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Olds 98

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I was checking out a great car book today. The Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975. The Olds 98 back then was priced above the Buick Electra. I thought Buick was above Olds. The Olds must have compteted on some level with the Lincoln Continental. I really think that may have been Olds & Buick's key to success provide Lincoln levels of luxury at Mercury Prices. Cadillac was #1 in luxury because, Ford's Continental luxury brand and Chrysler's Imperial luxury brand were short lived and never really had the aura that a Cadillac does. Who said that something was the Continental or Imperial of something, nobody. Only the word Cadillac means the best. The Olds 98 was the greatest of Oldsmobiles working man's limosines. I sure hope that we can see something like that from Buick or Saturn in the future. It is a shame that there will never be a new Oldsmobile 98. But thats history no use being upset since we couldn't do anything anyway.

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The '95 Aurora can certainly be considered the 'new' Ninety-Eight. It took the Ninety-Eight's place as a great flagship sedan and did more for Olds' image than the actual Ninety-Eight of the time could. As far as pricing structure, the brand hierarchy is often violated, especially in the B-O-P divisions. Aurora was priced a few thousand above Park Avenue Ultras until the late '90s. Back in the 50s, the Roadmaster Rivera Limited was priced above top of the line non-limo Cadillacs, something unprecedented at the time.

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The 98 was a great Oldsmobile.

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The 70's Ninety Eight was truely magnificent. I just think it came off styling wise better than the rest. That my tastes however but they were just so right. I have the black leather interior of a particular car perminantly imbedded in my mind and I was into sports cars only at that time. A few of the fathers had them back in the day and they were quickly spotted and identified http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/AH-HA_wink.gif

Now everyone please take note of that 88 Royale 2dr hardtop yummy, I just love the flares they come together nicely on the 98 with the fender skirts too.

As for the Caddy/Lincoln/Imperial thingy. The saying is all that caught on. Lincoln and Imperial were not short lived or thought to be lesser by the Joe Publics it was just the saying that was catchy.

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I always liked those distinctive flares around the wheelwells on those Oldsmobiles...and yes Razor, that 88 Royale 2-door coupe....man I love those...I almost never see them around anymore.

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