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  1. GM has announced a major change to a Canadian manufacturing plant. CAMI will become Canada's first large scale electric delivery vehicle manufacturing plant. The first auto to be produced there replacing Chevrolet Equinox production is the BrightDrop EV600 delivery van and the EP1 electric e-pallet product. GM to Invest Nearly $800 Million To Convert CAMI into Canada’s First Large-Scale Commercial Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Plant
  2. Crazy is as Crazy does. Seems Jeep will launch their 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid in Europe first. As such, they have a web site for people to register so that they can reserve/order one first. No time line for the US has been announced, but prices are a bit shocking. Quote: Black, Granite Crystal, and Bright White are the only options on the First Edition palette. Jeep points out they're the three colors that European customers prefer. LED headlights, Granite Crystal accents, 18-inch wheels, and a hard cover for the spare tire are also found on the list of standard feature
  3. Tesla Model Y has fueled Tesla's 63% increase in registrations for the past year. While Model Y sales and registrations have jumped, records do show that Tesla Model 3 car sales and registrations dropped in the 2nd half of 2020 by 34% showing the increased trend for people to move to SUV/CUV type auto's. Tesla Model Y fuels brand's 63% jump in California registrations | Autoblog
  4. Not sure which Alternative or Regular segment this should be in due to Renault not saying what will power it other than alternative forms of Powertrain which means it could be ICE, Hybrid or EV. Renault seems to want to take on Jeep in Europe and possibly Ford as they showed off their brand new Bigster Concept SUV. While not much is known other than them showing it off and saying it will take you to places that most auto's including the competition cannot take you. Clearly a little X-Terra, Wrangler, Bronco, etc. can be found in the SUV. Dacia introduces Bigster conce
  5. Seems that a Subsidiary of Lamborghini is bringing out an updated DMC-12 auto. Whether or not it is just a tribute to the original DeLorean car or not is unknown. I do wonder if it will have a Lambo Engine, Hybrid or EV? A new DeLorean DMC-12 seems possible as Italdesign teases future plans - Roadshow (cnet.com)
  6. Thanks to a very cool science project that proved air quality in Diesel School buses was not just bad, but terrible as the science project proved that Diesel CO2 fumes in buses were 10 times higher than the recommended EPA limits. As such Miami has applied to get their share of the State VW Diesel Gate settlement and will use it to start buying EV buses to replace diesel. The school districts admit that the cost is 2 to 3 times higher than Diesel buses up front, but that maintenance costs on EV buses are 80% less than Diesel buses. EPA lists that 350 ppm is normal, 450 ppm is accept
  7. BMW i4 EV sedan is in final tweaks for production and coming to market late in 2021. It would appear they want to return to a Ultimate Driving Machine. Be interesting to see what people think.
  8. Excellent read on the EV cost versus CO2 benefits. They do clearly say that the high cost of EVs is an impediment to converting over when you compare the equal ICE version. You can even play with the carbon counter by filtering the results to see specific facts. As they state, for those that can afford the higher up-front cost of an EV, the carbon counter project allows you to visualize how the cost advantages pencil out over the years. https://www.carboncounter.com EV cost vs. CO2 benefit: Updated tool helps navigate the numbers for 2021 (greencarreports.com)
  9. 2021 should be an interesting year as multiple sites are talking about the points that have been stated by the new US administration. The following seems to be on tap and will be watched to see what all gets done. Quote of the Top 10 Auto Items: Rebooting Cash for Clunkers Expanding / Extending EV tax credits Revisiting Fuel Economy requirements Accelerate Public fleets to all-electric. Focus is to transition the US entire fleet of 500,000 school buses to EVs within 5yrs. Rapid build out of Charging infrastructure. Plan to add 500,000 rapid chargers coast t
  10. OUCH Ford, Recalling 2006 to 2012 auto's for Airbag issues. $610 Million charge. Ford to spend $610 million to recall 3 million vehicles (cnbc.com) QUOTE: The impacted vehicles range from model years 2006 through 2012. They include Ford Ranger (2007-2011), Fusion (2006-2012), Edge (2007-2010), Lincoln MKZ/Zephyr (2006-2012), MKX (2007-2010), and Mercury Milan (2006-2011) vehicles. The recall will affect approximately 2.7 million vehicles in U.S. and approximately 300,000 in Canada and other locations, the company said.
  11. Let's not forget he has his mom in a Kia on top of those two auto's he posted are not built in America last time I checked by Korea. Porsche has their less than $80,000 Taycan with the current battery pack, so prices are coming down. Mercedes's has the Cost of Diesel gate hitting the bottom line and as such has been cutting back everywhere both ICE and EV. Will be interesting to see how they do as right now they are more focused on China and Europe with additional delays in the US.
  12. ICE fangurls After all you cannot have it one sided!
  13. Seems Someone made a mistake at a Ford Dealer in selling a demo auto to a customer and tried to get it back 24hrs later. Ford Dealer Mistakenly Sells Bronco Sport Demo Car, Demands It Back (motor1.com)
  14. Very cool tech that I agree should be on every auto out there. Ford's Door Edge Protector Was A Brilliant Little Thing That Should Be Standard On Everything (jalopnik.com)
  15. Interesting first and current reviews on the Tesla 3. At the start of production Tesla 3 was equal to Kia in the early 90's in fit n finish. Still has a long way to go, but getting better. Engineer Who Compared Tesla Model 3 Quality To 'A Kia In The '90s' Buys Another Model 3. Here's What He Found (jalopnik.com)
  16. Sorry about that, I thought I had copied it when looking at the wilder metallic color. Seems a few are out there but everyone seems to take a picture in the shade or a rainy day, so no good picture of what this color really looks like. Agree that the others you state I think still have options that make this Cadillac a hard sale.
  17. WOW, win a 2021 C8 Corvette and not realize they cannot deliver it cause the state lotto did not line up actually having one to give away. Georgia Man Wins C8 Corvette In State Lotto, But Dealers Won't Give Him a Car (thedrive.com)
  18. Yes I admit the 6 figures cost to convert this from ICE to EV is crazy, but I do get the point of this person and the auto passion for a better driving car. James May’s MGB EV Restomod Drive Makes a Case for Electrified Classic Cars (thedrive.com)
  19. Thanks for posting, they did an outstanding job as a cover band. Great start to the morning! 4 men playing to the soul of all those that love music. Multi-Cultural Greatness! Compliment to @A Horse With No Name Cover band by the same group, excellent way to get the blood moving as you start to work. Just learned this, very cool family. The name REO brothers comes from their names. all five of them have first names that starts with R. Reno, Ronjoseph, Raymart, Ralph and Roymark. E is for their middle name. Evasco. and O for their family name, Otic. thats why its R
  20. This is probably the best I have ever seen a Tesla Look, a customer built 2 door Tesla S sedan. Tesla Model S is turned into 2-door convertible and actually looks good (electrek.co) @A Horse With No Name Here is a very green travel Van for you! The vanlife electric: Nissan e-NV200 Winter Camper concept (greencarreports.com)
  21. Capital Hill Dealership here Old Ford Dealership from Downtown Seattle. Museum of History and Industry here in Seattle has started to put online their database of the auto industry in Seattle and the Auto Shows that were done here.
  22. @ccap41 I like that color Wilder Metallic in Sport mode which actually makes this auto look much better to me, but at $74,000, WOW for what they have as an interior and the blah exterior. I did find one that is at a dealer a little over 1000 miles away. Sad part is the person who took the actual photos took them in the shade so it does not show off the actual color. 2021 Cadillac XT6 | Vehicle Listing Details | Vehicle Locator

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