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  1. In Mercedes defense, they're not the ones writing articles saying they created the first 4-door coupe.
  2. Brand and marketing make the difference acceptable there, imo. One is a premium/luxury brand making commercials in cities and suburbs and the other markets to being capable anywhere you want to go.
  3. Some look better than others with it. None look great with it but some it fits a little better than others. But, I think it looks terrible on the Allroad as well. It isn't the cladding itself that I don't like it is how thick and tall it is(Tour X and Allroad). I think this is an appropriate amount for a luxury or premium branded vehicle.
  4. I like that color A LOT! If they could reduce the cladding around the wheel wells it would look so much better.
  5. ^ Yeah, that looks like crap. To think this will be priced similarly to the CT4 and more people will buy that than the CT4...
  6. It isn't custom. It's a la carte from Porsche.
  7. Changing paint and wheels can cost $7000 on a 911.. That gives you 0 miles of increased range and 0 seconds quicker to 60mph. If you want "club leather" it's another $6000. That's Porsche.
  8. I assume it means that if you trade in your Mustang they're taking an additional $3,000 off? Is there any year limitation on this? I feel like you could go and buy a POS 80's fox body for a grand or less and trade that in.
  9. Yeah, it's a Porsche and their up-charge per item is absurd.
  10. I'm not sure why people are still afraid of a smaller displacement turbo engine.
  11. The 2.7T is perfectly fine for the 90% of truck buyers who never hook a trailer up to their truck. For those who do tow, they'll get something bigger, one of their three other engines to choose from.
  12. Also a fair point but wasn't that the "old" 2.0T? I'd assume the new 2.0T will be a little slower being down ~30hp/20tq. Either way, neither is "pathetic" for a base engine. Yeah, I'm definitely not saying the price difference is worth it...just stating that their 2.0T isn't "pathetic". FWIW, my Mercedes was the only vehicle I've had things break on me that wasn't a typical wear item.
  13. I know. it was just the wording of "pathetic" and "4-cylinder". The engine isn't pathetic. Bother are 4-cylinders. I know the 2.7T is a better engine, the car offers a lot more for the money, etc. etc.
  14. Worded that a little biased.. that 2.7 is also a 4-cylinder and the Benz 2.0 isn't pathetic at 255hp/273tq and we all know the Germans underrate their outputs. Anything running a 14.1 1/4(per C/D) isn't considered pathetic...
  15. Those examples can be found at lowly brands like Ford, Chevy, Dodge/Ram, Honda, and Toyota as well. That is nothing that shouldn't be expected with regular maintenance. Is it not obvious that they are going a different direction, pricing it nearly on top of the A Class, nearly identical to the A3, and less than the 2 Series. They are going the route of larger car for the money as the CT4 isn't nearly as small as its similarly priced luxury cars.
  16. They aren't asking German car prices. It is SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS LESS.
  17. Overpriced the base model? What do you think of the A Class then? The V does seem like less of a bargain but then again the C43 starts at 55k so it is still significantly cheaper than that. Hell, an A45 is 53k. I know that's one hell of a car(A45) but that's one hell of an asking price as well.
  18. Oh wow, that seems priced to sell right out of the box. I think they did what all of us thought they should do and price it below competitors(based on size) but basically as much as the competitors(brands) smaller class of vehicle.
  19. Well no, sh!t... I really never thought those would have even been available with the Z71 package or in any color other than white, lol. Well, I'm serous about the Z71 part. That's surprising. I wouldn't imagine spending 34k on a vehicle with that engine. Now I'm curious how many of those 2.5's they move outside of fleets.. It's gotta be a lot more than I originally expected.

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