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Car Hack Thread


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I hope no one minds but I wanted to start a thread where everyone can contribute quick, easy and low-cost ways to improve your ride. I'm primarily interested in this thread being about non-cosmetic mods although this first one kind of straddles the fence.

Anyway, here goes the first one which is a hack that recommends simply wrapping the inside of your car door in order to make it more visible when you open it on the street:

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For safety you could use bright colors in the Rhino material and coat the inside of the wheel well. This would serve to bring more light into area and make sure they do not get themselves pinched.

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Hey everyone, I've got some more hacks for you.

Check out this amazing DIY intake hack here: http://blog.rvinyl.com/2013/12/16/diy-car-hacks-hyundai/

And, if you have old, hazy headlights a tube of toothpaste will more than do the trick. Don't believe it (neither did I)? Well read on: http://auto-trim.org/2013/12/16/car-hack-make-foggy-headlights-shine-like-new/

Happy Monday!


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Hey everyone,

Today's hack is one which kind of surprised me simply because it involves a product that we are quite familiar with. I found it while trolling the interwebs on Popular Science's website and it is an idea that is both elegant and eminently practical: sheets of static cling vinyl that you use as window shades. Read more here: http://blog.rvinyl.com/2013/12/27/car-hack-repositionable-static-cling-window-shade/

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An easier method I like is to buy 2 plain carpet runners, burbur works best, and hang them on the wall at door height. It works better because it works for vehicles of different heights. The noodle method installed for my Toronado would do nothing to protect the doors of the Encore or CRV if they are in the garage.

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