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  1. kryptonics

    C&G Cadillac Census

    1. 1 (99 Seville STS) 2. 1 (09 CTS) (also planning on getting a XLR, but that's definitely going to be used)
  2. kryptonics

    2008 CTS Pricing Released

    Well, that's my point, then they can go with one of the competition's fine choices. Personally, I'm looking for a 5-series sized car for a 3-series price, and the CTS works out perfectly for me. It may not be as detailed and finely detailed as the 5 series, but it doesn't cost as much either. Cadillac will eventually get a small compact, but I think most people in the compact market will probably go with the 3-series because it's already near perfect... Cadillac just offers a choice, just like how the CLS is just an alternative to the E class. It exists for style alone. The CTS exists not only as Cadillac's entry model, but as a choice for people who would like a slightly bigger car at that price point.
  3. kryptonics

    2008 CTS Pricing Released

    A Mercedes Benz E350 weighs in at 3740lbs, while the CTS weighs 3872lbs. I really don't see a problem here. Besides, if you want proof that GM knows how to build a light luxury car, just look at the XLR, which is significantly lighter than the SL550 and the SC430. I'm sure they know what they are doing and they are certainly not just throwing parts together. The CTS still has a good 51/49 balance... Cadillac is offering something that the others don't, a larger car for the price of the compacts. If you are into checking out statistics, go with the BMW, but if you want a solid performer that you won't have to squeeze into, get the CTS. I don't understand how many times we have to stress the point that it's a 5 series size car for 3 series money... It's just an alternative, if you don't like it, then find something else. Don't complain how it doesn't cleanly fall into a segment, though I appreciate this discussion to a certain degree...
  4. kryptonics

    2008 CTS Pricing Released

    Sorry if I missed this, but does anyone know the details of the seating package? I noticed the luxury II package includes heated/ventilated front seats, so does the seating package just add heat to the rear? It doesn't seem like that would be a wise purchase seeing how I've only used the heated rear seats on my STS maybe 3 times over the last 5 years... Thanks!
  5. kryptonics

    2008 CTS Wishlist

    true air conditioned seats and not those cheap vented ones. My back is always sweaty in the summer when I hop into a leather seated car... Easy entry/departure / power tilt/telescope... important feature for tall people. Keyless entry/Push Start LED tail lamps Rainsense wipers Two Driver Information Center windows like in the CTSv, accessible from the steering wheel. If GM covers most of those, plus gives it the interior room (or close) of the 98-04 Seville, count me in. I find it amazing the the current CTS has almost as much rear leg room as the old Seville, I hope the new one keeps those dimensions, while adding a little to the shoulder room/width.
  6. kryptonics

    Lexus Reveals 2007 LS 460

    Compare the center stack to that of the STS, which is cleaner? The previous LS was a lot cleaner than this as well. You don't need that many buttons and it can be done without making it confusing and/or i-drive like. I like Cadillac because of all the little stuff GM does to unclutter the driving experience like the english/metric button that eliminates the need to show M/KPH at the same time and turning the HVAC off with the same knob that adjusts it instead of having to press an extra, unneeded off button. Simplifying what the driver sees makes the interior pleasent, just look at the Solstice. Oh well, I'll eventually be driving this one five days a week soon enough, maybe my opinion will change...
  7. kryptonics

    Lexus Reveals 2007 LS 460

    What's really sad about the new 8-speed transmission is the inevitable media hype. "OMG, the Cadillac is so outdated with only 5-6 gears." Anyways, I think the interior looks cold. The grey and wood look too dark with the ecru colored leather and there are way too many buttons. I'm wondering what the pricing for this will be. The $55k base price for an LS430 is a pretty good deal, but this new one adds so much more... Price of admission, "$60-85k + your two testicles"
  8. kryptonics

    Corvette Production Interrupted

    That's why you try to avoid using a sole supplier. I know it can't be done for everything, but GM acts like they have no emergency back up plan. Do the people at GM even ask "what if" questions anymore?
  9. kryptonics

    Adjustable Tint

    Is it feasible to create a sort of "electrochromatic" adjustable tint for all the windows of a car? I noticed the new Ferrari Superamerica has this feature for the roof panel and thought about how cool it would be to be able to dictate how dark or light the windows get. I'm guessing it would be an expensive item to create, but maybe we'll see this on the ULS. I've looked at the new S Class, which is being praised for it's rather boring innovations. Where are the real innovations though?

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