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  1. And the Sonata gets crossed off my list for the next few years. If they wanted a big mouth for a front end they could have simply done this....
  2. Ideally, we should switch from a CAFE mandate to an all-electric option mandate. This would 1) Boost electric volume, creating greater economies of scale. 2) Greater competition would increase range and decrease costs of electrics 3) Rapid charging stations would become commonplace,since charging times are supposed to be dropping from 20 minutes to 2 within 5 years thanks to ultracapacitors . We could even mandate major gas stations offer rapid chargers to encourage the trend further, like we did with E85. 4) I think this could get wide bipartisan support.
  3. I like the new styling of this truck. At least we can have this modern truck unlike the new Ranger.
  4. I love those old boats, I'd take one o those over these friggin compacts,lol
  5. I don't know if I can I sure hope not... Buick is using no heritage names today, and I feel they shouldn't start now (if this were to come over as a Buick). Regal is not a new name... D'oH! I was thinking Lucerne-LaCrosse-Enclave-Verano at that moment... however, Regal is a name I like, so I'll let it pass However, I don't feel that Skylark resonates with today's marketplace. It's a name from the past that has no meaning today IMO. Chevy can get away with Camaro, Malibu, Corvette, Impala, and Silverado. GMC uses only one heritage name - Sierra - all others are post '92 (Yukon is the oldest, dating from its '92 introduction). And Cadillac should go back to real names - the alphanumerics are not great, though CTS has good market recognition at this point (and ATS is on its way). I would love to see Buick have a Skylark compact and a Full-size sedan called LeSabre. instead we have Verano and LaCrosse, both names have zero value to me other than they are Buicks and great cars.
  6. Awesome news, I'm so glad to hear this. Ford is rocketing back to life. I hope they learned some lessons from this experience.
  7. I always liked that car as a kid to bad things turned out the way they did. I'll never be able to buy myself a brand new Oldsmobile.
  8. Hopefully this is good news??
  9. I like this new Ford Interceptor. At least cops won't have to trudge around in Flintstone-mobiles anymore,lol.
  10. This thing is just butt ugly. The designer clearly was on crack. I would never even sit in Nissan Joke.
  11. I'm personally not a big fan of this class. However, I suppose I'd be for the Sonic since it looks nicer to me.
  12. I just like the technology and the car itself, I hope GM finds a better place to put the battery pack.
  13. I hope that US-made VWs have much higher quality than our current batch of VWs. My fiancee's father just brought ack a 2011 Jetta after two car through lug nuts, the second car had loose HVAC controls. VW may not be ready for prime-time. They better shape up!

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