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William Maley

Mitsubishi News: More Mitsubishi Models May Have Inflated Fuel Economy Numbers

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William Maley    392

If there is one thing we have learned with previous scandals in the automotive, it is that it will get worse before becoming better. Such is the case with Mitsubishi and their fuel economy scandal.


According to Reuters, various Japanese outlets are reporting that the inflated fuel economy numbers extend much further than the four models originally announced. The Asahi newspaper says the Japanese automaker falsified fuel economy figures on three additional models, while the Yomiuri newspaper says there are more than ten models with inflated fuel economy numbers. It should be noted these vehicles aren't on sale anymore.


When reached for comment, Mitsubishi declined, saying that its investigation is ongoing.


Source: Reuters

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dfelt    1,772

Nissan is going to want to address this ASAP. Otherwise their investment could just go up in smoke.

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