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  1. It is great that they are not abandoning it. The twins and the Miata are probably the best affordable sports cars on the market. Good to see Toyota and Subaru investing to make them better.
  2. Hyundai Ioniq -- $26,270-31,235 YTD sales as of August - 12,642 Kia Niro -- $29,495-$39,495 (it comes in conventional, hybrid and EV) YTD sales as of August - 16,229 Tesla Model 3 while not cheap, sold over 70k vehicles in six month of this year. It seems more models coming next year
  3. I honestly didn't even know they had Malibu hybrid ...
  4. I know one thing, somebody I know was just recently shopping for a higher end sedan, looked at BMW, Audi, Lexus and figured to try Tesla. Really liked Audi S5 but at the end bought Model 3 high performance model. Yes, the interior is cheap but they said the way it drives is simply amazing and the interface is years beyond everything else on the market. Plus, they are technology family and appreciate the ability of Tesla to keep upgrading their cars with over the air software changes. I think as soon as there will be affordable "normal" EV sedans and crossovers (especially crossovers) on the market, they will take off.
  5. I am one of the extreme cases here, I drive 29k miles a year. My current car does 22.5mpg (lets say 22) on premium gas, so even when I switch to a car that does 10mpg better on regular gas (32), with the prices today where I live, I will be saving $1480 a year. It is a lot but not completely justifies buying a new car just for that reason.
  6. My current daily gets only 22.5mpg with premium gas, with my commute mostly highway so I would be in big trouble. However, I probably very soon will take from my dad 2016 Mazda 6 that should get at least 30mpg on regular gas, so I should be ok.
  7. I would need to test drive them, but for me it would be between the G80 and S5.
  8. I guess Tesla doesn't look so bad now in light of this.
  9. Just went on ford.com It starts at $74k WIth carbon fiber and technology pack I brought it up to $95.5k Personally, I would rather have GT350
  10. Aren't you driving Lincoln crossover? You probably are an elderly lady in that case ...
  11. Very nice car, congrats. Hope serves you well.
  12. Personally, for me Model 3 front looks really awkward and in general I don't think 3 looks good On the other hand I think Model S still looks great My coworker just got new Silverado, personally I think front looks horrible.
  13. From the rear they look almost identical
  14. Really? And current Chevrolet vehicles for example are much different? To me this looks as bland and uninspired as anything, generic as they come At least Toyota tried to put some style into the new RAV4
  15. How is it underwhelming? It seems it compares very favorably against the rest of the segment. According to fuelly, people seem to get around 35mpg average,
  16. Finally auto makers getting some sense into them! This should have happened at least 3-5 years ago.
  17. Going forward all of these safety features will be standard (pretty much already) on all cars and trims, and I don't think they will be easily defeatable, if at all. Same as airbags, ABS and traction control.
  18. Old Defender was used by many militaries, not just UK. I am sure it will mater to them as well as off roaders how sturdy it will be and how well new Defender will drive off road.
  19. I guess many new ideas are well forgotten old ones
  20. I wonder if it will be spacious enough for him, might be tight on headroom ...
  21. I love how it looks. If I had a lot of money, I would just buy it for kicks, a station wagon that can probably beat most Corvettes, at least in a straight line.
  22. Odyssey that will be at least somehow compatible in features to MB will be close or most likely over $40k
  23. When we went to Italy couple years ago we took together with our friends a transfer service from Rome to a town on the Amalfi Coast. It was in the ICE version of this van, which i have to say was very nice and comfortable. The distance was about 160miles, almost 3.5 hours. This EV version theoretically could make same trip easily, than charge couple hours and do it again.

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