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  1. Dump diesel. Diesel cars and trucks literally stink.
  2. Another niche product that no one wanted or needed is coming from FCA? This is the way you bankrupt a company.
  3. SoCalCTS

    GM News: GM Laying Off 2,000 Workers At Two Plants

    Since Trump won theres no reason to support the rust belt. Maybe Canada would be a better place to move the ATS and Camaro.
  4. SoCalCTS

    GM News: GM Laying Off 2,000 Workers At Two Plants

    Maybe they can move ATS, CTS and Camaro production to Mexico or China to make them more profitable or at least offer better incentives.
  5. I hope the CARB tests the hell out of this car just in case GM is trying to cheat the air quality rules too.
  6. i hope the fines are substantial. The engines are putting out 40 times the pollution allowed in California. VW should be banned from selling any diesels for a decade.
  7. SoCalCTS

    Buick News: Rumorpile: Many of Buick Models Could Be Imported

    It's time for Buick to become a China only brand.It's going to be like Vauxhall or Holden and really doesnt have a place in the American market anymore. Even the advertising seems to be geared towards women like Ford's failed Mercury brand. It's time for GM to pull the Buick brand out of the USA.
  8. GM should buy FCA close down the FIAT, Abarth and other Italian brands. Sell Alfa Romeo to Chinese and be done with it.
  9. Johan "de Nissan" knows nothing. Infiniti still isn't a premium brand. Only an Americn can fix Cadillac. The new CT names are dumb. I'm convinced he is here to kill the Cadillac brand.
  10. SoCalCTS

    Chrysler News: Chrysler Bids Adieu To UK Market

    Are jeeps reliable? I know all the quality has been slipping since the whole FCA thing.
  11. SoCalCTS

    GMC News: Rumorpile: More On GMC's Wrangler Competitor

    Let Hummer die already. As long as the wrangler knock-off is small and low cost then it should do fine. America doesn't need any form of a bloated Hummer to return to the roadways!
  12. SoCalCTS

    Michigan Governor Signs Bill Banning Direct Auto Sales

    I think California is going to have to lead the nation again and require that auto manufactures sell directly to consumers. If Michigan can protect their auto manufacturers then California should do the same.
  13. I would buy a Chrysler 200 today but I'm too worried about quality. I see brand new Dodge's and Jeeps driving around with burnt out LED tail lights and it gives me pause. Some of these cars haven't even received their license plates yet. How does this kind of thing make it through quality control at the factory and at the dealership?
  14. The fewer brands sold in the US the better. Aston won't really be missed.

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