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  1. So, anyone read it, any thoughts or comments?
  2. Thanks, though that's not me who drew it, it's my artist, Pipin: https://www.facebook.com/TheArtPageOfPipinTobing/?ref=page_internal I simply wrote the story, actually came about when I wanted to do a crew scene for the Rival crew, then he said lets draw the girls and I basically decided why not write a comic out of it instead
  3. If ya have to take it down, at least delete the post instead of the whole thread Meanwhile, a scene from the main story (That hasn't been written yet)
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Hopefully ya shared the links and buy an issue, any questions, comments or feedback are definitely welcomed! Yeah, love 'em, wrote that it's a LS3 swap as well Welcome, thank you for commenting Oh, the whole series is gonna be interesting, trust me. Like I said, this is the two minute preview with the girls from the rival crew
  5. https://www.comixology.com/Vice-9-1/digital-comic/684590?ref=c2VhcmNoL2luZGV4L2Rlc2t0b3Avc2xpZGVyTGlzdC9pdGVtU2xpZGVyMy comic Been working on this for awhile, finally up and ready to promote! This issue is "Girls Night", it's essentially the 2 minute short to give a taste of whats to come, takes place during the middle of summer, when the stories already in full swing. "It's Saturday night in the middle of summer and two of the girls from the South Side Ninja's had their dates cancel on them, so they figured why not go race around the city? A short story and a glimpse of what's to come later." I'd appreciate it if you bought an issue, gave me some feed backand shared the link on your social medias and stuff. Thanks for taking a look, have a great day! Rogue
  6. Yeah, they should all return, even the kappa's. Don't get me wrong, I drove a non turbo manual solstice, and besides feeling like I was in a bathtub (I'm 5'9), I noticed parts from my old H3. Still, even if they just released them as was with minimal updates and "Solely for track purposes only" (To justify no real frills in them), they'd sell Which of the 3 GM brands would get it, and what would they call it? I only saw it at the NY Autoshow once, that's about it
  7. Wow, did I create a fire storm Lemme take the time to actually read what was said and reply to it, though next time around, while I'll make my point, won't be as blunt
  8. I'm not gonna lie, that's pretty damn sexy
  9. You always wanted to drive. EVERYONE has that one car they've either seen, read about, knew someone had (Personally or at the office complex/on the block/etc.) that they've always wanted to drive and experience, but haven't yet for whatever reason (Like dealers not letting you unless you're actually gonna buy it) Got a lot of cars, but to keep it simple, gonna list... Mk2 TT RS! Even before I owned a Mk1 225 Roadster, even before I drove a mk2 3.2 and was disappointed with it's jelly soft clutch, always loved this beast and would love to own one! While I'm new here, should be picked up on I'm a manual guy, so it's Mk2 or Bust, even if Mk3 is supposedly better That's my One car, how about you?
  10. Good news: You just won the lottery
  11. Be nice to see a new Trans AM, and a revived Solstice What I say we need is a Compact pickup that can be fully loaded, 4x4 AND offer manual! If Toyota can do it, why can't everyone else?
  12. S2000 definitely needs to come back, idc if they offer a 10spd so long as it's also available with a traditional 6 spd Personal coupes to compete with the A5 would be nice, and now that the domestic makers make quality products, do it right and it'll compete (Especially with all those Real People, not Actors ads) Chrysler definitely needs some fresh new blood, so what can they make that's fun...
  13. And I'm the guy who loves building tuners and convertibles, sometimes both. Also, ya only live once, so migbt as well enjoy it. Who said they have to be a great success story, just throw an affordable bone to the masses is all So, what would you bring back, or did you just point out what everyone knew?
  14. Actually, rereading this, gonna change my answer Because Daytona Shelby Z sounds like a badass car
  15. I figure there are many cars that we all can agree on or at least personally feel never got the chance to live, that were cancelled when they were nice and could of been reconfigured rather than discarded. Of course, it's easy to say "Oh, bring back X and call it a day", I'm gonna up the ante a bit and ask what should be done, and to start, gonna bring in the American Roadsters from our favorite General: The Kappa twins themselves! Now, I understand the platform costed them $$$, and it wasn't exactly a Miata slayer, but I feel like now, people are starting to notice them again and they did have potential, whether it'd be engine swaps: or general tuning: I know, I know, tons of videos and pictures, but just showing you what it could do. Now, what's stopping GM from bringing one back as a Chevy, the bowtie wouldn't seem out of place, or if they wanted to help the other brands out, as a Buick or Cadillac? They can find ways to keep it under 3000lbs (And with all the new stuff), Roadster or Targa Offer a 6spd manual/8spd Auto and offer a 2.0t ecotec, 3.6 and for the special editions, (Detuned) 6.2 LT1 To offset costs, could charge a bit of a premium or they could keep it simple and offer solely the ecotec (But same trans options) Feel someone here could come tweak and edit the twins into one design with modern elements if they wanna illustrate what could be done and add any of the 3 current badges of their choice, and sure if marketed correctly, it could do well, especially since whoever GM targets, they usually beat (CTS-V, Corvette, Camaro, Regal [http://www.motortrend.com/cars/buick/regal/2018/2018-buick-regal-tourx-vs-2018-subaru-outback-3-6r-vs-2018-volkswagen-golf-alltrack/], etc.) Obviously not suggesting it'll happen, but hey, that's the point of this thread right? Lemme know whatcha think and whatcha choose, and enjoy!

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