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  1. You want a Dark Sky Elevation Crew Cab Standard (6.5') Box Duramax, right? I punched into GMC's locator and searched 250 miles from my zip, I saw zero trucks in that combo, I did see one for $48k with the short (5.5') box though (maybe I am wrong on your favored combo, or I skipped over it in the locator). I know it is a pain waiting for a factory-ordered vehicle, I've been there. I'd be doing the same thing you're doing. If you can find the right one, snatch it up!
  2. Certainly is ugly enough to be an EV, I will give it that. Hated it then, hate it more now.
  3. 155 people were surveyed for this "study". Do you know how ridiculously small that sample is? Do you care? LOL this "study" was done by Cox Automotive. Cox Automotive is a Rivian investor! And ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE people were surveyed! What a load of BS! The Cox Automotive Consumer Snapshot Electric Pickup Trucks study involved surveying 155 in-market consumers that were shopping for a pickup truck, including 60 in market for an electric (EV) pickup truck. The survey was in field from Nov. 25-Dec. 2, 2020. Results are directional. Note: Cox Automotive is an investor in Rivian.
  4. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
  5. Sounds like each of you are living your best life. Now, just to pass the time, I got out my $6 calculator and did a little math. Seems that at 22 months gestation period, a female elephant could have theoretically brought 46 precocious little bundles of joy into the world in the same period of time it's taken you two to concurrently build your respective projects./CHANGE MY MIND
  6. Yeah, I wish the HHR still existed (she found the Korean-made Spark too small and too low), it would have been perfect for her. Or the PT Cruiser. Or the Caliber. Or the Focus hatchback (although she wanted something with a higher hip point at the tender age of 76). But alas... American manufacturers left her behind. The Soul hits a sweet spot, and ppl love them because they are reasonably priced and packaged so well. I also like the Venue, in loaded form. The 2021 Kicks has a lot of personality, plus a kick-ass Bose sound system, heated leatherette seats, heated steering wheel, etc
  7. Now you sound racist. What is wrong with the South Koreans? And tell me again about your wife's dislike of the white dash in a Bolt... as an excuse for why she doesn't drive one. I don't "have" my mom in anything. She leased, all on her own grown ass self, what she wanted to lease. Not one penny from me.
  8. This... coming from C&G's resident "excitable boy" himself, broadcasting from a safe space.
  9. Here, take my hand and walk with me SLOWLY (keep your helmet on though). The "fire in the belly" is the internal combustion soul of the car. Should have been easy to decipher.
  10. Lovely, so it comes with a hunter's rack and a diesel generator?
  11. Uh... the chargers? Location, availability, reliability and efficiency.

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