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  1. This is a very nice looking car in my humble opinion. It seems like it is real sporty. Sounds like something you wouldn't really want to drive daily though.
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to check in with a little update. The truck is still sitting in my driveway. I have not been able to do anything with it yet. The good news is this, me and my brother have been saving our money up and we got enough to start seriously looking at used cars and trucks. I'm not sure exactly what I want but I have a pretty good idea. I'm looking for something like a Ranger, S-10, Civic, etc. Something that has a manual transmission and a 4 cylinder engine. Hopefully I will be able to get really good gas mileage. There has been a lot of good looking used cars for sale lately in my area. If I can find something that has the A/C working on it too I'll be in heaven! The idea is to pick up a good used truck and then we can start going to our local U-Pull-It junkyard. Once we find a good transmission from a wrecked car in the junkyard we will have the F-150 with a big fat for sale sign. When we find a car I'll be sure to post pictures.
  3. Yeah dfelt I agree. It kind of upset me when I saw multiple emails with the offer of $500. I mean I can understand people wanting something they can make a profit on but that is just ridiculous. I agree the best bet is to fix it. I'm going to have a talk with my mom and see what she wants to do. I don't think she cares about keeping it. Looks like I'm going to have some greasy hands soon.
  4. Thanks for reminding me Drew, I planned on mentioning the miles but I guess I forgot. It has around 110,000 miles on it. I am not sure exactly how many it had on it when my dad bought it. I'm pretty sure since it has been in the family we have only put about 10,000 miles on it.
  5. I apologize for the bad picture but that is what I got right now. This was my dad's truck, he passed away earlier this year. My mom has been driving it ever since. The truck has an automatic transmission. She drives from her house across town to come visit with me and my brother at our house. The last time she drove it a few weeks ago it acted funny on her, she didn't know how to explain it so I test drove it around the block. I tell you guys I didn't know if I was gonna make it back to my house. Reverse won't work most of the time, motor just spins. When I was driving it would shudder bad. I believe it sounded like metal scraping too but I can't remember 100% cause it has been a few weeks now. So I got back to the house and checked the transmission fluid and it smells nice and burnt. I looked up online and it seems like this is a common problem with these F-150's around this year. So I believe the transmission needs to be replaced. Has been sitting in the driveway ever since. My problem is I don't have much money so I'm trying to figure out what the smartest thing to do is. I will list my options as I see them below. 1. Sell truck and buy another vehicle that is running 2. Replace transmission myself with a cheap junkyard transmission 3. Pull transmission and have it rebuilt by a shop then install it myself I've already tested the waters on number 1. I put the truck on my local craigslist and got a ton of emails. Everyone seems like they want the truck. My highest offer is $1500 which I think is low. If I fix the truck I should be able to sell it for at least $4,000 or more I think. The problem with number 2 is these transmissions are prone to failure so would this last even long enough to sell it? Number 3 I'm weary of because I've heard horror stories with transmission shops, and it is probably too expensive for me anyways. I'm not sure what to do. So I just thought I would see what everyone has to say and to be honest I feel better just talking about my problems!
  6. That is a pretty nice looking little S-10. If that is anything like the Ford Ranger 2.3L that thing will run forever and a half. My dad had a ranger for years and it just kept going and going. The only thing I don't like is the automatic transmission. I'm always afraid of an automatic transmission failing, that is why my mom's F-150 is sitting in my driveway.
  7. Oh man I really goofed that one. I'm sorry Drew when I posted that I thought I was looking at the username, apparently I wasn't. I'm actually kind of glad I did though because I'm happy to know what Unimatrix 01 means. I was curious but would have been to lazy to ask and didn't think about Google searching. I have watched quite a bit of star trek over the years and my favorite is Star Trek Next Generation.
  8. Hey ocnblu thanks for the welcome. We liked that color it is actually metal flake and when it was in the sun had a sparkle to it. You can't see it very good in the picture though cause of the lighting. Unimatrix01 yes I do have plans to try again but unfortunately right now my financial situation plain out sucks. I have a little bit of work right now but it doesn't pay very much at all. I am putting in applications trying to get something going here. When I can save up enough money I'm looking at buying something. Right now I'm thinking about a 1980's or 1990's Ford Ranger because they are cheap around here and I have found them to be extremely reliable little trucks. I would also be open some other cars so I guess I'll just see what I can find when I get enough saved up. My plan is to buy something that runs good and has a nice interior and then paint it.
  9. I'm new here and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Corey and I'm from Florida. I've loved anything with an engine since I was young. My father taught me how to tune up a car and change the oil. He just passed away earlier this year. He loved cars as well, that is probably where I got it. Me and my brother have taught ourselves how to repair almost anything on a car over the years. We did this thanks to the excess of information that can be found online. Me and my brother converted a 92 mustang from auto to manual transmission. We also took the 4 cylinder out of a 93 mustang and put in a 5.0 liter. We both graduated from a 2 year course on "Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing." Please don't misunderstand, I'm not bragging I just have a love for cars. I attached a picture of the 93 mustang, this was after we painted it. Unfortunately someone stole it out of our driveway while we were in the process of moving.

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