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  1. Wow, $21k? You an get a Camaro LS for basically the same price...
  2. I went with Buick coupe. Maybe the Buick version of the ELR/Volt.
  3. Wow, GM is going to have its work cut out for it in order to beat this, even with the new ZR1. The seats in that blow anything the Corvette has ever offered out of the water. If GM doesn't design it's own sporty seats for the C7, they better be contacting Recaro.
  4. Apparently the 1LE laps Virginia International Raceway in under 3 minutes. The Boss Laguna Seca does it in 3:02.8
  5. With the quote about the Chicago show being the "GMC show" and Ruess more or less saying GMC has something coming as a sister vehicle to the Colorado, I wonder if we will see the GMC version in Chicago?
  6. I could definitely see this front end being a hint at the next Camaro, and I like it quite well. The rest of it they can throw away.
  7. I'm not sure if I like the exterior much. The C-Pillar area reminds me of the Camry. If it's really under 3400 lbs that's awesome.
  8. The Genesis would be an option. I'm not sure what they sell for after a year (it's $34k to start new) but I would guess you can get good deals on them since they have a difficult time selling Hyundais for that price and have to discount them pretty heavily.
  9. I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus tomorrow. Been waiting for so long for this phone, knowing the end is near is going to kill me. It's going to be hard to concentrate at work tomorrow!
  10. LG EnV Touch for the next few days. Touch screen went out a few months ago, then I busted the touch screen after that, which was only good for being able to see who was calling/texting me without opening the phone anyways. I will be trading it in on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus when it comes out (rumored to be Dec 8th and if not, definitely by Dec 15th). That phone is going to blow all other phones away.
  11. Looked like he way over-corrected the car. The back end started to come around a little, but then he whips the steering wheel to try to correct it and then it seems like he puts on the brakes instead of hitting the gas to drive out of the spin. Two mistakes compounded and that's the result.
  12. It will be interesting to see if it can actually put the power down. And to see how it matches up with the ZL1 on the 'ring.
  13. Me: 2011 Camaro 2LT (new) Family: 2004 GTO (used - dad) 2004 Malibu Maxx LT (new - dad then brother) 2004 Trailblazer EXT LT (new - mom) 2011 Cruze Eco (new - sister) 2009 Civic EX-L (used - brother)
  14. Was behind a semi on the on ramp. Who himself was behind a semi. I let them gain some ground on me going down the ramp so that I could get up to speed before getting on the interstate. When I had plenty of room in front of me I gave it some gas to get up to speed and proceeded to merge two lanes over so that I could get ahead of the semis who were going much slower and I didn't want to wait on them. Out of nowhere the second semi (the one directly in front of me) decided he wanted to get up to speed more quickly than the lead semi and proceeded to do the same thing as I did. Almost ran me off the road but luckily I was able to slam on the brakes and avoid any incident.
  15. The front is an improvement, but the rest is gross.
  16. Ugh, I get an Avalon vibe from it for some reason. Should have been a Buick all along.
  17. 8.7L is just stupid. 530ish cubic inches. So stupid it's awesome, but still.
  18. Ok, here's another question. What are these worth vs. new tires? I already have the base Camaro steel wheels for winter use if I don't get these tires, so I only need tires one way or another. I can get 18" Pirellis snow tires or Blizzaks for $736-$748. That's mounted and balanced. It's actually cheaper to do that at the local Tire Barn than order from TireRack and have the dealer install them by about $15. These tires on eBay cost $124.40 to ship. The dealer would charge me $90 to take off my old tires and put these on the 19" rims. So I'm at $215 to get them shipping and put on alone. If I got them for $300 I'd only be saving $220ish. But at the same time I'd be at $425 on tires that I've never seen that aren't new, and $515 to have them put on the car. It would be more helpful if the person selling them could actually give me a tread depth measurement instead of using a quarter. If either Pirelli or Bridgestone comes out with a rebate in November, the savings diminish more. It's like the $736 comes with insurance and the other price (whatever it would be) doesn't. I'm thinking if I don't save at least $300 on these then they aren't worth the risk involved.
  19. I don't know that the diameter of the wheel matters as much as the width of the tire. They are 235mm width, the stock tires are 245mm. The 18 inch wheels come with 245mm wide tires as well, but I would be putting 235s on them whether they are these or new on the 18 inch wheels. I'm waiting until November either way. If Pirelli or Bridgestone puts any sort of rebate on their tires, that will make my decision because they're within $10 of each other for 4 tires mounted and installed. That is, unless I get these for really cheap.
  20. I don't know how long Nurburing is, but I know it is much longer than 3 miles.
  21. Not an option. No where to store the Camaro, would have to pay insurance, and what am I supposed to do buy a beater each winter? From what I have read on Camaro boards the Camaro does great in the snow with these tires.
  22. I'm shopping for snow tires for the Camaro. I have a set of the 18" wheels (black heritage wheels on the LS) that I got for cheap to use for the winter. However, while searching for winter tires on ebay to see if there were any deals, I stumbled upon 19" tires that would fit the wheels I currently have on the car. If I can get them for cheap I may go this route instead. The ad says they were on the vehicle for 3-4 months and have "no tread wear." Well of course that's pretty impossible unless they were only driven on for a few hundred miles. The quarter makes it look like there's a good amount of tread left, but it's still hard to really tell for sure. Hard to measure based on the quarter because I don't know how exactly it is positioned/rotated. What's everyone's guess? I was thinking 8-9/32nds.
  23. With my never ending quest to improve my credit score as quickly as possible so that I can refinance the Camaro at a lower rate (have no credit rating right now). Anyways, with the holidays right around the corner, surely an increased number of stores will be offering interest free financing (if paid in 60 days, 6 months, 12 months, etc.). With that in mind, and with that being a third line of credit (auto loan, just got approved for a credit card), my credit score should go up quite quickly within the next 6-8 months. What would be really nice is if the financing would be available at low dollar amounts so that I could get the no interest financing at a couple of stores rather than just one. Of course I plan to pay off the financing the same day. Currently I have my eye on Newegg. They offer 6 months interest free on purchases of $250 or more. I was thinking about buying a couple of widescreen computer monitors for my brother and parents to get to that total, but if I could find no interest financing for say purchases of $100 or more, then I could spread the money out and get multiple good reports on my credit rather than one.

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