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  1. Too bad no Barrett Jackson Scottsdale mentions on here. I'm sure it's a copyright issue, but some amazing classics getting big money rolling across the block right now. Heading over tomorrow to see for myself.
  2. Maybe if they have the bed full of battery packs as an EREV truck with the I4 as a backup generator on the Voltec next gen. setup or a full BEV like the 1500's on the way. V8 gas and diesel engines will be in the HD's for many years to come. VIA Motors uses a Voltec setup in Silverado 1500 trucks and Express vans. I'd take the 800hp VIA XTRUX Silverado if it's still around. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1081727_via-motors-xtrux-electric-truck-2013-detroit-auto-show-live-photos 33 mpg isn't all that good for that small of an engine with that low of output, shows that it has to work pretty hard much like the 2.7T in the Silverado 1500.
  3. 2.7T I4 in the Silverado? Yeah, that's ridiculous as well...CAFE regulations be damned.
  4. 169hp and a CVT is ridiculous for the lux CUV segment. Toyota/Lexus, who are still resting on their laurels from the 90's and 00's must think their new car buyers are clueless and in some ways they're right, especially if they buy one of these $41K RAV4/UX "F Sport" crossovers. Same with MB in many ways. If the L or 3 pointed star badge is all they want for $40K+ then let them suffer.
  5. Parents recently bought an XT4 AWD for one of their rides (hers) and love it. It's super quiet and smooth with plenty of power from the 2.0T and the 9 speed is super smooth as well. They looked at the XT5 as well and being on the C1XX platform they said it was louder on road and the ride wasn't as smooth.
  6. Ah yes...those Canadian Trudeau's...
  7. I do the 1/4 tank fill-up as well especially in the C5 being that it is a tall and narrow tank behind the driver and passenger. Usually better for the fuel pump even though most are pretty low in the tank, it's a peace of mind thing too.
  8. Three times a week is pretty far fetched for most people. Now, in Canadia (sp on purpose) you might have to drive a lot further to do business or get to work. It's definitely not for nothing, premium makes a huge difference with performance especially in a vehicle with an engine that runs a lot better or requires it per the timing or higher compression ratio. Now, it is absolutely a waste of money to run premium in a car or truck that's not tuned for it or doesn't require it. In the end, it's my money and my business. I have and do invest a lot of money in some great annuity funds so I know what I have to "burn" on premium gasoline in my rides.
  9. Yep, bean counters and GM is too big or builds too many vehicles to hold to their DOT/DOE CAFE number with more V8 or performance oriented models to sell. All the higher-end GM V8 models (or any manf. with a thirsty V8) have the gas guzzler tax as well so that kills it for a lot of people too.
  10. Yep, 34 gal. is the larger gas tank that I mentioned earlier. The 26 gal. tank is the standard most used tank and the one I have in my 2018 K2. 23 hours ago, USA-1 said: It's been a 26 gal. tank for decades in the Silverado and Sierra double and crew cab short and standard bed, 34 gal. is optional and/or in long bed models. https://g.co/kgs/coqM6M
  11. Exactly! My tuned 6.2L is totally woken up with a snappier throttle and gets the same if not better mpg's. The OEM's want to get every last drop of fuel savings that they can, but the aftermarket guys adjust the timing and fuel delivery even more precisely. I took the front lower air-dam off as well and it looks so much better with the TrailMaster 2.25' Leveling kit I installed, just that much more ground clearance. It probably eeked out another 0.25 mpg with it on in stock form Good idea...best one yet...
  12. You started comparing the national "average" price. I made a comment on my local premium fuel prices and what I pay, and your head exploded. I was never talking about the T1 2019 Silverado, you brought it up and made that comparison. I have a K2 2018 so... So, apparently you didn't see right above this post where I stated that my 6.2L Silverado is Tuned for Premium with an Airaid CAI kit and Magnaflow exhaust?! Tune and bolt on's make a huge difference and are far from stock.
