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  1. I'm willing to bet there is more toxicity spewing from the PNW than there is out of this Mazda diesel.
  2. We've sold a few. But just like with GM and the Whisper Diesel in the Equinox/Terrain/Cruze, they've not made customers aware of its immense benefits. I mean, 40 MPG out of an Equinox is nothing to sneeze at. Even if the Mazda manages 35 MPG in real life, that's still about 10 MPG over the gas engine.
  3. I do love those '59-'60 Biscaynes. There's something to be said about minimalism. This is automotive art in its simplest form. Just you, your intrepid steed, and the road. I'll bet it could be ordered without heater, windshield warshers, or backup lights, am I right, Balthy?
  4. Proper use of apostrophes is also extremely difficult.
  5. We have about half a dozen of these right now. Honestly they seem very nearly as claustrophobic as the CX-3. You sit low, with a high tub around you and very limited visibility out the back. They are still too much car, not enough utility, imo. I do like the black and blue interior color scheme on the lower trims though.
  6. I understand the new Yukon can do a "hurricane turn" very similar to the Rivian.
  7. I did that to my 2007 Sierra. 2" lowering shackles on the rear leaves to level it.
  8. As I captain my 6.3 sec 0-60 V6 Colorado, I still have a soft spot for the 2.0L 4WD Ecosport, especially now when competitive pressure is driving the transaction prices way down. All the reviewers are saying the little Ford has a good ride and handling, and without the impediment of an artificially high selling price, it becomes much friendlier of a proposition. Same with the Trax, which is selling with excellent discounts. Known for a smooth ride and good handling. I keep checking for Chevy's Build&Price function to come online for the 2021 Trailblazer, too.
  9. Ah yes, the ol' "five gallon bucket trick"...
  10. Well I think congratulations are in order! I wish I had the testicular fortitude to keep a vehicle until the doors fall off! Cavaliers were/are unsung heroes, imo.
  11. Boring POS with Corolla headlights. NO THANKS.
  12. Very well done. The AT4 version looks fantastic. I also love the Denali dash. In the screen presentation when they were showing the white AT4 models lined up, you can catch a glimpse of a refreshed Terrain AT4. Although it will probably be as genuine as the Acadia with regard to real off-road features, it should be cool for ppl who want something different.
  13. Actually though it reminds me of the Tacoma in a way because the thin lower lip (black section) sticking out is very similar to the Toyota's set-up.
  14. Yup, and one goes by "Diesel".

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