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Any drag racing fans in the house?


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Okay, so here's the deal. My father and I have been watching NHRA drag racing on television for about as long as I can remember. I was over his house tonight and we were watching a short half-hour show that featured a few old races from a national event in the early 80's. After the show was over, my father started saying how cool it would be if he were able to buy old races on DVD. So when I got home, I searched for such DVDs online and, just as I suspected, there was virtually nothing to be found. So now it's up to me to find them in whatever format they may be in and put them on DVD. So for any of you fans out there that remember the days of TNN, American Sports Cavalcade, Diamond-P Sports, Steve Evans, and Dave McClelland, please dig through your closets and basements and attics for any old 70's and 80's and early 90's NHRA drag racing tapes, be it official or just something you taped off the television yourself. I'll pay whatever you might want for these if it means being able to put them all together in a big set for my father. In particular, anything broadcast by Diamond-P Sports is especially valuable to me as they always put out the best professional drag racing programs.

Thanks in advance for looking!

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I remember all of that stuff (Diamond P etc.) but never owned any tapes.

Hell, I remember when the networks used to cover major NHRA events!

I'd try some drag racing-related sites/boards and check out their classifieds.

Good luck from someone who remembers "The Snake", "The Mongoose", and "Grumpy"...

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i dont know if they travel with or its a semi local thing here but there is always a vendor at our super chevy show in commerce ga that has vintage drag racing dvds along with the crashes smashes and other stuff collections. there are also many many drive in movie types too. i'll dig around see what i find.

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