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  1. But you can see for yourself they aren't the same, the bottom spokes face opposite directions, all the stitch lines are differe, same with the button positions and the airbag cover isn't flush like the impala, sure they probably have the same frame running horizonally through the far left and far right spokes, but you're reaching pretty far to call them the same
  2. I dunno, people are praising the look, but i think that front looks terrible the rest of it looks pretty nice, but i can't get over how bad that front end is
  3. Well, for the longest time i couldn't even navigate the site, i would just end up sent to pages with full pages of ads and no content, so i gave up, but i decided to check in today and the site looks way better and works, and my browser still has my password so ill probably stop by more often now I'm more into PC hardware than cars these days though so im not sure how much input ill actually have
  4. So back to the old wheelbase? Yup. Next question - Where does it leave the Impala? Isn't the impala moving uplevel? Also its still 111.7 So if the bu jumps 4" it will be 111.8"? that will be weird
  5. Im planning on buying one of these for my brothers gaming computer if they are close enough to a base i5 4430 or something. I wanted to switch to AMD for my graphics card as they were better priced and wanted to get aboard their DirectX replacement Mantle, but Bitcoin mining has ruined AMDs slight price advantage in favour of a $100-200+ price jump on anything faster than a 7870. The build in GPU seems impressive, and the CPU improvements should close them in on sandy intels
  6. This is what interests me, i had been talking about an idea like switchable batteries in cars a while back with some friends. To me it seems like the most sensible way to recharge one, none of the multi hour charging. Although battery distribution could be an issue, as when would be the appropriate time to retire batteries and what if you switched from a new one to one that was just above this interval, limiting range. Now in this real world use, how much is the cost of the electricity going into the battery?
  7. I want to see real certified proof as these engines cannot really deliver that MPG in real world driving. http://gallonstoliters.com/index.php?q=1&from=imp&to=us&result=0.83267384 one Canadian gallon is equivalent to 1.20095042 US gallons so it will be twenty percent higher numbers in MPG
  8. I am sure there is a fine print some place that says this is for the Dodge Dart or some other auto and they are just using the Rams for a street sign considering how big they are. It slipped my memory that they had done this before: Using Canadian gallons for MPG ads (i live just north of the border and most people understand MPG better than L/100Km)
  9. My Local Dodge dealer has 33MPG plastered across the side of some new Rams, i don't get how they can get away with it
  10. Well, that accounts for most of my issues with the console, i still wouldn't buy kinect, but that's not as big an issue for me. Now the consoles are nearly identical again.
  11. The always online bugs me a lot since when i was a kid i used to play PS2 on a portable DVD player on trips to hockey tournaments or wherever, i had just turned 12 when the PS3 came out so i've used that a lot on the road as well never had an issues. My little brother took the xbox 360 on a trip and it eats disks if it moves around. Talk about first impressions, i wonder if the new xboxs eat disks if you move them. Ive also found blurays to be more scratch resistant.
  12. I Also use PC, but i was just hoping someone this console gen knew what they were doing, if metal gear solid V is a console exclusive i'll have to get my hands on a playstation somehow And don't rag on it too much about power, its almost the equivilant of the top of the line GPUs from two generations back
  13. Well let's just say after seeing both E3 shows, it seems microsoft lost the plot somewhere are there any reedeming features of the Xbox One? opinoins anyone?
  14. Well i hope its good (kinect) i don't find Kinect or PS move that useful, they both try to ape the Wii, which has also lost it's luster, and end up exactly in the same situation I'm just wondering how old your Xbox 360 is because the newer ones pull a lot less power and heat, mine is about 2008 and my PS3 is the launch console so it doesn't have any of the improvements the more current ones do and the thermal paste is probably gone
  15. With those specs, it will probably make a great panini too. Well the Jaguar is their low power CPU around 15w ( for the four core version although that includes a GPU) and a 7850 card, including the fan on the card which runs pretty inefficiently since they are basically maxed out having to push air sideways is about 100- 125 w current PS3 has a 190 w Power supply, but only pulls a little more than 70 w on the other hand ive seen my original PS3 pull more than 220w (this is the version with a set of PS2 hardware inside too that fapturbo was talking about) The PS2 back compatibility is why
  16. The rumor is the Xbox will be called Xbox 720, a name that i very much dislike, i much prefer Sony's consoles to their xbox counter part, the build quality and reliability along with free online gameplay made the PS3 always seem Superior to the 360 Rumor has it the Xbox will run nearly identical hardware
  17. Eh, not sure if anyone else on a car forum is all that interested about it but it seems to be quite the uprgrade from the console of old A custom octo core AMD "Jaguar" 64 bit processor over the old "cell" processor that likely costed more than sony will ever get out of it A custom AMD 7850 GPU vs a custom Geforce 7800 gtx Eight gigs of GDDR5 vs 256 of XDRRAM and 256 of GDDR3 Pictures of the actual console have yet to be released
  18. My friend has one, we call it the sh!tty tracker You shouldn't try to mooch a ride off someone while simultaneously ripping on them for driving a chevy tracker, I had to walk that day
  19. "It's the 2014 Hyundai Genesis sedan. The roofline looks a lot like the Azera, but from the distance from the front wheel well to the front door you can tell it's RWD." i thought it might be because the lexus looked like an is, and there were a bunch of hyaundias kinda wish i stuck around to take a few more pictures, i remember i took some a while back that i think was the Elantra over there Edit: wow, that was almost two years ago now.
  20. I'm going to post this again, put it on the january, but i think that thread was quite dead by then, i thought it was cool, i don't know if anyone saw it, or its just meh sawit at the airport, with a couple hyandias a kia optima, a lexus is or es
  21. So, correct me if im wrong, but Gm sold more trucks than ford this last month right?

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