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  1. i just wish more people would use their blinkers, they are there for a reason, so use them
  2. i thought i would like this car or crossover whatever, but we got one for a weekend while my dads car was getting the tire fixed (hit another nail) and i have never felt so car sick while driving in my life, the whole car swayed/rolled when making simple lane changes and it is near impossible to see out of, i am so happy that we get to get our car back and we dont have to keep it
  3. cause i drive a cadillac escalade with 22's and my step mom drives one too and i like to keep up with the news, i really hope they improved the quality of the ride cause mine is an 02 and its going down hill, the other an 04 is much nicer but they went cheep on the gauges, the 05 looks nice, i really like the interior of the new escalade but the front isnt as imposing as the current one from what i can see in the pics and thats what i like about the escalade, its attitude and it seems to have lost that but ill wait till i see it in person before i make a final judgement
  4. what other cars, please i want to know because my dads $130k S600 sure doesnt, neither does our $90k Range Rover Supercharged or our $200k SL65, i dont know about maybach but im sure if your willing to pay for it they will do it for you, bentley to my knowledge doesnt.....
  5. how do you know? why would you put it in a car its meant to be in a kitchen or a bathroom in a car, gm cant even make nav standard on a "lux" suv, and lets pray to god that gm doesnt decide to offer faux granite as an option
  6. im going to lose it with this granite trim stuff...why on earth would they put fake plastic granite in this car, it wont be real because it is heavy and breakable, what next corian?
  7. well they have those bathroom doors that are clear glass until they are closed and then they turn opaque. things always start out to expensive and only in the nicest or lux brands then they work their way into mainstream so its possible. the s class's inovations are worth being praised for and i dont think they are boring at all. the stop and go distronic is an amazing feature that is another step towards self driven cars. the air chambers in the seats that inflate/deflate on sharp corners while also acting as a massage chair is nothing to scoff at. the night vision has been around for a while though i like how they have intagrated it into the instrument cluster. the new safety features are reassuring though not very exciting i will give you that
  8. ya the standard wheels are ok, the non-nav system looks awful, the new flip down screen looks so much better because its lost all of that extra plastic, did you notice the key in the ignition looks just like the old key (you cant see the buttons but same two piece key)
  9. i think the new one looks good, i liked the old one a lot but the new one is not bad at all
  10. LOTS OF NEW PICTURES OF THE 07 ESCALADE FROM AUTOSPIES http://www.autospies.com/article/index.asp...0&categoryId=21 http://www.autospies.com/article/index.asp...9&categoryId=21 http://www.autospies.com/article/index.asp...8&categoryId=21 http://www.autospies.com/article/index.asp...7&categoryId=21 http://www.autospies.com/article/index.asp...6&categoryId=21 http://www.autospies.com/article/index.asp...5&categoryId=21
  11. is that the pearl color? looks nice...im trying to get used to it, were you able to get any good interior shots?
  12. wow it looks so much better in that picture, why is it that the press release photos always make the car look so bad, GMtv under the Cadillac section has video from its miami autoshow release
  13. a side by side comparison shows a clearly updated and much improved interior, i don’t quite understand the wood ringed steering wheel idea, it doesn’t look much like a truck anymore
  14. why on earth does the speedometer go up to 160mph because im sure that the new one is limited like the current one to 100mph, also what is it with the massively large center storage bucket thing, in all three, tahoe/yukon/escalade, the lid seems oversized, overall its grown on me but it will take some time to get used to the front other than that i think it looks really good
  15. I SECOND THAT, they messed up big time...

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