homes, moving to a four story split level in 2017 has taken it's toll on my back, hips and knees...some days are fine, other days it's a world of pain....
  9. I think I'd probably really enjoy a 2dr Bronco. If I could get one in brown w/ a tan interior that would be ideal.
  10. Regular Bronco has some also, I like these..seems they come in black on the Black Diamond trim.
  11. No, but...would be an interesting option, though.
  12. Kind of an anti-bling move. I did discover yesterday on FB that apparently Escalades ordered w/ 22s are shipped w/ these plain wheels---kinda of an anti-bling look also.
  13. Was surfing google street view and came across one of the bizzaro distortion vehicles--a 6 wheel Honda CR-V..
  14. ^ was that material called 'Morrodyke' or something like that?
  15. I've seen pics of this car around...the side window treatment looks very awkward..looks like they used an A-body wagon roof and rear hatch. This '72 deVille based wagon that used B-body wagon parts look better, IMO. This one was owned by Elvis. This '74 would look good w/ Escalade badges.. This Fleetwood wagon appears to have used an A-body rear roof, which looks too small and out of place, IMO..
  16. No doubt...same with a GM EV, VW EV, M-B EV...companies that have built cars for decades are more likely to build a quality product than a small company that cuts corners and tries to reinvent normal production methods...
  17. I recently saw a late model Civic 2dr towing a small trailer w/ a Polaris side by side ATV thingy on it.
  18. Not sure what the deal w/ 'truck' plates in Ohio is...I've seen ordinary pickups with and without them, seen them on what are definitely commercial-use trucks and vans (i.e. HVAC service vans)... Maybe the plate on the Civic expired and Bob took the plate off his truck and put on it. A buddy of mine in Colorado did that 20 years ago---let his Suburban plates expire and put the rear plate from his Porsche 911 SC on it. I remember riding from the airport w/ him when we returned to Denver from San Francisco on a consulting gig and the parking attendant at the airport mentioned the
  19. Whilst going through the drivethru at Walgreens this afternoon, was behind a late model Civic with an Ohio ‘Truck’ license plate. Odd.
  20. It's too bad the current VW California camper isn't sold in the US...neat vehicle.
  21. My buddy in AZ w/ the FJ 60 and FJ 40 was looking at something like that, he and his wife go camping in the FJ 60...
  22. If I ever spend time on my family farm again, I'd love to have an old truck there...a '73 Ford F100 w/ 6 would be neat.

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