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  1. I just wrote a section for our dash kits that takes a look at Ford's interior design philosophy according to a press release they put out in March of this year. Can you guys take a look and let me know if you think I missed anything or should add things? I wrote it quickly so I know I need to go back but I think I hit all the major points. It's located in our Ford Dash Kits section. Thanks guys!
  2. Sweet! Just wanted to show that there can be a valid use for the stuff!
  3. Okay, so how about this case: http://www.rvinyl.com/Rvinyl-com-Blogs/Makeover-the-Interior-of-a-2003-BMW-330C-for-Under-50 The existing dash was beyond repair so he used a vinyl dash kit to hide the damage.
  4. Sort of. I mean the polyurethane interior dash kits that you can get from the dealership as part of an upgraded package.
  5. How do you feel about the aftermarket polykits?
  6. Macy just submitted some amazing photos of an Rwraps® Red Carbon Fiber Wrap Kit in her 2008 Mazda 3S and the pics are surely Instagram worthy. Take a look and, if you've got any photos of a recent install of an Rvinyl product laying around why not send them in for an instant rebate refund and your own 5-minutes of fame on our home page? To read the full post, click this link: http://www.rvinyl.com/Rvinyl-com-Blogs/Rwraps-Red-Carbon-Fiber-2008-Mazda-3S-Sport-Dash-Wrap
  7. Now, we at Rvinyl are a company devoted to manufacturing and selling custom aftermarket tint and auto accessories so you would think that we’d be fans of any modified ride. And, while this is usually the case, the TT here is a bit much even for our tastes. Still, the amount of dedication and the almost obsessive attention to detail this enthusiast demonstrated in customizing his ride is awe-inspiring. So, what do you guys think? Is this a mod too far or just right?
  8. Alright, it's good to see that they're actually two sides to this story. I meant to pose the question of whether you would want a factory tuned or a third-party tuned ride but I see there are more interesting permutations of this question than I'd imagined. Ahhh, Pontiac. I've never heard of SLP before. Are they still in business? http://www.slponline.com/ I'm with the majority, and for the same reasons. I'd prefer a stock car or my flavor, and do things that I like and/or find necessary. Most tuners will do something, whether small or big, that I'm not a fan of and the price p
  9. Ahhh, Pontiac. I've never heard of SLP before. Are they still in business?
  10. That was my suspicion when I made the poll and it seems to be the case so far that most people responding have felt the same. Still, someone has chosen the pre-tuned option so there must be people out there who just like the looks without the work...
  11. Pre-Tuned or Stock. This week we’re asking the question: Which do you prefer? A pre-tuned ride or a stock vehicle that you can tune and modify yourself? My money is on the latter but I’ve been surprised before. Take the #SoundOff survey now! Want to see last week's results? See the post here.
  12. It’s #RacingFriday and since we’ve been featuring Ford all week we figured there was no good reason to stop now. You were probably expecting to see a classic Mustang vs Camaro stand-off or drag race or even some Formula D action with a Fiesta but we thought we’d change it up a little with a drag race between a VW Golf and a Ford Focus.
  13. Haha...I guess I've been hanging out with the wrong crowd...maybe I need to loosen up a bit.
  14. Yep, you can do just that. I guess the only downside would be if it were a larger section like the roof.
  15. It depends on the quality and type of film but most films have an upper end life of 5 years. The only other con I can think of is that they are more easily damaged than paint (but only if you don't use PPF on it).
  16. Yes, a good wrap should protect the car's paint from UV and oxidation. If done correctly, no moisture should remain between the film and the paint. The clear coat on the paint should make rusting a non-issue.
  17. I think, on average, most companies charge $3000 for the job. That price is the cost of material plus labor. My company only sells the vinyl so if you're asking about the cost of that alone I'd say it's closer to $500.
  18. Man Drew, I didn't even realize!!!
  19. There comes a time when every paint job has reached the end of its natural life. Assuming you care about these kinds of things, what do you do? Wrap it or paint it? When it comes down to it your costs will be about even so it’s really a question of preference. If you’re looking a truly unique pattern or finish (like the sticker bomb wrap above) then wrapping s the way to go but nothing beats paint for durability. So, lay or spray? Weigh in here and we’ll let you know the results next week.
  20. Yeah, it's pretty cool and I think the guy who did it deserves some love so check out his YouTube channel too. But, you're right: it isn't meant for everybody. I don't think it would look good on mom's Odyssey...
  21. The #Ford #Mustang #DriftersStitch video has been making the rounds and we couldn't help putting our own spin on it...Check out our teaser video at the blog and the full video on #YouTube and give #ChrisFix the props he deserves.
  22. #RacingFriday is here and this week we’ve got a compilation video for you chock full of BMW rally cars. I’ve said it before but it deserves to be repeated: rally really should be more popular here in the States so I’m happy to do my part. The video showcases these Beamers in a variety of terrains so those of you not familiar with the rally scene can get a better idea of what to expect. As always, let us know what you think and enjoy!

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