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  1. Just like cars.. No limit on how many they can make. Mercedes has 19 different cars.
  2. Yeah, the Escalade always had a "statement" feel to it and I realize this is just some stolen pictures that probably shouldn't have been taken but it feels like a 20% larger XT6 and that's about it(exterior). The interior looks really good though.
  3. It isn't that this is ugly, it's just mundane as fck.
  4. This gives off an awkward CMax or Bolt profile sitting low but a CUV-like profile.
  5. I don't see the Performance Package listed... THAT'S ALL I'LL NEED!!
  6. The same could be asked even for a shift lever if that's the case, because everything is electronic and not mechanical any way. I think it's safe to say there are built in safeties but I'm not willing to test it out on my Lincoln.
  7. Not the prettiest thing I've ever seen, especially in Z71 guise. Then again, almost every single thing Chevy has released in the last 2-3 years has looked worse than the outgoing model...and I typically like newer vehicles.
  8. They don't have any cash on the hoods, according to their website. They're all lease deals, FWIW.
  9. 80k units per year in a $100,000+ vehicle is anything but low volume. That's 2-4 times what the Corvette sells and I think we all agree the Vette sells very well for it's price. https://www.motortrend.com/news/new-cadillac-escalade-ct5-v-no-blackwing-v8/ Costs.
  10. I'll believe it when I see it with GM axing everything or making everything FWD-based...along with throwing away the 4.2 Blackwing.
  11. 510lb-ft @ 3500rpm vs 460lb-ft @ 4100rpm I don't think there's any issue there.
  12. That would be extremely frustrating then.
  13. I believe they're the only company with the rights to be wireless. Everybody else has to connect via a cable.
  14. It's just a shame because only a couple years ago everybody's view of Cadillac was that they're 7 tiers above Lincoln and now they're struggling to compete with anything Lincoln has come out with recently. Granted, some of that is Lincoln escalating their portfolio but, a lot of it is Cadillac laying down. It's still sold outside of the US.
  15. I mean, I understand it but, if you're trying to rebuild a luxurious reputation, you are going to have to take losses until the brand catches fire and gains(regains) its reputation. This just doesn't seem like the direction Cadillac should be heading. It's just a feeling they're almost "giving up" and letting the Germans stay up top. They seemed like they were in a really good spot with the most recent generation and these new generations should have built upon those instead of feeling like they're going backward.
  16. It blows my mind they only gave this like two years before announcing it was canceled.
  17. I prefer to not pay tens-of-thousands of dollars for my bowls of vomit.
  18. Convertible crossovers... The only class of vehicle that i dislike more than coupe crossovers.
  19. I actually kind of like it... I definitely need to see more though.

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