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  1. Wow now I do like that grill Ive never saw that one before. Maybe I will get that one to put on it. Acctually I got the truck given to me so It was worth putting 4grand into it because its paid for.
  2. I would but I dont like any of the choices of GMC grills for that year there all bulky and pointed and they just look strange.
  3. Yea Ive looked into that and it looks really easy. The thing is it costs 200.00 for the grill, lights, bulbs, and sidemarkers. Then the conversion kit for the support braces is another 100 and something. So right now I need to get out of school and get a better job before I do anything else big lol! But that is on my list except im going to get the paintable grill with billet inserts and a billet Bowtie. Then Im going to get this sweet ass bumper cover off of Stylin Concepts. It looks really good with the 94 and up style Headlights. I have over $4000.00 in it so far but when im completly done it will be ALOT more than that but its worth it because its a Chevy. Well a GMC if you want to get technical Heres a few Pictures of when I first got it.
  4. Thanks. Yea my mom got it to make the house look fancy. Its on top of the opening to the real well though.
  5. LOL! I dont care for Ford to much but the Fusion is nice and its a lot better than that piece of crap Toyota! At least the better car won!
  6. Now there is a picture I had some trouble getting it to show at first.
  7. This is my 1988 GMC Sierra. It was my paps then he gave it to my Aunt and Uncle because he bought a 1994 Chevy Silverado. My Aunt and Uncle bought a 1997 Chevy Silverado and then gave the 88 to me. I did a lot of different things to it with my dad and the one was chainging the grill from a GMC to a Chevy. It has a 350 in it with Flathead Pistons and a high performance camshaft. Me and my dad just rebuilt the top end of the motor and it runs great!
  8. LMAO! That was below the belt but funnier than hell!
  9. Best Commercial Ive seen in a long time! I was watching the NASCAR Race and it came on it made me want to get in my truck and do burnouts in the middle of the road lol!
  10. Yea that seems true they are doing alot better now with these new vehicles than they have been doing for a while now! Which is good because I wouldn't be able to live without my GM Vehicles!
  11. It pisses me off how the government doesn't do anything about the prices but "LOOK INTO IT" Instead of the stupid President doing something about the price of gas he puts a new bill in law that car manufactures need to make vehicles that have better gas mileage! Now why doesnt he just solve the problem in one step LOWER THE DAMN GAS PRICES!!!
  12. Instead of making regulations why doesn't our worthless piece of crap president lower gas prices then we won't have to bother with any of this!!! God Politicians are so stupid there only in it for the money!
  13. My 88 Chevy's brakes are horrible! You basically have to push them to the floor to stop the damn thing. Im thinking about spending the $1000 to convert the back brakes to disc they are so bad. It's even worse when you put something heavy in the back like my 400lb Fourwheeler it basically frys the brakes so bad that they stink!
  14. I am a huge NASCAR Fan and this really pisses me off!!! NASCAR is supposed to be for American manufactured cars ONLY! and they add TOYOTA to the truck series and now the cup series! Im sick and tired of Toyota trying to be made American cars when all they are is cheap junk! Kiss my ass Toyota!
  15. My mother wants one of these so theres someone else she said shes going to make my dad buy her a brand new one since he made her get rid of her 1989 Camaro!
  16. I just got a set of Euro tailights for my 88 GMC for Christmas and I was wondering? I noticed that in the passenger side light two bulbs light up for the tailights but on the driver side only one bulb lights up? All the brake lights work and everything its just that it has this problem. My buddy has an 89 GMC and his lights do the same thing and they do it on the exact same side? Does anyone know why its like that or know how to fix it??? Thanks
  17. LMAO! That could turn out to be a good idea!
  18. Well at least it was a GM product that ended up on top of the Vette. Now they can say hey GM's 4-Wheel drive is so good they can run over cars like Bigfoot the Monster Truck!!! :P
  19. Ah its alright I guess. Im a NASCAR fan but I dont really love the Monte. The only thing I really like on them is the ass end and how they run I really don't care for anything else.
  20. I think the wheels make it look to cheap and the front end and the hood don't look as good as they do in the drawing. IDK It's alright I guess.
  21. I went Past the Team Dealership where I live yesterday and saw a couple HHR's They look ALOT better in person. I wish I had a good job or I would by one just like that.
  22. Yea that sounds about right. :CG_all:
  23. That is awesome maybe even one of the best ive seen so far.
  24. That is awesome news, but I wish they would make up their mind on this one :D

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