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  1. Mercedes GT cars aren't even labeled GT cars while their sports car is labeled "GT".
  2. ccap41

    First Impressions: 2020 Lincoln Aviator: Comments

    *waits for German comparison*
  3. ccap41

    First Impressions: 2020 Lincoln Aviator: Comments

    I always thought the little diesel Liberty would have been really cool to own.
  4. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    That would have been pretty awesome! It should be a good game. The Colts have been playing very well as of late(minus the dud of a game against JAX).
  5. ccap41

    First Impressions: 2020 Lincoln Aviator: Comments

    FWIW, the Rav4 has been around since 1994, Escape since 2001, Liberty was around in 2002, and CR-V since 1997,
  6. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I hope you stub your toe some time this week and it lingers for a day or two. I may try and go to Indy for the Cowboys/Colts game. It's about a 4 hour drive for me and I have some vacation time to take off yet..
  7. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah, your grammar is as good as your attitude.
  8. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    It isn't an English class but it is a communication skills test every time you type something. Or should I say, "Every time U type something". I'm not perfect by any means but I've never jumped on the whole shortening as much as possible. It's annoying and looks lazy, in my opinion.
  9. ccap41

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Is it how he types and words things? Because I would have assumed that as well...
  10. Aren't people tired of that crap though? The actual term Grand Touring works exactly here. I think some people see/read GT and think "sporty" when a true GT vehicle isn't necessarily sporty but powerful and can eat up miles very easily.
  11. I don't see it as rugged at all. Just really really ugly.
  12. It does make me wonder... if it was allowed by the company but "if you're caught it's all you" to reduce their income and with that if others were doing the same. I wouldn't expect it but you never know.
  13. Yes! I just couldn't think of the word, LOL . That's why I quoted it because I knew it wouldn't be a merger(in theory).
  14. Jesus, I just don't get it. It isn't like he's "only" making 100k a year(only being for a exec). Making the exact amount they probably were paying is astronomical amount so why do you need to steal more? If you're that dissatisfied, ask for raises(I know it's a different situation being an executive) or look for a job elsewhere where you feel like you'll be valued better.
  15. I'm all for keeping jobs around so if the theoretical "merger" were a thing, it would be great. Hopefully Tesla could take a few more notes on how to assemble vehicles before GM leaves them with the keys to the building.
  16. I always think the same exact thing. I just don't understand it. What did he do wrong here? I don't remember reading anything on it other than a Nissan executive being arrested or whatever. I guess I should say, what was he spending the company money on?
  17. If it's only for a plant for production, yeah. If it's anything more, there's nothing in it for GM. Tesla's patents are all public.
  18. Luckily, how hard a truck can do work can also be met without a hideous front fascia.
  19. A LOT. All of it is the front end. Everything else looks good and I love the bed step.
  20. I absolutely agree! That's about the only thing that I love about this truck as of now. The gasoline V8 and 10spd for the Duramax are both intriguing though.
  21. Wouldn't that be a part of the system, as a whole?
  22. There's less than a month left in the year.. I don't expect to see one in the next 27 days.
  23. Volt powertrain and affordable haven't gone hand-in-hand yet. I don't see it coming too soon.

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