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So I Pre-Ordered GT5 via Newegg.com...

Cory Wolfe

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...And will I be receiving it now its been released? No. Despite pre-ordering it back in the beginning of August, Newegg can do no better than tell me the Collector's Edition I ordered is out of stock. Couldn't tell me when I could expect it or anything of the sort. Disappointing? Majorly, I'm not too please with Newegg's service right at the moment.

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Indeed. I've ordered almost exclusively from Newegg since my original purchase of my camera and I've never had a problem. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with them. I should have just pre-ordered it through Amazon.

I've been looking forward to this game for the last 4 years. It's really the only reason I purchased my PS3. I don't plan on switching to Xbox anytime soon, due to Forza being a disappointment even compared to GT4. There's not really anything that can compare to this series, for that matter.

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First few things I've noticed: Some glitches here and there, mainly with smoke around the car, you'll see "stepping". As well, the course creator isn't what I thought it was. You don't make your own course, you set some factors and it creates a course based on that. Also, the standard cars look horrible in the garage, but are fine on the track. All in all, its not as finished as I would have liked it to have been considering the time its taken them to produce it. Seems as if they took more time creating gimmicks for it rather than making everything polished.

Even so, its still one hell of a game. Driving cars I've driven myself, its exactly what I remember experiencing. Now, I just need to buy a wheel and pedals set. :P

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