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  1. Just wanted you to realize, but I was unaware that asking someone a question is "calling them out" ? How do people communicate in real life ?
  2. just another moderator hoax thats a fresh register
  3. I dint go ta school. I were rized wist farys firm Narnar Lan
  4. geeze........once again my 7th grade ed. prevails "These guys" did not try it, they ignorantly accepted us with open minds for the most part. You seem to be flip floppin that story. They began to resist way too late, when they were running out of places to go. In the beginning they would have had no problem detouring what became "the problem"
  5. agree with most of your post NDL but I dont agree with the "interesting" part, I find these times dreadfully dull and non productive of solid long term results. I see it more as a bunch of chickens running around the door yard doing alot of clucking over nothing thats relevent. Ever been on a job of what ever kind, and have to sit idle while a bunch of brainiacs scratch their foreheads and diddle around pondering something that is not the real issue at hand and a long ways away from the work that needs to get done that day or that week ? Thats how I feel about these times. To many serious pr
  6. Then Mexico can be to the US what NYC is to NY State.............
  7. OK This is but one of the highly rational points brought up in this topic. I think it may be incomplete and should say putting CEO's and their hiring personal that knowingly hire illegals into jail. would be a partial answer to the problem
  8. Ah common Vipes, Im not starting anything about anything here but lets be real.........what are you basing your agreement on ? As another response to the quote from Satty seen here I want to add. I have seen more than my share of lazy ass's in my life. Only one of my problems with keeping a job without getting frustrated to a breaking point. But its not because everyone is a slacker, which is always...............ALWAYS ! implied here by the C&G crowd, its typically the one lazy DMF that creates all the trouble and myself as "the new guy" gets stuck dealing with. I have honestly indulged
  9. Slither was the coolest song Wonder what the rest of the record was like ? Heres the Buckethead/Ozzy thing, I had it all wrong...sorry He sounds perfect for Ozzy doesnt he ? Guitar One has him rated at #8 of the top 10 guitar shredders ever. The stuff I heard was different from anything else Ive ever listened too. He has 20 studio LP's credited to his solo career, as well as an equally impressive number of recordings under other band names or with other musicians................something Axl just cant seem to pull off.
  10. Actually I discovered Buckethead by cruising Amazon, he came up while I was checking out other progressive instrumental guitarists, such as Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck and Steve Vai. That was when I read he had been in GNR which I thought was dead and gone. I guess OZZY tried to get Buckethead but he wouldnt remove the bucket. He told Ozzy something to the tune of only his mother saw him without the bucket. Ozzy said something like "Ok then, take the bucket off and call me Mom" .........
  11. Bucket head is very unique, creative and abit off the wall from what I heard, which was only clips on amazon. I have yet to purchace a recording but he is on my list. I just did some reading on Axl & GNR & this Chinese Democracy thing and I now am fully convinced he is a screaming asshole.
  12. I dont know much about current events but it seems to me Axl has to many issues to make anything work. Im surprised he can get contracts or stage booking having walked out as much as he has. I look at him about the same a I have Mike Tyson, started out looking great, turned into an asshole and just went straight down the tubes from there. Frankly I dont think Axl deserves any support from a former fan base. On a more positive note, through GNR I discovered this guitarist Buckethead........
  13. Your streaching it here. Our education system and its employees for the most part SUCK. Then their liberal views along with our "no tolerance" bleeding heart, cry baby, soccor moms and their pussy wipped what every you say honey husbands creating an everything goes society makes it very hard (maybe impossible) for parents to keep their children focused. Other nationalities have their share of "dummies" too. We've lost the intense disipline but that was always part of the American dream to make things easier for the generations that follow... not the flood of immigration to follow. It has its

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