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Back in 2016 I wrote a piece about in-wheel hub motors and listed options of this technology that would cover medium duty commercial auto's. The start up company was doing great work here in the US yet no one seemed to really notice or pay any attention to the possible performance options with an AWD auto that would have 800 hp / 4,000 lb-ft of torque where they had proven the technology in a Ford F-150 pickup converted.

Fast forward two years and I highlighted another startup that was building an in-wheel hub motor size on par with traditional drum brake units that had great possibility also for efficient fast EV torque monsters.

Since that time both companies have merged with Chinese backed companies to survive and have seen success in China building EVs with their motor tech. Elaphe has gathered increased interest with building BMW prototypes off their in-wheel motor tech.

2020 showing their latest testing efforts in a BMW CUV.

In this time ProTean has also continued their development showing off their Tank mode in a SAAB after NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) bought them in 2019 and they they built this prototype of what can be done.

Protean Electric


Why am I bringing this up again since we have had 5 years since Protean hit the market and 3 for elaphe? Lordstown Motors, Bollinger and Nikola have all recently announced trucks or expansion of a truck to an SUV and stated they will be using in-wheel hub motors.

Lordstown has been very vocal about being the first mass produced pickup truck in the US and many wonder just how close they are to production as we have Rivian starting production at the end of this year.

Lordstown Motors story

To quote a familiar statement, We Live in Interesting Times!

It will be interesting to see who gets to market first with in-wheel hub motors as well as who gets to market first with a truck full size pickup truck.

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    • By David
      Elaphe - Newest In-Wheel EV motors with Torque Vectoring
      Elaphe Website
      This Slovenian company has clearly stepped up to compete against Protean, the only other in-wheel EV motor company to date. Both have manufacturing in China and are aggressively going after OEM, but where they go divergent paths is that Elaphe is also feeling that their product can and should be used in older auto's where people want to replace the ICE powertrain with something new and better.
      Elaphe makes 7 different motors for a wide variety of applications, from cars to trucks / suvs, commercial trucks and marine applications.  These motors go from 29 kW or 39 HP with 400 Nm or 295 ft-lbs of torque to 110 kW or 147 HP with 1500 Nm or 1,106 ft-lbs of Torque per motor. Using their designated SUV motor would give you in AWD mode 588 HP with 4,424 lb-ft of torque. Diesel torque with supercar performance in an amazing package.
      They even offer a in-wheel solution for motorcycles that is 20kW or 27 HP with 225 Nm or 166 ft-lbs of torque, giving a motorcycle 54 HP with 332 lb-ft of torque.

      Here is the founders own words on why they are building a superior motor system.
    • By David
      In Wheel Hub Cool EV Motors
      Protean Electric is making some very cool ev motors which should make auto conversions easy and talk about simple with big long range battery packs. More videos are found ere:
      Have to say the break out test is cool from thick ice. Clearly motors can handle being submerged, I can see a true EV 4x4 as battery packs get to have longer range. Course need to replace the Jerry cans with replaceable battery packs.
    • By David
      G. David Felt
      Staff Writer Alternative Energy - www.CheersandGears.com
      Electric Axles and the 4WD Ford F150 EV!

      Researching for conversion of my 1994 GMC SLE Suburban to electric made me think about 4WD as it is currently just a 2WD rig. As I started to search I found many options for taking certain electric motors and connecting them to the transmission and using what is there already on AWD/4WD auto's for moving the vehicle. I got to thinking much like Tesla, what about an Axle Electric motor solution and started to search to see what was out there and was very surprised to find many interesting home grown and some commercial options.
      EV Axel BING Search
      This led me to find a company in China called YIWO who does car to HD Truck electric axles for OEMs to custom conversions.
      YIWO Alibaba web page

      This search then led me to the YIWO company home page also hosted by Alibaba where one can find an amazing variety of axles for use in traditional petro auto's to plug-in hybrids to pure EVs.   YIWO Home Page   While doing this search I found that Alibaba has an amazing amount of EV parts on their Amazon like web site.   Alibaba   With this search I then came across an interesting write up from 2011 about in wheel motors allowing for a simple 4WD approach to auto's while not affecting the driving characteristics. This brought me to Protean Electric which was founded in 2009 in Troy Michigan. They now have an office in UK and an office with production in China.   Protean Electric   Protean Electric took a totally different approach to EV auto's They started with adding the motors with regenerative braking at the wheel.     This allowed them to then make 8 powerful mini motors working together to improve HP and Torque along with braking to have a far more efficient package.     This design allowed them to take a 2009 Ford F150 Pickup and dump the existing powertrain, including driveline, heavy axle and create an 4WD Pickup without having to touch the existing handling characteristics by putting the battery pack in the exact center of the auto to keep the truck hauling and handling just like Ford Engineered it to be.     As you can see the battery pack from the rear axle picture, the last picture posted above.   What about the interior you ask? Easy, Protean Electric changed out the dash for a digital display that they also make and added to the center console a 3 button shifter that covers Drive, Neutral and Reverse plus as you can see in the picture below, a big red kill switch button that probably could be incorporated better into the dash.     So what about Horsepower and Torque? This is where is gets really exciting as this Ford F150 with the 4WD in Wheel motors produces the following:   2,300 lbs feet of combined torque from a dead stop 448 HP from the combined 4 motors   Now the great part is you can dial down the torque and HP so you can lengthen the life of the battery pack. According to P.E. they have stated that most implementations of this solution done at 578 pound feet of Peak torque, 355 pound feet of continuous torque and horsepower of 320 for the 4 motors combined which equals out to 80 HP per motor, 88.75 pound feet of continuous torque per motor with a peak torque of 144.5 per motor per the companies interview with pickuptrucks.com.     Protean Electric has recently done for Mercedes-Benz a Brabus 4WD EV station wagon.     Brabus 4WD powertrain.     What this tends to impress on me is that the future for electric auto's is bright and as battery technology gets better and better, we are moving to a silent world of autos that will push you back into your seat and have you hanging on to an amazing gut thrilling ride.
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