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  1. Insight EX $21,300 is equivalent in terms of features. If Honda wanted to build a stripped Civic Hybrid and lower the price they are more than capable of it.
  2. Honda can say whatever they please, what matters is if anyone bothers buying it and Honda already knows nobody will. Apparently Honda feels the need to sell a hybrid inferior to their own 4 year old Civic for a couple thousand less.
  3. EPA city/highway/combined mpg Insight 40/43/41 Civic Hybrid 40/45/42 the Honda Civic gets a redesign for the 2011 model year and at least the current model uses rear discs and a rear multi-link suspension. Exactly why Honda even built this vehicle is beyond me.
  4. the Honda Insight uses drum brakes at the rear. I wouldn't be surprised to see it turn into a dud like the old model and the Accord Hybrid. It's beyond me why Honda even built it considering the Civic Hybrid is vastly superior.
  5. Audi sold a total of 3,326 RS6 Avants last years or 277/month worldwide.
  6. yup I'm sure once Audi releases their revolutionary super lightweight car everyone else will run out to copy it.
  7. this non-scientific study conducted by some British newspaper? http://www.autoblog.com/2009/06/02/report-...s-equal-that-o/ the solar panels power a fan to vent the interior when its parked under the sun. like this modern turbodiesel? http://www.popularmechanics.com/automotive...rs/4284188.html the new midsize Prius weighs 3000lbs and in two to four years will switch over to a lighter lithium-ion battery pack. There are other technologies like direct injection and Valvematic that can significantly increase efficiency for the gasoline motor. The hybrids are only going to get far more efficient while diesels will be fighting emission regulations the EPA and CARB will begin passing shortly. Diesel will be a completely dead technology in the US as far as passenger cars are concerned in less than 5 years, significantly less mileage and a higher price, doesn't sound like a winner.
  8. then your friend must be deaf since the Accord sets off a clearly audible alarm as soon as the driver's door is opened.
  9. I just read that article which is a pretty long read but I didn't see it even mention the Insight. It didn't say the Prius is superior to Volt either, what is indisputable is the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry already reported GM is at least one generation behind Toyota on on green powertrains. The Prius does cost less than 2/3's what the Volt is expected to and unlike the Volt it isn't paid for by the American taxpayer along with its $7,500 tax credit. The Prius has a combined EPA rating of 50 mpg which by GM's own estimate means the average Prius commuter doesn't even need a full gallon of gas to get to work. And of course once the Volt passes 40 miles it's sucking gas just like the Prius. Even if the average price of gas is $6.00 the Prius needs $4.80 to cover 40 miles and then the Volt at best is on equal footing with it. The Prius plug-in should be arriving around the same time as the Volt which gives the Prius buyer the option of paying extra for the plug-in or just sticking to the standard model. Exactly what makes the Volt so superior? Looking at GM's own estimates of 10,000 units/year compared to 600,000 units/year for the Prius, the buyer isn't buying it. But then again it doesn't matter since the federal government will spend whatever amount GM asks. What's funny though is how many of the Volt's biggest supporters aren't interested in buying the Volt, it turns out they are really just GM's biggest supporters.
  10. my parents got their Samsung off amazon or newegg, I forget either way much cheaper than Best Buy
  11. or just the American and Japanese markets have imploded while European markets have not yet, but sooner or later they'll collapse as well. Goes to show you what pathetic management can do to a company. GM is a vastly superior company compared to VW and shouldn't ever be behind VW in sales.
  12. except Toyota created Lexus and Scion VW did not create Audi, Lamborghini, Skoda, Seat, Veyron, Bentley, Bugatti or Scania.
  13. I compared similar generations. the 1998-2002 Accord is rated below the 1997-2001 Camry in frontal collisions the 2003-2007 Accord structure is rated below the 2002-2006 Camry in side impacts the 2008-present Accord structure is rated below the 2007-present Camry structure in side impacts the 1996-2004 RL is rated below the 1995-2000 LS 400 in frontal collisions the 2007-present CRV is rated below the 2006-present RAV4 in roof strength. 2006-present Civic vs 2003-2008 Corolla 2001-2005 Civic vs 1998-2002 Corolla score one for Honda.

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