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Corvette: Electrified and AWD 1st tease


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Another personality change for America's sports car is on its way. 

This time its 2 changes at once.   Hybrid electric and AWD.  We knew it was coming. And Chevy finally revealed to us that its actually real.  What it really looks like and how will it be powered by is yet to be revealed. The short  reveal video is entertaining albeit cliché. Still, if one is a Corvette fan, especially if one is a fan of the C8, its exciting news.  


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Why bother with the camo when I can wander to nearly any Chevy dealer in the US to see what it looks like?  There may be a new vent or filler door here or there, but it largely looks the same.   Still exciting though.

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I dont know why the camo.  The "E-Ray" as this is supposed to be called, is in essence the Grand Sport. Grand Sports from the C6 and C7 were Z06 bodies with base Corvette V8s. 

This one kinda is the same in that it sounds like the LT2 is back there with obvious AWD from electric motor(s) (2?) powering the front wheels from a battery energy source in the front and inn the back, the rear wheels are powered by the V8.  The body clearly looks like the widebody of the Z06. Even the shark tooth blade of the side vent looks like the Z06 blade rather than the Stingray one. The pattern seems to be followed albeit slightly modified.  Therefore we already KNOW how the Z06 looks like and wee dont even NEED to visit a dealership. We dont even need to speculate as we could CLEARLY see through the camo that the body is CLEARLY a very close copy of the Z06 body.  Like you said, Drew,  a new vent and/or electric charge port door here or there.   

Maybe the front end is modified a tad...and it has a plastic "electric stylized" panel in the front like a Bolt had

2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review, Pricing, and Specs

similar to this

2023 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray: Everything We Know About the Hybrid

where as the Z06 is just a flat piece of plastic...

First Look! 2023 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06


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But yeah, Im excited about it too!!!

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