  13. Once a week is pretty normal, same here 5 to 6 days. Yes, it is fun!
  14. @ccap41 Oh gotcha so you're basing your "argument" on one article that you posted stating that the national average is $.60 more for premium and not what you would pay? WOW! Also, I never looked at your STL prices, but one would think you would have. Nobody cares what the national average is, they care about their home state current fuel prices and what they would pay like I originally stated. Since you brought it up, it is very relevant that the standard GM truck fuel tank has been 26 gallons for decades because there are still MILLIONS of those GMT400, GMT800, GMT900, GMTK2XX trucks STILL OUT THERE on the road with that exact size fuel tank in place. Google that. It's obvious that you've never had a fast truck that performs really well and that's too bad because it's a blast and my performance vehicle isn't a truck anyway, but you know that...
  15. Who actually fills up the tank two or three times a week, maybe the mailman or a police officer in a Tahoe PPV?! LOL!! That would be a boring A to B drive for you then The extra dough is totally worth it to me, life is too short to spend it in a boring A to B car everyday. My LS1 5.7L singing the SBC melody while running on Premium or my Silvy 6.2L SBC, Tuned and running on Premium? Yeah, totally worth it. Same if not better mileage and the performance gains in my truck on a Premium tune compared to even a Stock tune is pretty significant. Of course I'm running an Airaid CAI kit and Magnaflow exhaust with the tune to complete it
  16. Not really an anomaly to the rest of the country. Attached a couple more Gas Buddy shots from Top Tier gas stations in the NW part of the country for you. You're getting railed on gasoline in STL apparently. I know LA is a ridiculous anomaly the other way, but everything in So. Cal is ridiculous. It's been a 26 gal. tank for decades in the Silverado and Sierra double and crew cab short and standard bed, 34 gal. for long bed. https://g.co/kgs/coqM6M Ford and Dodge were the same, pretty industry standard. The T1 CC SB might have gone to a slightly smaller tank from 26 to 24 gal., which would make it even less $ per tank.
  17. Since you wanna play, it's a 26 gal. tank. It's about $.30 more here in AZ for premium even at Shell. $7.80 at a $.30 premium per 26 gal. Sorry I was a $1.80 off LOL!!
  18. Let me make it clearer since you didn't comprehend. GM "is woke" in the fact that they are listening to their customers more which is why they are making the quick and early changes to their full-size truck lineup and adding to or updating their SUV/CUV lineup as well. In the past you had to practically beat your head against the front glass at the Ren Cen. to get their attention. Ford and Chrysler are in the same boat. Just like Balth also explained above, "people were asking for that loudly & Chevy did it." It's a good thing.
  19. Yep. I don't mind the 5 to 6 bucks extra per tank 60 or 65 bucks to fill up not a huge deal and it does make a difference in performance.
  20. Let's all not forget the greedy UAW strike for 40 days didn't help the General in sales, only helped it's crosstown rival FoMoCo and FCA-PSA with their contract negotiations. I prefer the front-end and taillights of the new Sierra in AT4 guise with the power of the 6.2L over the Silverado, but I've driven a comparable 2019 6.2L 10 spd Silverado LTZ at my current Chevy dealer and it's a pretty impressive all around ride minus some needed interior trim work, and late 2020's should be a whole new ballgame with the interior. GM seems woke and are updating the interior trim for 2021 MY higher end models which will probably be out in 6 or 7 months and the 6.2L/10 spd. is now offered in 2020 LT and LT Trailboss models which will all help with sales. All new 2021 Full-size SUV's from all 3 GM brands using the new chassis will be out in probably the same time and definitely by September to hold on as the sales leader by a large margin. It's interesting because I sat in a Ram Laramie Longhorn at the Phoenix IAS and didn't see anything to get excited about, I thought everything looked and felt kinda cheap, the faux woodgrain and faux leather on dash and center console with plastic wax feeling stitching were in your face and seemed overdone, it didn't look all that good in person so I don't see what all the hype is about. The huge touchscreen was too much, fingerprints and dust would drive me nuts too as my meticulous ways would be in overdrive haha. I do think GM needs a slightly larger touchscreen with the new interior layout, but nothing Tesla like or extreme. I also have to say WTH is with the huge bell housing bulge on the passenger side footwell of the Ram?! You only have literally 6 or 8 inches of foot room all to the right.
  21. Interior looks decent, but that's about it. That new Genesis cheese grater grille is so fugly.

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