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    Subaru B9

    Chrysler grill - Check Saab/Hyundai taillights - Check Saab Wheels - Check Overall bland front-end styling - Check Slightly less aggressive Camry headlights - Check
  2. Heads Up Display I don't think GM uses this enough. They should use it and advertise the hell out of it (not just for the CTS).
  3. Have you looked at the Mazda3? I have an '05 Mazda3 5-door and love it. I actually wanted the sedan when we bought it but my wife talked me into the 5-door which I wasn't thrilled about at first. Now, I'm so glad we didn't ge the sedan. Cargo room is awesome, and the car is just a blast to drive (5spd. manual).
  4. Tell me about it! I think a new set of wheels would do WONDERS for the SRX. I've always hated the wheels they put on there. Wheels can make or break a vehicle in my opinion. For me, they break the SRX. Can't wait to see the new interior!
  5. Regarding PT Cruiser: My mom & dad have one. My mom likes it. However, my dad hates it. The thing is HORRIBLE on gas. Previously, they had a Buick Park Avenue with the 3800. The Buick got much better gas mileage. Personally, I think the PT's engine is very loud and buzzy. I have no experience with the HHR, but if it were me, I'd definitely go with the HHR. Although, I'm not sold on the interior quality.
  6. It's called the "Xtreme".
  7. Being an '05 Mazda3 SP23 (special edition) owner, I can't wait for this car to come out. The only thing I don't like about it are the wheels. I'd rather have my SP23 wheels. Other than that though, this thing should be awesome. Like the article said, it will be FWD, not AWD which is alright with me. As long as they use an LSD I'm ok with it. It will keep the price down and more attainable. Plus, I really don't think they are wanting to go after the STI and other high power AWD cars out there. This will compete against the Cobalt SS, Caliber SRT4, etc. A lot of the rumors I'm seeing on my Mazda3 board point to HP numbers around 250. Mine only has 160hp but it's a blast to drive. The handling is amazing. I've never owned anything but GM so this is my first non-GM car. I can say that I'll definitely be a repeat Mazda customer if they keep producing cars as good as or better as the Mazda3. I am seriously considering selling my 3 when the MSP3 comes out. If the price is right, I will definitely upgrade.
  8. mshu7

    Dodge Caliber!!

    Flybrian & BrewSwillis, You're right about all the add-on's. They jack the price up a lot. HOWEVER, being a Mazda3 owner and being on a Mazda3 message board on a daily basis, I assure you that most Mazda3's are purchased for less than $20K. Those extra add-on's are very rare. Most of them I have never seen on a Mazda3 and I've seen tons in real life and in online pictures. The typical fully-loaded Mazda3 runs right around $20-$21K. I'm a diehard GM fan, however when I purchased my Mazda3 over the summer GM had nothing that I wanted in my price range. I've never purchased anything other than GM until this Mazda. It was a tough task...LOL. But, I did a lot of research on the Mazda3 and you really cannot beat it for the price you pay. I mean, if you look at the features you get on the car for the price they offer it at, it's unbelievable. You really get more with this car than any other car in the segment. Plus, it's a blast to drive and it has killer looks. That's something else you don't find in the compact segment. Anyway, just wanted to clear some of that up. :)
  9. mshu7

    Dodge Caliber!!

    Unless this price is Canadian, it's absolute BS. I own an '05 Mazda3 special edition. Mine retailed for $21K and the only major option I didn't get was the navi system ($1700). I ended up paying just under $20K (about $50 under invoice). Most Mazda3's sold are under $20K. The only time the Mazda3 could reach $26K is when they come out with the MazdaSpeed3 which should be coming around for the 2007 model year.
  10. Yeah, I remember seeing the LS badge on it. I definitely thought it was odd that it had leather even though it was an LS. The wheels were definitely "LS-grade". The only thing I can think is that since it had a "test vehicle" sticker on it, it might be a hodge-podge of options not really specific to LS or LT.
  11. BTW, this was an LS not an LT.
  12. There weren't a ton of people around it when I first walked up to it. But once I started snapping shots I could see a few more people paying attention and heard a couple people comment about how good it looked.
  13. I did not catch who was driving it. It just rolled passed me about 15 ft. away when my buddy pointed to it and I turned around to see it. By the time we walked passed it on the way to the stadium, the people in it were gone.
  14. Last weekend while at the Purdue vs. Michigan State football game, my buddy noticed a 2007 Tahoe passing by us in the parking lot. We were really surprised to see one since production hasn't even started. We watched to see where it parked so we could check it out on the walk up to the stadium. When we got to it, we realized that it was a test vehicle because it had a sticker on the windshield that said exactly that. Plus, it had Michigan plates. Fortunately, I had a camera with me but it was only a cheap disposable camera. The pictures didn't turn out as good as I would have liked, but it's better than nothing. I thought it looked really good in person. The interior is night and day compared to the current Tahoe/Suburban. We did notice that the gap around the hood was kind of big on the drivers side, but we're guessing it will be better on the production models. Anyway, here are the pics:

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