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FCA & UAW Co-Conspirators in Corruption Scandal


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FCA & UAW Co-Conspirators in Corruption Scandal

From 2009 to 2015 the federal prosecutors have stated that nepotism was allowed to flourish at a FCA blue-collar training center. The law prohibits employers or those working for them from paying, lending or delivering money or other valuables to officers or employees of labor organizations and from labor leaders from accepting them.

From 2009 to 2015 more than $1.5 million worth of illegal payments to UAW officials were made. Some of the illegal benefits are as follows: $365,000 Ferrari and two $35,700 each Montblanc Fountain pens for UAW leadership. $435,000 to a company controlled by late UAW VP General Holiefield. $262,000 to pay off Holiefield's mortgage, $30,000 in flight costs for UAW members, more than $30,000 for UAW party's, $3,000 tab for Wine and Cigars with custom labels that featured Jewell's name on them. The list is long in details on the lavish life of UAW leadership that was bankrolled by FCA for golf resort fees, lavish meals in Palm Springs, etc. FCA seemed to use their internal training center as a piggy bank to fund UAW leadership lifestyle.

FCA says that this did not affect any collective bargaining for the UAW members, this was just a couple bad eggs who abused company funds to live a lifestyle with UAW Leadership. Yet many people who have been deposed in 2016 for this criminal investigation seem to call these so called Auto industry training centers "Centers for Hidden Relatives" due to the fact that so many relatives of UAW members have jobs in these centers and really do not do much.



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