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  1. Robert 'RJ' Scaringe, Rivian founder.
  2. Saw a clean '72 Cutlass S 2dr fastback this morning, dark blue w/ a yellow on blue '72 Ohio license plate.
  3. Looking at the VW site, the interior color choices are very limited...all very bland and muted..even the black and brown comes off boring. Needs brighter interiors.
  4. An Escalade V-series would probably sell, though.
  5. It is a fun group. People from all over...there are a few of us in Arizona or previously there (I lived in central Phoenix from '08-17 and worked in Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale)...
  6. I haven't heard anything about another coupe from Cadillac, would be nice, but I don't see it happening. I saw a fair number of MB convertibles in Scottsdale when I lived in Phoenix, though they were outnumbered by G-wagens and GLEs/GLSes...
  7. Mercedes does offer way more variety in body styles...Mercedes has coupes, hardtop coupes, convertibles, 2 seaters, sports cars, wagons, etc. Cadillac has only sedans, a full size SUV, and 3 CUVs.
  8. About 20 years ago, I had a manager that was obsessed w/ WWF and was always quoting The Rock..was always going around saying 'Do you smell what I'm cooking'? Guy was obnoxious as hell...
  9. I liked Vera. Speaking of serial killers, I just watched Mindhunter --a good serial killer drama, based on the real life FBI Behavioral Science Unit work of John Douglas and Robert Ressler in the '70s-80s...lots of good period cars in it. Also watched 'The Fall' which started out ok, but got preposterous over 3 seasons of Gillian Anderson tracking the same serial killer around Belfast... Between Acorn, Britbox and MhZ I have plenty of import dramas to watch..
  10. Me too... Sherlock, Luther, Bosch, True Detective, Mindhunter, The Bridge, Sandhamn Murders, Line of Duty, Midsomer Murders, Inspector Morse, Endeavour, Shetland, Hinterland, Trapped, etc... I esp. like British and Scandanavian crime dramas.
  11. This generation of Titan has always had an inspired-by-F-series look to the front end.
  12. Styling looks like a mix of Audi themes w/ the LaCrosse with some inspiration from the Avalon in the grille...
  13. I wonder how far along Rivian is to production in the Normal, Ill factory they bought...
  14. I'd try it. I access the site through my phone often...
  15. I'd consider a Volvo V60 or a used Audi S5 2dr coupe. (the 5dr hatch is nice, but I really like the looks of the coupe).
  16. Way cool... I've looked before for a photo of the Pontiac dealer that was down the street from my childhood home in the late 70s...it was across the street from my elementary school..walked past it for the first 4 years of school. Montgomery Pontiac, Sunset Boulevard, Stuebenville, Ohio. I have no idea when it closed, but there is a Speedway gas station and a Walgreens there now. Still can remember as a kid walking past and seeing the new downsized '77 Catalinas and Bonnevilles, the facelifted '77 Firebirds, and a Can Am...
  17. I work out of the house, so I'm not really racking up the miles...only put 20k on my Jeep in the 30 months I've had it. I get decent enough gas mileage (22-24 for freeway driving) that it doesn't bother me.
  18. Saw a nice copper colored 67 Satellite or GTX 2dr yesterday.
  19. I always liked the coupe and convertible of these Cutlasses, along w/ the Regal coupe of that generation.
  20. Sounds like Ford is really cutting corners on QA/QC in some of their plants...
  21. Sloppy manufacturing.... at least the seat frames aren't breaking. That was a problem w/ WJ Grand Cherokees that was never a recall but a common issue...mine broke at about 90k miles, while I was driving in Phoenix..ended up almost in the back seat...
  22. After reading of Eddie Money's passing today, I've been listening to his music...always enjoyed him on the radio in the 80s...neat video for 'Shakin', has some Chevy lowriders... https://youtu.be/2tcD_dVcXE4
  23. Playing with the online configurator, I was able to get a Taycan Turbo S to $246k with options...fun, fun

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