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  1. They're probably also going for a more linear torque curve instead of a brutal punch at any RPM. That's one place the flat planes shine as one can get into the throttle sooner without spinning the rear tires. It should be one hell of a track car, that's for sure. I can't wait to hear one.
  2. Holy sh!t, thanks! And those articles are over a year old. How did I miss this?!? I had no idea they completely changed the engine for the Black Series AMG GT. It seems like an odd and very expensive move but pretty sweet for the consumer.
  3. AMG GT does not use a flat plane crank V8. They use the standard cross plane DOHC twin turbo V8.
  4. The Volt did the same(didn't name it a "range extender" but it was a damn good product. It was priced too high(because they had to) but it was still a great overall product.
  5. I would disagree with this. They were commonly known to get 30mpg in the C5-C7's cruising on the highway, something you're not getting out of a Camaro SS or Mustang GT, let alone anything this would compete with on a track. Sorry, can't tell if sarcasm or not because the AMG GT does not have a flat plane V8.
  6. It kind of has, imo. It's an "everyday man's" car that's commonly daily driven. Buuuuut, this is the Z06 we're talking here and not the "regular" C8.
  7. Thank you and at only $1045 over the 5.3, it's worth it. Good thing they didn't Ford-it and make it like a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR option on an XLT. But, that's over the base 3.3L v6. Ford's diesel (in an XLT) is $3000 more than the 5.0, $3800 more than the 2.7, $2400 more than the 3.5EB and $500 more than the PowerBoost 3.5EB. This just doesn't make financial sense to ever purchase.
  8. I'm pretty sure it was cheaper when I started driving in the mid-00's. Here's a website that shows a yearly graph of the two averages but you have to select each year individually. https://www.ttnews.com/historical-fuel-prices
  9. EVER??? You're not younger than me...
  10. Even at 7mpg better, how long is that payoff?
  11. Maybe it was the tall people's first day being tall, @balthazar. GIVE THEM A BREAK! It should never be their own fault for being a clumsy fool. It's the automakers' fault for not making every vehicle boxy with a drag coefficient of 0.40.
  12. 100%, Albert Pujols is still doing A LOT for the city of St Louis as he has charitable organizations here as well along with Yadi Molina and Adam Wainright. The STL Blues are a huge partner with St Louis' children's cancer center, along with the Cardinals. Those two organizations have teamed up A LOT since the Rams left town. https://www.nhl.com/blues/news/friends-of-kids-with-cancer-fashion-show/c-301755572
  13. Also, for the record, not every sport/franchise has public funding. I believe the NFL is the worst with this but certainly not EVERY stadium was 100% public money. Here is a good link and at the bottom it has 111 stadiums and the breakdown via pie graphs of how they were funded. Personally, I think it should be around 50/50 split as both parties are benefitting but the city should NOT fund the entire stadium, imo. https://globalsportmatters.com/business/2019/05/22/who-paid-for-your-stadium/ For example, St Louis' Busch stadium(Cardinals) cost $365m and only $45m was public money. Enterprise Arena(Blues) cost $135m and only $60.4m was public money. St Louis City Stadium(new MLs team, St Louis City) costs $458m and only $5.7m was public money.
  14. Sports is a waste but you always have the "news" on?
  15. I firmly believe that a CX9 does NOT have a fixed front passenger seat, because it does not. Out here recording yourself so you can watch it over and over because you're completely full of ish here.
  16. The diesel option never seemed like a good option. it was way too expensive(like $5000 option) and it only seemed like it would benefit the owner if they were towing a lot or doing a lot of highway miles. It felt like an afterthought and not an overall very well execution.
  17. If you'll smack your head in almost anything, a sub compact should be expected. You'll probably only fit comfortably in a G Wagen as there's 8ft of head room in them but, they're relatively narrow.
  18. Oh man, @daves87rs, I'm so sorry for your loss. As @balthazarsaid, stay strong bud.
  19. I do like the Easter egg of it being AWD there at the end with all four wheels smoking.
  20. Where are you seeing this kind of surge in the US? That article only mentioned Japan and S Korea.
  21. Got some weeds in your grass there, bud.
  22. Hell, I hope they do it! More competition, more better. But, by the time that thing is released, there will be a 700hp+ Raptor out mixing it up with the TRX so it will certainly not be topping Ford and Ram.
  23. But them doing that won't add sales and there is no business case in them making a 500-600hp engine from scratch. They don't have the balls to make a 500hp 4Runner and a range topper Lexus won't sell any more with a 500hp engine.

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