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  1. I would wager good money your computer is optimistic if you calculated it over the next 1000 miles. They're a polarizing group but the TFLtruck/car/off-road guys test an awful lot of vehicles and have a pretty good and consistent test procedure and most computers state a higher mpg than what they are actually getting. Most are within 1mpg so nothing crazy but high is high. All of my computers have been higher than what I actually calculate and I've even tried using the same exact pump to eliminate one variable. This is my MKC’s numbers since ownership. Rated: 18/25/21 city/hwy/combined
  2. Yeah, I beat highway and combined ratings as well but the best comparison is epa ratings. If we want to add 10% to the diesel(which as known to easily exceed highway ratings) we can do that do and say 30.9mpg for the 2.0T and 41.8mpg for the turbo diesel. That is still a very significant difference for something using a cheaper fuel as well. Also, what was the hand calculated number? Computers are almost always optimistic.
  3. Congrats, @ocnblu! I wish IL didn't require front license plates..Plate-less looks so much cleaner and better. My Escape had those as well. Somebody on a forum said it was to get air to the brakes because wheels and tires have grown so much. I don't know the accuracy of that but it made sense to me.
  4. People are COMPLETELY looking past the fact the 2.0T drinks premium fuel which costs MORE than diesel while getting significantly worse fuel economy. The article compares it to the 2.0T because of dollars but you're paying for efficiency and efficiency is what you get with the diesel engine. @dfelt mentioned women hate fueling up, well you'll be doing it less often with the diesel than either gas engine. Maybe it's a better option. I'm yet to meet somebody who's complained about getting fuel on themselves.. because most people aren't all willy-nilly with the nozzle.
  5. There is no need for it, like almost every single option on a vehicle ever. It's a luxury just like leather and cruise control.
  6. And that's why Benz is such a king in sales. Or are they badge snobs? Which is it? Flippidy Floppody.
  7. You can turn the setting off, like the other features you dislike that can be disabled.
  8. My Lincoln does that and it works amazingly. It is very quick to turn them off at the sight of headlights. I've had them turn off for cars 1+ miles ahead of me coming towards me.
  9. It isn't just about how bright they are but where they are projecting the light. they could get a poor rating if they're blinding every vehicle coming towards them, too. It's more than just the drivers' visibility. https://www.iihs.org/topics/headlights In my humble opinion, I'm extremely glad somebody is finally rating headlights. I'm tired of oncoming vehicles with their low beam-HID/LEDs blinding me.
  10. The monochromatic Silerados look good to me. I think this legitimately looks good but pretty much only in this or Trail Boss trim. Everything else looks pretty bad.
  11. This guy does suck. I gave him about 2/2.5 minutes and couldn't take the hand, terrible cuts, and repeating himself.
  12. Yeah, it hasn't really been left quite as stagnant as some here believe it has been. It's gone from 5spd -> 7spd -> 9spd transmissions then 5.0 V8(G500) and 5.5L Supercharged V8(G55 AMG) to 5.5L V8(G550) and 5.5L Supercharged V8(G63 AMG), lastly 4.0TT V8(G550), 5.5TT V8(G63 AMG), 6.0TT V12(G65 AMG). Oh weird, the bottom two pictures didn't show up originally when I read your post. Yeah, that spot is interesting.
  13. There have been like 10 interior colors with multiple grades of leather available for the G Wagen for almost a decade. What patch are you talking about?
  14. I think the WHOLE point was passed up quite awhile ago. I'll just mention it again. Somebody said the G Wagen's interior was NEVER good nor luxurious. I stated that back when it first came to the states in the early 2000's it most certainly was considered a luxurious interior, because it was. Now, I also understand that looking back at anything from that era, including any Bentley or S Class, that they look like crap and not very luxurious at all. Also, until 2019 the G's interior was left alone, for the most part and was lacking for what rose to a 115k vehicle. It became less luxurious not because it actually went backwards but because the rest of the industry improved ten fold in that time while they only made it marginally better, until 2019's clean slate redesign.
  15. Pretty much top to bottom I think the Telluride looks like a better overall package, especially when you consider the price gap, 20k+ starting MSRPs
  16. Good point. I should be comparing the early 2000's G Wagen to early 2000's Escalades(56k vs 78k). They're much closer in price anyway. Check out THIS luxury vehicle!
  17. To me, nothing about that Bentley looks double the price of the Benz(original MSRPs of 78k vs 158k). The Bentley is expected to look nicer but it isn't a night and day difference. 2005 Mercedes S600. I believe this was considered luxury in the early 2000's as well although I think it looks extremely mediocre and cheap now.
  18. To each their own. Everybody has wrong opinions every once in awhile.
  19. YUP. I'd rather pay less than he did on his 1.6L Fusion on my 2.3 MKC.
  20. I never realized how stuck-up Olds was about used cars until recently.. I bet he's only lived in new houses as well.
  21. That is correct. Let's take a look at a Cadillac's interior in 2005. Wasn't this and the Bentley considered luxury in 2005(I know on different levels)? That is why I said they were definitely luxury vehicles when they came out even though in 2019 they don't come across as all that luxurious at all.

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