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  1. How cool would this old girl have been? https://www.motor1.com/news/376247/cadillac-deville-roadster-rendering/
  2. Oh I know and I told him Rovers are not reliable at all. It was that or the GLA and the Mercedes dealer sales guy screwed around too long. He's in the medical field in ATL and not a car guy.
  3. Mach-E or Model Y? Model Y gets my vote, especially with the Y Performance range of 280mi to the Mach-E GT of 235. https://electrek.co/2019/11/15/tesla-model-y-vs-ford-mustang-mach-e-specs-comparison/
  4. Yep, I was thinking the '69 Caddy Coupe deVille, '69 Electra just didn't have the defined fins like the iconic Caddy. High School buddy's Dad had a white '69 Coupe deVille with the 472ci BB. Such a sweet car!
  5. My bad Balth. I was thinking the FWD Eldo didn't start until the mid 70's. The Electra was definitely a RWD 455 BB
  6. I'll be impressed if Ford can pull off this Stang Mach-E launch. I hope it's better than the disastrous 2020 Explorer/Aviator launch for their sake. Pretty mean looking in your face picture with C&D write up here... https://www.caranddriver.com/ford/mustang-mach-e
  7. China needs BEV's like yesterday with all the smog and other pollution they have going on right now, their vehicle emissions standards are horrible and gasoline is crazy expensive there. I read the Chinese gov't is giving large Corp. incentives to get them out now as well. We don't have the EV market in the U.S. yet to have a bunch of BEV's running around with people waiting in line to plug in. Many people are just set in their ways and a BEV is really a lifestyle change. Gas is still pretty cheap here as well so for many to take the EV plunge the full incentive just isn't there as of now. In the next 10 years we will see some change though. GM is using Cadillac to lead the BEV way like they should. They have the Cadillac BEV SUV coming out in the next year or so to challenge Tesla. Bolt and Bolt EUV were not designed to take on Tesla directly.
  8. They definitely have the dealer network Tesla doesn't that's for sure. GM has a Bolt EUV with range of over 300 miles coming by 2021 as well. I agree Bolt is kinda goofy and too small and the EUV is still too small for me, but it's on the way. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a27542133/chevrolet-bolt-euv-2021-crossover-spied/ Mary Barra has stated that GM will have 20 BEV's globally by 2023, yes being a huge manufacturer with several other eggs in the basket we'll be lucky to have 10 by then really even 5 BEV's would be sufficient for the current EV market. Cadillac long range BEV SUV said to lead the big EV push is coming in the next couple of years as well. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1120908_long-range-cadillac-suv-to-lead-gms-next-electric-car-push-in-3-years
  9. That's great, but can they deliver like Tesla...oh...wait... Seriously though, I don't think they should have gone the "Mustang branding" route with a CUV. That front-end sure looks like a mix of Model X and 1st Gen. Model S.
  10. Look at you stealing Drew's thunder Could just be named the Edge-E (Edgy) minus the distinctive Mustang taillights Looks like a weird bloated Mustang morphed into a CUV...I guess what they were going for. Inside looks pretty clean though. Also, looks like Ford found the OEM who makes the Tesla jumbo touchscreen and added a couple more inches. Seems like that much screen would be very distracting while driving.
  11. Do you really have to bring his race into this discussion? For all you know he could be an old black or brown guy. LOL!!
  12. Ford is thinking yeah an iconic nameplate will sell well. Problem is it's a Pony Car not a CUV that's iconc about it, a pony car that's been around since the early muscle car era known for having a thirsty, loud, V8 Gasoline engine. I think you're right @Robert Hall probably a couple of new blood Millennial's in the Marketing Dept. with no real history lesson on the car. Maybe this is Ford's plan with keeping the Mustang around, knowing they're going to manufacture it with it's own full line of "Mustang branded" vehicles. HUGE mistake!!
  13. Dieselgate turned a lot of people away from VW for good. Buddy of mine was a VW Golf diesel fanatic, but when that hit and they put the owners through hell to buy them back or keep with a payback he took the lose traded it for a Rover Evoque and didn't look back. VW sales are still pretty abysmal comparatively ever since, they need to just keep the majority of their production in Europe, where they thrive. Their US bread and butter SUV only sold just under 60K units in first full year and second year in production, 2019 is looking the same as 2018 66K through Oct. 2019. Volkswagen Atlas 2018 59.677 2017 27.119
  14. Yep, comes down to the Cruze wasn't selling well enough to keep Lordstown open and GM wanted to get the money pit off the books too.
  15. Drive it like you stole it!! Just get it back with 4 wheels still intact.
  16. Nice! Buddy's '69 Electra was a 225 Custom Sport Coupe. "Sport" LOL! He bought from an older couple who babied her, she was clean!
  17. Exactly. Even both names are 3 syllables that end in "ade". Can't blame Hyundai for tryin'
  18. High school buddy of mine had a '69 light green Buick Electra 455 big block, man she was a torque monster, pulled pretty hard when you stood on it from a stop nice floaty but solid Caddy-like ride being based off the Eldorado at the time it made sense. Room for at least 4 people in the back too. Anytime someone got in for a ride they had to give him 5 bucks for the thirsty old girl, no joke! She was always in the red or on fumes Identical car here...
  19. My point and @balthazar is that Cadillac has had the distinctive vertical LED light piping design cue front and back for over a decade and no other manf. has gone there until now with Hyu/Kia Palisade and K5. To your own point Cadillac has been doing it for 7 years in the front.
  20. 2008+ CTS. I had a White Diamond 2013 CTS-V Coupe (first pic) so I know first hand what it had. With the 2014 CTS it was more defined and went further up the fender, but the large headlight fixture had the long vertical LED light bar from bumper to top of fender in 2008. It's a distinctive Cadillac design cue long before the CT4 and CT5. Super aerodynamic in reverse though!
  21. Angus beef is still my fav. grilled animal, grew up on a farm where we raised our own grass fed beef, nothing better. A T-bone or NY Strip grilled medium with taters on the side please!
  22. Love some good seafood including tasty shell fish myself. Growing up in Oregon an hour drive from the Coast and eating some of the freshest seafood including the best dungeness crab I've ever had. Surprisingly, Phoenix and Scottsdale have some really good fresh seafood in fine dining restaurants and better grocery stores that's flown in daily just an hour flight from So. Cal. I've had some of the freshest and very tender grilled salmon and fresh shell fish here in Scottsdale at The Capital Grille, Eddie V's Prime Seafood, Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar and daily fresh oysters served at Dominick's Steakhouse. Gotta get your natural Selenium everyone!

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