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Post Whores United

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Yet another nonsense association from yours truly.

To Join/Requirements:

1. Must have a minimal of 1,000 posts. (Get em done!)

2. Must maintain a minimal average of 5 posts per day, subject to inspection by me when bored.

3. As a member must have you member tag written like this in your signature, (in the smallest default font, bold, in black ink) Post Whores United Member #17 or wahtever number you are.

4. 2nd member shall be CEO (lol), and have his tag written like this, Post Whores United CEO

5. Members 3-10 are charter members, and they need there tag writtin like this,

Post Whores United Charter Member #___, charter members, along with the CEO, and executive members help propose ideas, additional requirements, etc, etc.

6. Charter Members and CEO's must frequent some sort of never ending thread, or start.

7. Members with a post average of 12 or more a day are Executive Members and need there tag written like this,Post Whores United Executive Member


1./Founder/Chairman: Charger4U


3./Charter Member:

4./Charter Member:

5./Charter Member:

6./Charter Member:

7./Charter Member:

8./Charter Member:

9./Charter Member:

10./Charter Member:

Executive Members:

Start Joining! Please do not reply unless it is stating your membership, if you have any questions PM me.

Also: If you are an executive member, please note so.

Edited by Charger4U

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i see what yall mean, Camino filled me in.

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