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New Year, new car, but which?

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First of all, happy new years everyone! Hope you're all doing well


As the title says, time for something new! Already got a '19 Ram for a Daily (I'll upload the pics in a bit), so I don't need my A4, as while it's lighter and more nimble, I've had it for almost 6 years and short of a Big Turbo and center/rear diff's, that's basically it.

Going to sell it, then use the $$$ towards another project car, but which one, as I can either replicate one of my own one's as seen here or go for something else.

Narrowed it down to a few simple things:

  • RWD
  • Manual
  • Coupe or Convertible
  • 280whp min.
  • NA (FI down the line)


And off the top of my head:

  • E46/92 M3
  • S197 5.0 GT (Had a S550, like the looks of the S197 better)
  • 350/70z
  • Challenger (392)
  • 6th Gen Camaro SS

Obviously there's a few I can't think of, and also looking anyone who has experiences with any of the above to chime in, say "I had X, drove Y for a bit and then there was Z, here's what you need to know"


Thanks in advance!




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I have G37S which has the same engine and transmission as 370Z.  It is obviously heavier then  the Z but has many similarities nevertheless.  I don't think I would personally go for the Z for a few reasons, while it is a lot of fun, the manual transmission is not great in terms of feel compared to many other sporty cars.  Also, personally I think I would like to have V8 in my next fun car.  VQ engines are pretty good, and reliable, but lack a little refinement.  I know the engine can be turbocharged and probably kicks a@@ with a turbo, but if you had Mustang GT, I think you will miss the V8 feel.

Camaro SS I haven't driven, but after I sat in one it was a hard no for me.  Not a pleasant feeling being inside of the bunker, and the interior look and the materials are not great.

You probably should specify your budget to get better advice.

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First of all, thanks for replying and I should of specified, putting around $6k down on something.

Had an Ecoboost Mustang, but as I said, daily a Ram, so while the trucks heavy, still a Hemi V8.


Camaro would be ideal as a Convertible, and of course, Challenger might not be as agile as the other two muscles, but it's got the Charisma and personality the other two lack.


Also forgot to say, I keep my vehicles for a long time (Mustangs a different story, needed a truck), so whatever the weekend toy is, want it to last and also be able to go on occasional road trips while having potential for good power.


How was your new year's btw ykX?




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Cool vehicles,  I like your RAM.

Personally, I like the Mustang, plan to get one myself, hopefully in a year or so.  Challenger as you said has a lot of personality, and probably will be comfortable on long trips.

M3 is great but will be a money pit, especially if you keep your cars for a long time.

A Corvette might be also a good option, there are plenty in good condition for a reasonable money.  

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