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  1. I'm going to assume it was somebody from Ford or paid by Ford for this. They might not have wanted them airing the tires down. I sure don't know what line I would be taking through that little section. Those dry and dusty rocks look super slick. I could see myself wanting to get into the off-road thing eventually.
  2. Oh I certainly wasn't doubting you. I just didn't realize it myself.
  3. I think it would be a tough sell for any bed smaller than 4ft.
  4. I was just looking at their websites and they were still there..
  5. Fit, Yaris, Spark, Accent, Rio all start in the 15-16k+ range. Hyundai Venue starts at $17,350 and Kia Forte starts at $17,890 so they're fairly close.
  6. What the sht is this? If this is accurate, it is an absolute fail of a vehicle already.
  7. ccap41

    Hummer by GMC

    The truck profile has a Rideline look to me. Awesome. I think there is no chance it starts under 100k, and I don't mean 99,990. Also, why would there be a 2WD Hummer? This should be AWD only.
  8. I don't have any issue with a 3-pot in these small vehicles. As long as they have the numbers to back them up,which they do, there's no issue there.
  9. I've never seen a Tacoma or Tundra with a snapped frame in person either but they're apparently happening left and right.
  10. Equinox is Escape-sized and the Bronco Sport is basically the same as the Escape.
  11. It something isn't breaking down on me and whatever the repair is covered while I have a loaner vehicle, it's reliable in my book.
  12. Leg, hip, shoulder room? This is such BS.. Look at your knee outside of the seat because it's too cramped for you. I can almost guarantee you can't close the door in that EXACT position.
  13. There's actually only one engine available. There's no V6.
  14. He can miraculously fit into a Bolt but a CX9 and Continental are cramped and tiny.
  15. Tacomas lead the sales of the mid-size trucks...by a pretty good margin. As of Q2, they sold 51k Tacomas and the next closest was the Ranger with 25k units.
  16. That's what it looked like to me. fOrEiGn tRuCk bAd
  17. What issues was the Tundra having? All I saw was pictures of the Tacoma.
  18. It looks pretty sweet and that's half of what matters in a vehicle. "common", look how old that truck is. That wasn't made this decade.
  19. It's a shame the diesel CX5 ended up with terrible fuel economy ratings and was a flop. That thing should have had a 40mpg highway rating.
  20. How much more space is there in these than in a Suburban or Expedition Max?
  21. I think slightly lifted diesel Excursions are pretty cool but those are not. Those are the stereotypical "small dick" vehicles.

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