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  1. Saw a very sharp gold/bronze '71 Riviera this afternoon, also saw a dark blue previous generation Ram 1500 4x4 pickup---short bed w/ regular cab---didn't realize they made that configuration in recent years...looked stubby.
  2. Neat dash..I like how the screen is integrated and not standing up like a glued-on tablet in many vehicles. The asymmetry is a nice, distinct touch, instead of the usual generic center stack. Squint and you can see a slight resemblance to a similar driver-centric dash from Buicks 50 years ago....
  3. Probably in various rental cars ('16 Malibu, '16 Fusion, '17 Passat). And my sister's Trax which is a 1.5 turbo. Which is fine for a small subcompact CUV. Still wouldn't want to own anything with one, though.
  4. Rental car companies, like airlines and hotels, were uniquely hit by last year's events, with the sharp curtailment in business and personal travel.
  5. I'd rather have an N/A V6 or V8 over a turbo 4. I just don't believe in 4 cyl engines outside of small economy cars or small sports cars like Miatas. Maybe it's generational, but I associate 4 cyl with cheap despair boxes, horrible gray plastic interior misery with buzzy engines. I wouldn't want to spend more than $25k on anything with a 4 (outside of a few small sports cars).
  6. I'll admit I'm biased as a GC owner and that I generally loathe 4 cylinders. I've sat in the current gen Explorers at auto shows and found them to be cheap and plasticky inside, with the door openings being a particular turnoff...they look very cheaply finished around the door sills...first thing you notice getting inside.
  7. Looks competent and competitive w/ the GC Trailhawk, but I wonder about the engine choice...how reliable will a turbo 4 be in the long term. Not a fan of 4 cyls in hefty SUVs.
  8. Saw my first Bronco Sport in the wild, in black. Saw it driving through a parking lot, looked good.
  9. There was a really lt blue w/ t-tops ‘77 around here a couple years ago. Always the GP of that generation with all it’s sharp creases.
  10. Yes...if I did that, my dogs would rush over and lick it up...I'd take pics, post it on various FB terrier groups and Insta and get hundreds of likes. Cute dog pics always get the likes.
  11. Not much of anything interesting at $32k new these days. A lot of boring FWD 4cyl generic appliances mostly.
  12. Conflating 'fastback' and 'hatchback' sounds like. Trivia--what was the first production US market hatchback (not a wagon) from a US automaker? I'd assume it was the Vega or Pinto for MY 1971. Probably was something European available in the US before them, though.
  13. My brother had a '76 Mustang II Mach 1 briefly back then...silver and black. Don't recall what engine it was, it had replaced a '74 Vega GT. He didn't keep it long, next door neighbors backed their '72 Olds 98 into it, mashed in the side. He got it fixed and traded it on a '74 Firebird Formula 400.
  14. ^always liked these. The '84 silver over black more so than the '83 black over silver.
  15. As far as the FWD sports sedan genre, there definitely have been some that were genuinely sporty from what I have read...Ford Taurus SHO (esp. the early ones w/ manuals), Nissan Maxima SE (from the 4DSC era), the Grand Prix GXP and Bonneville SSEi, 2 generations of Cadillac STS, more recently the Buick Regal GS from about 5 years ago... They weren't proper RWD sports sedans like a BMW M5, Pontiac G8 GXP, Chevy SS, Mercedes AMG E-class, etc...but definitely better to drive than the usual vanilla FWD midsize/large sedan...
  16. My Mom and Dad were like that. In 1998 when they visited me in Colorado, they didn't enjoy the ride I took them on winding mountain roads w/ steep drop-offs on the sides and no guardrails, or walking over the Royal Gorge suspension bridge... I like funiculars and going up in gondolas/cable cars/etc as long as they are enclosed. Something open like a ski lift where I'm sitting in the open with my feet exposed kind of freaks me out...
  17. GM built many of these types of sedans in the past, FWD midsize sedans tarted up to be "sporty"...various Pontiacs, Buicks, etc. These are the same formula, 2021 editions.
  18. I do like the smell of freshly mown grass... been very gray and rainy today, yard guys finally made it out at 6:30.
  19. Speaking of the Bronco, an NE Ohio Ford dealer posted on FB one they got in for training...
  20. Yes, bouncy ride. With my back I'd be in a world of pain if I had to commute any distance in one. I recall riding in one for with friends on I-70 in Colorado from Denver to the mountains about 15 years ago--was about an '03-04 vintage-- with the soft top on we had to yell at each other to talk...so loud at 70 mph. After a couple hours it got really tiring. I'm sure the newer ones are better (esp. w/ a hard top on) but probably not that much.
  21. Which is why I've driven Grand Cherokees for over 20 years instead of Wranglers. I've ridden in and test driven several Wranglers over the years, and think they would be fun for weekend use if I was really, really into off-roading. But I find them too loud, harsh and cramped as a daily driver.
  22. Like the Wrangler, the Gladiator is a niche novelty vehicle. Like the Wrangler, it's strengths are more as an off road vehicle than as an on-road SUV or truck. For most potential buyers, a normal SUV or pickup is far more practical and drivable.

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