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  1. Cladding + ‘X’ in the name says CUV in all markets.
  2. Zero to 60 mph as low as 2.9 seconds, up to14,000-pound towing, a stainless steel body, and a base price of $40,000. We will see if they can deliver on these claims.
  3. Interesting they did go with a 2.5 4cyl instead of a 1.x 3 cyl or 1.5 4cyl like others in this segment. The cladding doesn't look bad on a dark color...on a white one it wouldn't look good. I like the front 3/4 view here.
  4. Ah, hah..I thought that was you..;) I can't imagine the production version will look like this...this is very much a concept car look.. It is funny it reminds me of stuff I drew as a kid, Musk and I have the same birthday (1 year apart)...probably saw the same sci fi movies and car concepts as kids.
  5. It looks like it could have been in an '80s sci-fi film...or Knight Rider.
  6. It looks like something I sketched when I was about 10. I was ahead of my time...;)
  7. Definitely looks inspired by some wedgy 70s-80s concept cars...the Citroen Karin comes to mind.
  8. Edgy..like that. When I had my diesel Escort 30+ years ago I nicknamed it 'Esky'. And I could see referring to an Encore as 'Ency' or 'Enky'..
  9. Yeah, they are a bit incongruous...but plenty of vehicles have upper and lower grilles that don't match. I wonder if they will do a LWB Pullman version.
  10. I like two tones, would like to see more..they work better on squared off vehicles, IMO. My Bronco II was gold with dark brown down the sides and on the hatch...liked that.
  11. Was at the airport this afternoon, got stuck for over 5 min in the parking garage waiting on a guy to back out a Ram 4dr pickup...it was like he had never backed a truck out of a parking spot before..didn't turn the front wheels enough.... kept backing up, pulling forward..for some reason, the tailgate was down. He got out at one point, closed the tailgate, fiddled w/ the passenger mirror, saw me waiting maybe 50 feet away and just shrugged. Eventually got it in a position where he could drive away...
  12. Heh-heh..speaking of grilles, the G90 grille kina reminds me of the '60 Chrysler Saratoga grille.
  13. Interesting...diamond shaped grille...but where will the license plate end up. And yet Genesis is still only 3 sedans and no CUVs...in a CUV-crazy market. Seems like they think it's still 2010 and not almost 2020.
  14. Color is good...in a world of white, black and silver CUVs some other choices are good thing.
  15. Just a lot going on in the subcompact/compact space. Can be confusing without a chart. Seems like it's Soul, Niro, Seltos, Sportage (the last 3 are pretty close in size). and over at Hyundai it's Venue, Kona, Tuscon. And yet nothing yet at Genesis.
  16. Seltos. Makes me think of Mentos. Probably related to the new baby Hyundai CUV whose name escapes me.
  17. Yes, the new Trailblazer will have these engines. I read a Car & Driver article..the TB has the same engines as the Ency GX.
  18. I used to work in a small company in Denver that was owned and majority staffed by Canadians from Saskatchewan. Hockey and hard drinking were their two main passions...it was a work hard, party hard place..had a great 4 years there..
  19. I was been facetious about a Corvette EV CUV..but you never know, we live in interesting times of change. I wouldn't mind having another Mustang sooner or later...maybe a convertible, definitely a V8 w/ manual. But I also like the idea of a Challenger w/ V8 and manual.
  20. 1700 is nothing, though...would be interesting to know how many are owners of the current car..
  21. And usually much older..typical Corvette owners tend to be over 65, I believe...
  22. It will be interesting to see the reaction when Chevy unveils the C9---a Corvette EV CUV.
  23. I wonder if the 3 cyl will turn up in Chevy models in the US eventually.. Edit: the new Trailblazer will have the same engines it sounds like.

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