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  1. I thought S and X were always free and the 3 was "come and go" with offering it.
  2. I think his point is an average of 10 minutes including turning in(sometimes in a line), the fueling process, and pulling out(also sometimes waiting for traffic). Just the fueling is only about 1-3 minutes depending on tank size. I believe I timed a 10 gallon fill-up once because @dfelt and I were talking about it and it was about 1:20 for ~10 gallons. It's somewhere on this site...haha Oh yeah, when range is increased and more and more homes get chargers, the only time you'd need to publicly charge is when taking longer trips. The only people I could see charging over their lunch break is people with a Volt(or similarly short-range EVs) who have to drive ~40 miles to work and can make it home with a top-off over lunch.. Otherwise it seems like a completely unnecessary process over lunch. I would never do that, especially because it would cost me more than charging at my house.
  3. Isn't the idea of an EV to charge at home, for even less cost? It seems way more inconvenient to try and charge over a lunch period than to just charge at home. Tesla Superchargers? Free.
  4. Not with a warranty, they have not. Requiring a warranty over 50-60,000 miles is a game changer for engineers. I agree but it's funny to think somebody who can afford $80,000-$100,000+ for a vehicle would scare at a ~$2.00 per gallon raise.
  5. It doesn't do a whole lot for me. It gives off the gimmicky vibe of just being different to be different. I don't hate it though.
  6. I agree. I think it is great and it should also help get buyers to pony up more cash for these higher trims.
  7. Oh dang, unfortunately that instantly becomes unattractive. The efficiency of the vehicle makes $166/month w/ $2200 down very attractive but more than doubling the monthly payment makes it not so pretty. Oh, and another $400 down...
  8. Or a "not-a-giant-owner" package for anybody under @dfelt's height.
  9. It's insane how tall these new trucks are. I'm also 5'8" and, without testing them out, I'm confident I would have issues with the half-ton trucks as well. My dad's Tacoma is a good height for that and it's considerably smaller than any full size truck. I could see wanting a "reverse" leveling kit where you drop the rear ~2 inches instead of lifting the front. I don't know if that's a thing but that's probably about all I would want for the sake of appearance.
  10. It's very interesting that they would change that much within the same vehicle. I have no issue with either in their respective ways.
  11. For that little money, I would absolutely jump on this if I had a garage and it was wired for a charger. Shet, that's a good deal. I can't click that link but if for me to do that, it would also have to be 12,000-15,000 miles/yr. Those low-mile leases of 8,000-10,000 miles wouldn't cut it.
  12. Ahhh I keep forgetting about that vehicle! It looks sharp. That would be high on the sub-compact list along with the CX-30. They must be pretty different in size because "sub-20k" for the Trailblazer vs $21,800 for the CX-30. I would absolutely have to have the 1.3 w/ AWD and the 9-spd though, in the Trailblazer.
  13. I had a loaner EcoSport and while it had some nice things it felt cheap as hell, overall. It just didn't feel like a 28k vehicle(that was the sticker on a pretty loaded SEL). I could not imagine spending that kind of money on that vehicle. It easily had the feel of a sub-20k vehicle. I haven't spent any time in the other sub-compact SUVs but the new Mazda CX-30 would be the first place I would look if I was in the market for a new sub-compact SUV. I doubt there are any discounts on those though as they're brand new and there probably aren't many or any on lots yet. I was not a fan of the overall ride of the EcoSport. It wasn't like any one thing was bad or anything like that but the thing that stood out to me was when driving on the interstate, it felt twitchy. I have to assume that's a short wheelbase thing but I didn't like that. That was really the only glaring handling thing that I didn't like. That makes sense to me from my non-scientific eyes. I see waaaay more crew cabs with short beds than anything else.
  14. Did you guys look at other compact CUVs or just diehard GM people?
  15. Congrats on getting something new but what attracted to you a ...Chevy Trax...?
  16. I think that looks really sharp.
  17. I mean.. They're somewhat useless for the look they bring to the table but at least they aren't actually 100% useless. It's still a pain in the hind to open the hoods because the hood is like neck-height to me at 5'8" and the leverage with those hooks isn't the greatest.
  18. Yeah, i get what you're saying. People definitely loved them. they sold like hotcakes at their absurd prices. Also, those hood hooks were used to open the hood as it opened Corvette-style.
  19. The grille looks juuuuuust a tad off on an otherwise very attractive package. The diesel option is a really cool touch.
  20. I always thought the H2 looked terrible because it looked like a bloated H1 but it really did have the off-road goodies suited for a civilian, mass-marketed, Hummer-branded vehicle.
  21. SUVs being down for a company switching to only SUVs doesn't look great but I guess a couple new products arriving late in 2019(one of them being a botched launch) should set them up for a solid 2020. It's great to see the Expedition finally taking off.
  22. Speaking of GMC looking better.. I think the refreshed Canyon looks great. It just looks like a relatively small nip and tuck but the subtle changes look really good, imo.
  23. To me, the Ram legitimately looks classy, clean, and all around great. The Ford is "okay". It's on the bland side but inoffensive. The Chevy only has one trim that looks good and the rest are actually pretty ugly to me. Not ugly on the level of the 2500, but not good looking. If I had to rate them 1-10 on looks alone... Ram: 9.5/10 Ford: 7/10 Chevy: 4/10.

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