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  1. chris

    Aiyeeee Demon is coming

    The new trend is rushed roadsters, eh? I came back from this year's Houston auto show (having missed the Camaro yet again, grrr) with mostly feelings of "what were they thinking?" Had this been there, I would only be more confused... I think there are only about four new cars out there that really impress me.
  2. chris


    This thread was clearly written in the south, where the numbering system consists of "one, two, and a $h!load".
  3. chris

    AHHHHH!!!!!!! Scary Cars! Booo!

    so far... a mercedes-benz R-class wagon in a really interesting peachish color... an aston martin db9 at the gas station (guy either couldn't use the machine or had his card rejected!) a quattroporte (for the first time on the street!) a checker superba!
  4. chris

    honda miscolored stereo

    you can replace the stereo in an accord. look up "dash kit". meanwhile, GM has the oil life monitor (and a few other important things) integrated into the radio, so if you DO choose to replace it, and you want those features, you're gonna need to have the radio rewired and stashed somewhere like under the seat.
  5. chris

    Word Association

  6. chris

    Word Association

  7. chris

    Word Association

  8. chris

    SO its official

    anybody who's leaving is clearly upset that i disappeared for a while! ;P
  9. chris

    SO its official

    no, wait! i'm back!
  10. chris

    Word Association

  11. chris


    I see a lot of MX3's around here, and they look pretty tacky and worn out most of the time... I mean, of course it's your choice. what's your price range anyways?
  12. chris


    I don't dig the styling on these cars much. might I suggest an alternative which you might find more appealing (reliability wise and fun-wise)?
  13. chris

    Word Association

  14. chris

    Word Association

  15. chris

    Word Association

    a little mirror

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