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  1. Ya, VSS-F, same as the Encore GX. I'd think they would do an XT3 on that, and there's room for an XT2 on the Trax/Encore platform also... Since we are in a CUV-driven market, GM should add as many as they can while the market is hot...
  2. For DFelt-sized people they need to offer extended roof options.. Yeah, I'm 6'0" and found I can't easily reach into the bed of a typical 2wd full size truck today..they sit very high even in 2wd form.
  3. Yeah, I was looking on my phone, in a larger photo the use becomes clear. I don't think the Denali dash is any higher than the ATS--the gauge pod appears the same height, it's just the height extends further across on the Denali. I prefer high mounted vents, rather than ones down low. My 5'3" sister may not like it though...
  4. Not sure what is to the left of the screen in the Denali. I see a vertical row of buttons ( gears I think), but what is the slot ringed in bright trim? Looks like a giant HDMI socket.
  5. I like the Denali interior better, because of the brown dash, the higher center vents, and the integrated screen.
  6. I think that is an inherent flaw with transverse FWD platforms...just can't turn the front wheels as tightly as a north-south engine layout..
  7. Congrats... my sister has a 2015 Trax and has been happy with it overall..has over 20k now after driving to Florida a couple weeks ago. The floor filled with water during heavy rain driving on the way down there, had to spend a few days at a dealer last week...not sure what the problem was, but water was coming in somewhere through the HVAC system. She said the dealer blamed it on squirrels..
  8. Sharp..like the interior. Clean exterior, wears the big grille well... I like the lighting details.
  9. I googled pics to confirm, but I remembered the green '77 a neighbor had when I was a kid..the '77 had taller taillights that didn't wrap the corners, '78-79 had wider, shorter taillights that wrapped the corners.. China is getting electric Buick Velite 7 based on the Bolt.. I wonder if the US will get it eventually..looks to be around the size of the Encore GX...
  10. wowza... meanwhile another sunny 50 degree day here in Cleveland...this is a very strange January so far...
  11. Sweet Electra...that's a '77--one year only with those rear side marker lights, on the '78-79 the taillights wrapped around the corner caps.
  12. For some reason I find 1967 Olds 88s fascinating...Delta and Delmont
  13. The new Yukon is nice...huge grille, but tasteful. I like the Denali-exclusive dash design.
  14. Nice weather today... saw a clean dark gray w/ gray top '90-92 Cadillac Brougham. Also saw the rustiest Ford Explorer I've ever seen..a brown '98-01 5dr. Big chunks out of the lower doors, like 5-6 inches missing and crusty edges..same w/ the rear quarter, with rust from the wheel arch on the left side extending back to the fuel door. Rear hatch bottom rusty... no license plate.
  15. They are so ugly they make the Cybertruck look sexy. I suspect the GMC versions--- while still massive-- will look better...
  16. Ah yeah, Chevy has shown the new Tahoe and Suburban, but GMC has been quiet..
  17. As far as domestic competition, the Cadillac XT4 has a 2.0 4 with 237hp, and a 9-spd auto, and the Lincoln Corsair 2.0 is 250hp w/ an 8-spd auto. Lexus definitely comes up short.
  18. I guess they were doing them more recently than I thought..I remember the HD-branded F series 20 years ago, but they had one last year.. https://www.motor1.com/news/304080/harley-davidson-ford-f150-teased/
  19. Odd...Harley-Davidson was doing branding activities with Ford 20 years ago.. I like the wheels, but the gap between the tires and top of the wheel well is way too much, would look better lowered, IMO.
  20. $42k for a 2.0 4cyl, FWD and CVT....beyond mediocre..that's the kind of hardware I'd expect in a $20k econobox....
  21. And I'm not anti-Chevy truck at all...I love the look of many of their past models...most recent I liked was the 2014-2015. And going back to the 80s, just to stay semi-recent, there were a lot of handsome pickups with strong styling cues that carried over from generation to generation like the stacked lights and grille crossbar trim. I'm sure the 2020 is quite capable and a good, reliable product, but it does it have to be so ugly? 2014: 2009: 1999: 2 1989: 1983:
  22. I know I'm super-opinionated.. the Hummer just never remotely appealed to me, I'm a Jeep guy. (but I do like GM full size SUVs). It will be interesting to see how the EV revival goes..we live in interesting times...
  23. They keep showing Silverado HD commercials during the NFL playoff games this weekend...just saw one. One of the 'real life customers' in the ad says 'This truck is a beast!'. True statement.

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