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  1. Well I'm on vacation this week. Ripped out an old, inoperable garbage disposal and put a new kitchen faucet in. Can't use it because I cannot figure out the plumbing, LOL. Got a call in to mom's BF, he's a plumber, he'll be here Thursday to fix me up. My house is a split foyer with the front of the house mounded up. The front landing is L-shaped, with a planting area between the house and the steps, about 3x4. I moved 20 landscape blocks (that I put in about 10 years back, replacing the rotted railroad ties that were here when I bought the place) and dug out about half a yard of dirt to get the planting area level with the ground, only to find a giant ball of junk cement and broken bricks beneath the dirt, plus the front of the house and the steps are unfinished under there, and the ugly is now fully visible. Ugh, cookie-cutter housing developments... I wonder how much it would cost to have the 3-foot wide concrete steps taken out and replaced with a full-width set of concrete steps, the whole lemf of the landing... hmmm...
  2. What's it like for you, being inside my brain? Do you feel like you found a golden ticket?
  3. What are you on abote now, olds? You used the term "warrior", so I stuck a Sparta meme in. THAT'S IT. The rest of your post... well, it's all Greek to me.
  4. I keep thinking there was a TV show set in Sparta... OHHHHH... that was "In The Heat Of The Night", based in Sparta, Miss-sippi.
  5. You mean the Random Thoughts thread? Sry, was tryna keep it on topic, foo
  6. BTW... NO ONE smudges red ink on a 1956 Imperial!
  7. If everyone went clubbing fer their fud, you would be out of a job. Plus, it's kind of a mean thing to do. Better just to wield a club via keyboard. what is this straggler right here? Cut it out, you're making me laugh!
  8. Um I was talking abote clubbing baby seals. What were you talking abote? 1956 Imperial. WOW, look at the size of that thing!
  9. I was never much for clubbing, COVID or no COVID
  10. Reserved for customers of the brand. God I miss that home country love Americans USED to have...
  11. Mine's all out, I used it in the EV thread, got another on order, overnight shipping. Yours must be a 55-gallon drum. My face was, and remains, dry, too. Confused as to where you detected tears. I happen to like the Chinese limo, even if it is a Rolls-Royce along the flanks and a 1950's "Anycar Brougham" in the front and back. It is nothing if not distinctive. Cheers&Gears is entertainment for me, I've never taken it so phoquing personal. Some of you are easy to stir up, it's so fun. EVs blow donkeys (whoops, sry, not in EV thread!)
  12. Good grief, this is what I was confused about. Nevermind.
  13. Isn't it ironiq, Cadillac, once the undisputed Standard Of The World, following HYUNDAI in a naming scheme convention. And now Hyundai will pollute the world with a dysfunctional family of moroniq IONIQ EV "auto's". It's like living in "Opposites World", or something like that. (hi surreal!)
  14. Balthy's a fun guy, eh? This is what I've been tryna say to you but you just.will.not.listen. And so I have to keep chipping away, my Bullwinkle brotha from anotha mutha.
  15. Soon time to replace your red ink cartridge
  16. You just love to stir the pot. Another insane idea.

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