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  1. Bingo..as long as the power is sufficient, it's fine. Lexus owners aren't getting into pissing contests over 0-60 with M-B leasers or internet obsessives. With Lexus, it's about quiet and reliability. Nothing wrong with that being the priority. I wouldn't mind having an older LS or 1st gen SC, w/ the V8.
  2. I saw somewhere last week this was coming to the US and was to target Millennial buyers. I like the front end detailing.
  3. If they make a 4000lb AWD V8 Mustang, that would be cool...but I'd probably still buy a RWD V8 one. Since I have an SUV, I don't really need an AWD sports coupe.
  4. Not in a production car with a warranty, though...maybe an LSR vehicle or Top Fuel dragster...
  5. I'll probably watch that next week...I like both David Tennant and Michael Sheen. I noticed in the trailer there is a Reliant Robin also.
  6. I do like the wing on the new GT500..the car is over the top, so the wing is fitting in that context. Likewise for the Z-R1.
  7. Saw maybe the oddest car chase in a long time in a tv show/movie the other evening. It was .between a dirty cop in an '85 Mustang LX convertible being chased by criminals in a Nissan Leaf. (the Leaf eventually drained it's battery).. The Mustang was specifically mentioned as being a 5.0, a 302, but didn't have 5.0 badges. This was in the new Amazon streaming series 'Too Old to Die Young', a very long, very slow paced, very violent and strange trip from director/writer Nicholas Winding Refn (the Dutch auteur behind 2011's 'Drive' which had a couple good car chases and a great soundtrack). This show reminded me of David Lynch at his oddest but maybe less surreal.
  8. Cosmetic, I assume..to make otherwise bland appliances look "sporty". Though there may be an aerodynamic advantage to some of them.
  9. The 2 is probably their purest product, a compact sports coupe without luxury car pretense. It's about the same size as the 80s-90s 3 series also.
  10. If I get another Mustang, I’d want the 5.0.
  11. If I had the budget and garage space I'd get a Challenger 392 Scat Pack and a Mustang Bullitt. Or a Mustang GT convertible. Still want a performance convertible sooner or later.
  12. I wonder if it has an automatic crash mode for hitting curbs, pedestrians, etc when exiting car show parking lots. J/K, it is a sharp looking beastie. Of the current Mustangs, my favorite is the Bullitt edition for the dark green and toned-down looks. Is the engine in this a variation of the Voodoo flat-plane crank engine in the GT-350?
  13. It's more of a small midsize than a full size...smaller than my Jeep. But it's a good size for people that don't need a 3rd row. And it's very capable off-road. I like the Land Cruiser also, very old school but quite capable off-road.
  14. Yes. And the GLS, X7, and Q8 are competitors (though the Q8 is oddly smaller than the Q7). The G-class is a bling novelty in it's own niche.
  15. Yes!!! Had a Habit store in my Phoenix neighborhood...better than In N Out, IMO. Alas, don't have either chain back here. We have Shake Shack here also, but I think they are overrated.
  16. I don't think I'd categorize a rusted '50s lump as a 'sports car,' even w/ a Viper powertrain. It's interesting, though.. reminds me of one of the Icon Derelict builds.
  17. Bummer..I like them, and they don't overdo the french fries like Five Guys ...have a Steak & Shake and a Five Guys near each other near here..
  18. So with the XTS going away, are they going to offer the CT6 or Escalade for hearse/funeral home limo conversions?
  19. They played those 3 songs and few more that I didn't recognize. I think only one member there now is from the original band. Safety Dance was all over the radio and MTV in 1983, hit #2 on the US charts, was on the charts 24 weeks..couldn't escape it when I was 13. Was fun to hear live. Fun stuff...
  20. I'd assume it's because building a newly designed aircraft is much more profitable to defense contractors and the politicians they own.
  21. My family's 1859 farmhouse is sort of like that..big square living room and dining room on the first floor, two bedrooms on the 2nd floor with the stairs between them and no hallway. The only hallway is on the first floor in part of the house that was clearly an addition at some point in the past (where the kitchen, bathroom and a 3rd bedroom are). Been in the family 51 years now..
  22. Maybe a triplex? Or converted into one after it was built. I've definitely seen strange, non-standard configurations in old houses....looked at a couple houses from the 50s that were about 2000 sq ft and only had one exterior door--a front door, and no door accessing the backyard...and another that had a door accessing the backyard, but was in the garage.
  23. Went to a fun show this evening at the House of Blues in Cleveland... 3 bands-- BT's synthpop/electronic outfit 'All Hail the Silence', 'Men Without Hats' (best known for the 80s song 'Safety Dance'--didn't realize they were from Montreal), and the headliner--Howard Jones. Saw HoJo last year, but that was a different venue and was just him and piano, this was a full band w/ lots of synthesizers and his keytar. Great evening.
  24. Rainy afternoon, out running weekend errands, took a route home I normally don't go...saw an old Ultra Van RV sitting on a used car lot (these had a Corvair engine, I think?). Also saw a clean dark blue mid 90s Roadmaster wagon and a yellow '16+ Camaro SS.

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