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    '95 9C1 Caprice(ex-FBI vehicle) SOLD!-now in New Orleans.<br />'05 Chrysler Town & Country Touring-traded in for<br />'08 Dodge Caliber SXT.<br />New love & last hurrah- customized '94 GMC Sonoma ex-cab, with '95 LT1 transplant engine. Really goes!

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  1. What is going to happen to the Dodge cars--- Charger Challenger? Where will they be made?
  2. Bring back a Dakota -sized truck with upgrade! Do the same with the Durango -- current offerings are too bloated to be useful !
  3. See ! ---- Not one blog yet about the technical aspects of these two types of vehicles. Nobody has even mentioned towing! How do all those boats and ATVs get around? Maybe those folks don't look at this website ???
  4. You are all missing another very important aspect of these vehicles --- towing! The GC, being a FWD, in its best form is rated at 3750 lbs. The Durango, with a hemi is rated at 7400 lbs., because it is RWD - in a 2 wheel drive version. That is the highest rating of all the CUVs. BTW, the Feds now rate the Durango as full-size with the new unibody, not MID-size, as the 1st Gen version were, with their body-on-frame. I prefer the old ones, and have one out of choice --- cuz I pull a trailer !
  5. The issue boils down to useability. The SUVs and CUVs, we used to call them station wagons, have greater capabilities and flexibility of usage than the current crop of sedans, I believe due to downsizing. People have not gotten smaller! They need the space these types of vehicles provide. Then too, in the event of an accident there is the issue of mass --- more metal to crunch instead of bones --- that is the perception, regardless of the level of crush sophistication in the cars design. Buyers today are not as technically astute as they were years ago, before cars became another appliance commodity. Ignorance plays a role in allowing the manufacturers to sway opinion, over reality and facts! The other major factor is politics. In their ignorance of the machine, the buyers have allowed the politician to interfere in the design criteria and a belief that protection is better than avoidance. As cars have become more common as a necessity, driver skills have gone down. This is why there has been the cry for "more protection" from some. Ralph Nader led this charge years ago. Many drivers today are more interested in the entertainment attachments than the internal mechanicals of their car. Some don't even know how to do checking of fluids or minor maintainence.
  6. Two questions ---\Where's the hatchback?, if this is a replacement for the Caliber. and, looking at the interior, who picks up a drink cup from the holder with their elbow? The holders are too far back to be useful!
  7. Don't know where you get your numbers from, but you are way off base. A million is more than 3000, on my calculator! Secondly, nobody has matched Chryslers Stow N' Go seating. Did you ever hear the word versatility? Autoweek called it the best minivan they have ever driven! Obviously you do not have a family or do not need to haul things around that do not fit into a shoebox trunk! Next time ask the man who owned one, or admit your product ignorance!
  8. When did some idiot at Chrysler decide that a full gauge compliment was not necessary for those incompetent American drivers? No oil pressure? Can't tell from the instruments! No voltage? Can't tell again! And don't tell me that idiot lights are as good! They usually only respond AFTER the failure has occurred! You can read that as $$$$$ for the shop! At least offer an option ----- but where could you put it?!
  9. It appears that the GM marketing idiots are at it again, by excluding the USA from being able to get an Orlando. This is a far, far more suitable vehicle for multi-purpose use than anything announced by the marketing dumbells at corporate! Wake-up GM!!!!!
  10. Why don't you continuous bitchers go back to the other sites you came from, instead of wasting space here with your constant negative complaints. I'm tired of seeing them..... and how many of you bitchers have ever bought or used this type of vehicle? IMO, this looks like a very good replacement for the HHR, style-wise. It reminds me of the show-concept that was shown several years ago at the SEMA specialty show. How many crabbers have any form of utility vehicle, or even know what to look for in one? The rear hatch opening on this is 200% better than what is being shown on the new Cruze hatchback! It is a genuine usable form for the correct interior space behind it! 2-row seating, 3-row seating; let those who need this option decide! Stop all the negatives and get LOST!
  11. I sure hope that this version is not coming here to replace the HHR! The rear hatch design is stylish --- but stupid! If you have a need for a rear hatch, it is because you want to load things there ---- maybe bulky, boxy things. Howya gonna do that with that ridiculous slope-back. You style junkies may like the looks, but us folks who need a functional machine will say, "NO THANKS!"
  12. I like it very much! It is a partial excuse as a replacement for a minivan, that GM needs very badly in its lineup! BUT ---- I hope that the geniuses that created this model remember that the second row seats NEED TO FOLD FLAT, and level with the back floor. Without that feature 50% of its utility is lost!
  13. All you young turks who want coupes, are all probably single dudes, who can't think beyond their next conquest! Try putting an infant car seat or baby bed in the back of a coupe.... a little hard to do, isn't it? Man, those four doors make it look easy. When you are on the inside, and you want your buddy and his girlfriend to join you, do you get out to let them in the back, or fold over like squished bread to get'em in? And for those who are concerned about the outside look, do you see it when you are in the drivers seat? Or are you just for impressing your neighbors, who can't see you in the car with the darkened windows anyway! GET REAL, and get your heads out of your asses. If you want artwork, take a picture and hang it on your wall. I want a car that can WORK FOR ME! BMW blew away to two-door myth many years ago! For those of you who are not old enough to remember, coupes became favorites due to weight --- for racing! Ya know, when you raced the car you drove 5 days a week, and not some other clone!

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