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Cory Wolfe

Is April Fool's Finally Over, Now?

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Thank god... now I can tell you all how my day (as well as the past few days) went without anyone second guessing what I say. I mean... seriously. I could say something bluntly obvious and you guys wouldn't believe it on that day. :D

First off, I got to ride out to my Grandparents today, on my 300EX. It wasn't warm, but it wasn't cold either. It was wet, though. Damn rain, the previous night... Anyways, had fun. Got to pull some major Gs with it with sliding the tail around tight dirt road turns. Just the usual... Once there, I got to ride in his new Yamaha Rhino 660 again. It's pretty nice except for that auto. It's a tricky little thing and really causes the 660 to suck in the gasoline. That and it's wide... the trails out there call for more flexibly sized ATVs. Barely got through some places. After that... I got to pimp out my Grandma's Cobalt with Jeff Gordon stuff. A car that attaches to her atennae and a front license plate. Totally Pimpish. Then my mom came over and picked me up... This is the exciting part.

First, she breaks the news to me that my dad got a huge bonus from work, after... get this... getting a pretty large raise just a day earlier. The first thing they wanted to do was get rid of our POS... in other words, the $h!tiest $h!ty Blazer that's a huge piece of $h!. Clear enough, I suppose? So, she took me to a few dealerships to see what I thought they should get. They finally seemed to realize that I might... just might... know a thing or two about cars since they like to buy POSs. I mean that literally. The first place we went to was the Brookville GM dealership (aka BV BCCP :P ). We weren't looking at new vehicles since we wanted something good... not just something new, you know? So just used, mostly. Nothing there, so off to a few others. Soon, there was a pretty nice '02 Subaru Impreza wagon (well... "Outback Sport"). All black with a manual transmission. I was all for that, until we arrived at a Nissan dealership out of town... They had an insanely cheap Nissan Murano SE. I mean... for what it's worth, that is. $19,899 is good, no? Almost too much for us, really. It was loaded and had that awesome leather interior. Exterior was a bronzish color. I was drooling. After that, we didn't really see much...

For them, that is. At a VW dealership, I saw my car. Alright... I know a while back I was all for 240SXs, then I suddenly had an affair with BMW 3ers... Well, I totally forget what a 240SX is. Aren't they those bland Jap-mobiles? Anywho... it was a sexy 95 325iS coupe with a manual. Black on black. Only 91,000 miles, too. It was $5600. We test drove it... OMG, it drives like a gem. My GA is a piddly Yugo in comparison. I looked it over, too, and there wasn't much wrong with it. A few scratches on the paint and a slight smokers stench inside (not nearly as bad as the GA had). Also, that dealership put ugly front license plates on all their cars... That'll have to go. I begged my mom to either take a loan out... something, anything to get this car. She caved in! Yes! We talked to some guys there already and am planning to come back on monday. Appearantly, the "bad credit" thing was just a disguise to just not wanting to take out loan. Damn them... but I can't complain now, can I?!

Getting back to them, I think my mom really really like that Murano. It's like a cross between a Blazer and a Grand Am... the best of both worlds. Haha... it's perfect for her, I guess.

Now for pics... 8)

Posted Image

Posted Image

To top it off, we came back to my Grandparent's and spent the night playing Cad. I won twice! :P

Anyways, I think I may have finally found a boyfriend. On Thursday, I went to the Dubois mall. As I was looking at some shirts in JCPenny's... a guy walked up to me. He must have had really really good gaydar, as he broke the ice with "Hey... I'm Shawn... You wouldn't happen to be gay, would you?" Wow... I hesitated for a few seconds and asked "Um... do you think I am?" Yeah... not a good response but we ended up talking for a while. Cool guy, I found out. We exchanged phone numbers and went our seperate ways. Well, that night, I got a call. That was quick. We talked some more... for almost two hours. We made plans to hang out Friday. So... come Friday, I didn't go to school (yeah, yeah... I've already failed for the year anyways). I went over to Dubois again, and met him at the mall again. From there we went to his house. My my... I was so nervous. We talked some more... and ended up in his bedroom. No, no... nothing like that. That comes later. Yeah... I leave to go home around noon or so. Later that day... shortly after I got off the internet, he called. He said this time let's meet in Brookville. That was perfectly alright with me. The best part? My parent's went out to a party while my brother was over at a friend's house. I had the house to myself! After meeting on main street (it was raining, sadly, or I would have accomplished my dream of walking down main street at night with another guy). Had him follow me to my house. Once there, he said "Wow... you totally live in redneck country." Haha... it's true. I brought him inside and of course, Harley jumped up on him. He's such a hyper, but happy dog. Sometimes annoying, too. Shawn didn't mind, though. He loved dogs. That was good. Well, we talked again. We really connect, you know... That turned into we going into my lovely room. He commented on my car covered walls, haha... Anyways, to get to the point, we ended up making out on my bed. He took his shirt (god, he is hot) as if we might take it further, but just then my parents came home. We quickly stopped and acted... uh... like normal, like friends I guess. My dad didn't think anything of it, thankfully, but I think my mom knew what was going on...

Hopefully all of this is a sign of things to come... Most likely not, but this'll make me happy enough, especially Shawn. ^_^ But the BMW may give him a run for his... uh... making BV happy skills. Hmm... him and me making out inside the BMW? Haha... better than either!


post april fool's. i got you, didn't i?

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Well, good for you in all respects. I really like Muranos, too. I'll be jealous if your mom gets one.

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I'm thinking, this really isn't happening to our BV, is it? I hope everything works out for you.

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Aww, I'm happy to hear this, Vipes. I hope it works out well!

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