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  1. Probably electric motors not powerful enough to pull the car uphill but on a level surface it was ok to go on electric only. My wife's car has similar system. The electric motors mostly assist in acceleration and engine shuts off only at slow speed. It was great though in heavy traffic we were one time during a road trip. Got few miles rolling on pure electric. Engine only occasionally would turn on to recharge battery, the whole family was inside with AC and other electronics on and pulling power.
  2. My wife currently has MDX Sport Hybrid. It is a mild hybrid with small battery, so it can't go far or fast on pure electric, but when it rolls on electric power there is no substantial sound coming out from the drivetrain. There is though a weird humming, song like sound, I guess to warn that car is rolling on electric power. It stops as soon as you stop and put it in park or when the engine kicks in. I have to say Hybrid MDX feels substantially quieter and more refined than regular MDX (it also has 7-speed dual clutch transmission vs regular 9-speed, which clunkier). It also more powerful and faster which doesn't hurt either
  3. I bought a year ago a nice 65" 4k QLED Samsung for our family room, and I got Yamaha receiver with Onkyo speakers. Not very expensive but work great. Awesome to watch movies with family or play games.
  4. I would wait at least 1-2 generations until they work out the kinks I actually prefer larger screen, after using phones with larger screens for a while now, the smaller screens like iPhone 7 feel like a toy
  5. Mazda never was a big company. If you look 10 years back they sold in US almost 230k cars. 2014-2015 were best years for them with over 300k cars. Last year they sold 279k cars. Globally they sell a decent amount of cars too, with last five years showing a healthy growth. I don't think they go anywhere, the overall trend is still up. Personally, I have a lot of respect for Mazda, for such a small company they have more character and more interesting cars than Toyota and Honda combined.
  6. That's true. But he obviously liked CX-5 much more, but went with a "safe" choice, at least in his perception.
  7. I have a co-worker who was looking for a crossover and test drove like 5-6 of them. Liked CX-5 the most but ended up buying RAV4 because he had Camry before and felt "safe" buying Toyota (even though his Camry had transmission problems) I think a lot of people buy RAV4 only because of the badge, similar to many people who buy BMWs.
  8. ykX

    Pick your cars ...

    @oldshurst442 Looks really cool, never saw that one before, thanks!
  9. ykX

    Pick your cars ...

    DBS Superleggera Land Cruiser Heritage Edition For French it was between Bugatti and Alpine, but simplicity and beauty of Alpine attracts me much more Porsche 911 GT3 RS Shelby GT350
  10. At the end of the day dollar speaks. I don't see any members of this forum driving electric vehicle yet. Plus, where we get electricity, especially if the demand will spike with massive increase in EVs is another issue. Another big debate is the materials necessary for current technology batteries, how they are procured and their impact on the environment.
  11. Saw this on Drivetribe. Anyone want to play?
  12. But it has fins!!! Just kidding, I find it a little gaudy too
  13. Just wanted to do a simple calculation of cost per mile based on my location EV vs ICE. Correct me if I am wrong. The numbers are based were I live, I don't care what prices are in California or Washington. From my electric bill the electricity charge is about $0.13kWh with ALL the fees and charges (about $0.09 without). Today gas price in nearby Costco is $2.45 for regular. EV Kona rated for 26/31 kWh (city/highway) per 100 miles. For easier calculation lets take average of 28.5 kWh per 100 miles. So purely on energy/cost calculation it will cost me $3.71 to go 100 miles in EV Kona. ICE Kona MT used has 30.8mpg average fuel economy. So to go 100 miles in ICE Kona will take me 3.247 gallons which will cost me $7.96. Taking average of 12000 miles driving a year EV will cost $445.2 and ICE will cost $955.2. So just on fuel there is a saving of $510 a year on average. Of course there is a savings in maintenance, oil changes and brakes, however on a basic car they should not amount to more than $200-250 a year. Lets take $300. So to get back the extra investment of at least $10k on the price of the car with $800 savings a year will take at least 11-12 years. I like EVs and I think they are the future, but the bottom line TODAY they don't make sense financially.
  14. I know they liked the EV over ICE Kona, however if you look at the price difference (and they choose both vehicles with similar equipment) it is still doesn't make sense financially: $29k for ICE vs $46.6 for EV. Even taking into account $7k deduction for EV it is still a staggering difference of almost $11k for basically the same vehicle. I like EVs but right now it still doesn't make sense financially.
  15. While a hybrid will save somewhat money on idling it will not be as significant as you think. My wife drives currently a hybrid and at idle or even slow speed the engine indeed will be cut off. However, that will be the case only until the battery gets low and than the engine will kick in to recharge the battery. When the weather is cold or hot and the load on the battery is high (plus municipal and police vehicles have additional equipment that will increase the load) the engine turns on quite often.
  16. I am not a truck person, but right now out of the three big ones RAM looks the best by far IMO. Has the nicest looking interior as well.
  17. I usually don't downvote, but you deserve it for sh@tting on somebody's home
  18. Because will be pretty hard to put letter or numbers on NJ plate made in a state shape
  19. I do. My commute is over 40 miles one way.
  20. Yes, sorry, I looked at wrong line on GM however, I saw a figure of 99k for the Mustang.
  21. @dfelt What are you talking about? While overall sale figures for Mustang are down (like pretty much everything in the auto industry) Ford still sold almost 100k Mustangs in 2019. In comparison Caddilac sold 150k TOTAL ALL cars and SUVs, more Mustangs were sold than GM sold Equinoxes which is GMs bread and butter at the moment, this is more than Infiniti sold OVERALL all their cars and crossovers. Ford doesn't need to use this nameplate for this electric crossover, they are still doing pretty good without it.
  22. Found this JD Powers Germany Brand reliability ranking. Kind of interesting
  23. I think Citroen DS line is more luxurious and prestigious than the rest. I kind of like Citroen, they always have been quirky and funky brand, making different cars than the rest. I think Renault and Peugeot are more mainstream. In the 90s Peugeot 205 GTi was a great hot hatch, not sure how good are the current versions are.

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