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  1. Introducing "C&G Wants to Know"

    Are we ever going to get another volume of this section? No one has commented on the CAFE standards for almost a month yet there isn't a new topic in place either...
  2. SPY SHOTS! Dodge Crew!

    hmmm... just looked at the gauges again. anyone notice anything peculiar? the speedo is predominantly in km/h.
  3. SPY SHOTS! 2009 Pontiac Vibe

    It's looking good so far, the side window line is looking very similar to the current Matrix so far though, which I'm not a fan of. And it has manual windows??? Obviously power windows will be an option, but can't GM make that standard already??? This is a 2009 for christ's sake!
  4. FRANKFURT: 2008 Chevrolet Aveo5

    I'm sorry, but doesn't anyone see that these pics look fake?? Look at the Bowtie emblem in each shot, it doesn't look REAL compared to everything else in the shot. I think this is an elaborate fake...
  5. Honda Incentives Rise Sharply

    It's interesting that there aren't any incentives on the Accord, as the new one is due out in just a few months. I wonder if the current Accord's are still selling really well? Wouldn't be surprised...
  6. well, I guess my bike is coming out...

    Most of you talking about gas prices at 2.70 and 2.80 are lucky! It's $3.14 here.
  7. VW, Chrysler mull minivan deal

    Recall that the DCX minivans are nearing the end of their cycle. If there is a collaboration with VW, their minivan would probably be based off the next generation Town & Country

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