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  1. I saw it last night too. Big fan of the '84-'86 line, was 9 in 1984... HUGE theater, dang near full. The audience reacted very well to the humor, the action, the surprises, etc. It was an absolutely amazing flick, though a few times a bit cheesy. I had to remind myself this is based on a 25 year old line of TOYS! Several subtle visual references too, i.e. '71 Camaro Bumblebee sitting next to a yellow '71 VW Bug on the carlot and he hits it with his doors I agree that Bumblebee's voice was a little cheesy, but Prime and Megatron's were AWESOME. I think Hugo actually sounded a bit like the or
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Longer, wider, longer wheelbase, yet less room in almost every parameter. WTF? Is the quietglass that thick?
  3. Yes, after driving the Charger R/T, Impala SS and Grand Prix GTP, I unfortunately have to agree. Driving with FWD just sucks with those V8's.
  4. For those who don't frequent the "other guys"...
  5. Thanks! Gives me an idea of what it will look like.
  6. Thanks Nick. I did try that, and it just "smeared" gray here and there. SPent an hour or two trying to mess with it, then had to go out of town. I'm coming home tomorrow night so I'll have some more time to try it out. I use a mac so maybe the mac version is different than the PC version!? :blink:
  7. Yeah, Ok. I just looked at the date I asked that and it's only been 4 days. Long 4 days though!
  8. Can anyone change these pictures (courtesy Velocity Journal) to the Silverstone color for the SS? Thanks in advance.
  9. Would be a great looking addition, but I still can't get used to that G6 wheelbase.
  10. Yes, but Premium gas and insurance adds up. To be clear, I have driven (ASIM and rentals) Malibus and Impalas, both 3LT and SS. I know what each car would need to make me drop the cash, so I was hoping '07 would bring those things to make my decision easy. I enjoy both drives fairly evenly. It may seem funny the importance I place on little things, but spending $20K+ should come with no annoyances. Here is what needs to change in my mind: Malibu - needs MP3 CD capability and AUX input (rear RCA would be freakin' sweet) or just put the Imp's radio in there. Fold flat
  11. I HOPE it's not only to differentiate from the Lucerne, which has dual zone auto AC. Give us at least single zone auto in the Imp! The Malibu, as well as many lesser-than-Impala imports have the telescoping wheel too. Makes a car feel less cramped, and the Impala feels a bit cramped to the steering wheel (I'm 6'1" and am more comfy in the Malibu because of this.)
  12. Well, I am looking at a Malibu LTZ vs. Impala 3LT. Very close to the same price, though with an extra $1,000 GM Card allowance the Imp actually is a bit less. Malibu offers a few "luxuries" like auto dimming mirror, leather seats and auto A/C for the money, while Imp gives you a bigger engine and bigger car and I agree, better interior. My main issue is with the few things that one has over the other (as mentioned) and if they are fixing these for '07, I could wait a year. If not, I'll buy before Jan 3rd to use my additional $500 from the ASIM I attended recen
  13. Self explanatory, I will get one of these two cars, but each has it's pros and cons to the other. If they add auto climate control and telescoping steering wheel to the Imp, or put the Imp/HHR radio or flip/fold rear seats in the Malibu, I would be swayed...
  14. Also, the LTZ has Bose and XM standard, neither of which I would want.

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