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  1. rp2s

    Bad Dog!

    That was too funny. I have a Beagle, and she is an absolute nut job. Agree with last post, dogs are awesome creatures.
  2. I know my comment is a bit late, but this would really be a great car if Suzuki was the manufacture. They already have a great little 1L3 from the original Swift/Metro. It was not unusual to see these with well over 100k on them. It would be a quality small car, with incredible MPGs, unlike the unremarkable Smart.
  3. rp2s

    New Stingray!

    I agree. I think they are powered by 660cc, supercharged fours. Probably a blast to drive on some of the narrow, crowded streets in the old country.
  4. rp2s

    New Stingray!

    These are the cars that have Suzuki at the number one sales position in Japan. Besides motorcycles, this is their bread&butter type of car. I'm just not so sure they could sell them in the states, unless gas gets over $6 gal.
  5. Thanks ocnblu. I guess I have a fondness for the proverbial underdog. I hope they remain a player in the US market, as I think they really are of the best automakers at building quality cars at affordable prices. I actually can't believe the prices they offer, considering their manufacturing for US market vehicles is based in Japan. Fingers crossed. I really like the photo in your signature.
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys. It does seem like a great place you have here.
  7. Thank you Oldsmoboi, and a great city it is.
  8. Hello everyone. I came across this site while searching for some Suzuki Kizashi info, and you had a great review posted. This seems like a great site, and I'm glad to be a member. My current ride is a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi GTS AWD, and I think I'm in love with my car. I live in Pittsburgh, and I just can't stop thinking about a little snow coming our way, and me in the local parking lot doing donuts. I've been a Suzuki owner on and off, this being my fourth "genuine" Zuk (no Dawoos here). I had a X-90, followed by an SX4 AWD (my wife still has one), and now the Kizashi.
  9. Thanks. Sorry for the rambling, but I do love driving this car, and I really can't wait for a little Pittsburgh snow.
  10. I love driving it. I think the interior is very refined, much better than most other cars in it's price range. I have about 1600 miles on her, and I really have no issues what-so-ever. I've owned, and driven nothing but manuals for the last 30yrs, and I actually like this CVT. The paddles work quick, and smooth. I really haven't used the slap stick so much. The electronic steering has great feedback, and the braking is super. I don't know what else say. It's just a great overall package, and I actually look forward to my morning commute to work, and often take the long route home just
  11. Sorry to hear about the Rockford Fosgate changes. That had a huge push on my decision to go with the GTS AWD, after test driving the SE. PS; My original post was under the "guest" name R. Pealer, on the Sept. 22

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