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  1. I’m just speaking of the color. I love seeing colored leathers!
  2. And nobody takes Escalades off road, should they get rid of the low range transfer case? That's not how luxury items work..
  3. It's odd that the power figures are tweaked form the current 2.3. Current: 285/305 New: 280/310 More torque, more happy.
  4. Ehhhhh.. I don't dislike the CT5's interior at all but I think that A6 just looks really fancy. I don't see it working the best as it looks like way too much touch-ness to work everything but I think it looks great.
  5. Yeah, they really are nearly identical to those Cayenne handles. I'd like to know what they are for as well, on either vehicle. Unless their idea is that these are so high performance that the passenger needs something to hold on to and the driver side is there for symmetry.
  6. Uhhh.. This looks awesome. Corsair Interior.webp Corsair Interior2.webp Corsair Interior3.webp
  7. I agree. I don't know what they're for but they were also on the first/last(dated back to 2006) gen GL.
  8. There are 5 powertrains for this already? What are all of them? My Personal feelings are that it will be another tweener and probably not be cheaper than the XT4 as it'll be larger than ATS but smaller than CTS(kind of obvious). Maybe the CT4 will be small but I wouldn't think they'd want to leave that large of a gap in size but only one "number" apart(CT4 -> CT5).
  9. They hardly have anything to really compete with the Germans... Yeah, their top trims are great but below that I just feel like they're not as competitive in the middle and bottom of the competition's lineups. Top to bottom Mercedes'and BMW's lineups are so much better.
  10. I completely forgot about the V-Sports. Thanks!
  11. I like this idea. I think my ideal luxury sport sedan would be: Cadillac body Merc interior Merc V8(unless it's CTS-sized then CTS-V's 6.2) BMW's AWD system from the M5.
  12. Yeah the dual screen thing is "Okay" to me. I don't love it but I don't completely hate it either. I agree they all use plastics in certain places and I understand why. I'm just saying that if I walked up to both vehicles, sat down, and just looked at the interiors(no touching because I haven't sat in them to truly judge that) I think the Merc interior looks 'oh so very classy' to me.
  13. I don't think there is anything wrong with the Cadillac interior but I don't see it visually on par with Mercedes. So does that mean you also see the Cadillac's as "MEH!"?
  14. Because they don't have the balls to do that. At their current rate of not V-Series-ing anything, they'll never do that. ' Bash this all you want, you know they'll give it a real AMG eventually. Even the little CLA gets 375hp. How many Cadillacs even have 375hp? CT6, Escalade, 2 V-Series?
  15. It seems weird to be an SUV-only thing but I'm not an OE manufacturer.
  16. I'm excited to see what it looks like but I don't think it will look much different than any other mid-engined cars. The proportions are all about the same with similar venting...
  17. I know on Ford it's a higher trim thing. "Privacy Glass" as they word it. I think base Lincoln's do as well even though that should be a small part of the luxury experience, imo, and it should be with Cadillac as well. I don't THINK it is a dealer thing unless they're only ordering lower trims. I think once you step up to a mid or higher trim package it's just something that gets thrown in. Maybe that's part of the selling feature because just looking at two vehicles, one with tint and one without, one looks so much better and most people aren't about going and having their vehicles tinted. Yeah, i definitely did not think it was a Ford thing. Here in IL the fronts are only supposed to be 35%. I've done all of mine to 20% and never had issues with law enforcement. I've looked up the laws and it seems like every state has different laws. Some allow anything, some allow none at all on the fronts and all sorts of mixtures in the middle.
  18. So again, it is a vehicle with options you cannot get for cheaper. I'm not sure where the argument is coming from. Why would somebody be cross shopping mustang and camaros with a 4 door sedan? Not to say it never happens but I would think most that are looking at one is not in the market for the other. Also, Mustang and Camaro are down on sales...maybe it is stealing them..
  19. There are a lot of vehicles that come with factory tinted rear windows. I would assume that'd be available here as well.. maybe not? My Escape and Lincoln both came with factory tint behind the driver's row. I can't believe that's a Ford thing. Don't the GM large SUVs and trucks some with tint on the rear windows in higher trims as well? While 13.7 isn't huge, 3+ cubic feet more is a good amount difference.
  20. This thing is so ungodly ugly but I get it for the people in the back.
  21. Honestly, I would still just rather have an older model for the V8 noises in a car like this. The sound they make is a whole part of the experience, imo.

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